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Issue: 2048

Dated: 28 Apr 2007

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Unite now to beat Gordon Brown

Tuesday 1 May is a key date for the fight to break Gordon Brown’s 2 percent public sector wage freeze and to defend public services.

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Unison delegates meet to defend key activist, Yunus Bakhsh

News of the witch-hunt of leading Unison union and health service activist Yunus Bakhsh reached delegates at the union’s health conference this week, causing disbelief and outrage.

Unison United Left calls for left vote in Unison national executive elections

Voting has started in the elections for the Unison national executive.

Success of Love Music Hate Racism Wakefield gig

Another highly successful Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) gig was held in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, on Thursday of last week.

Council workers in Breckland return gift bunnies

Tensions are rising between workers and bosses at Breckland council in East Anglia.

Cleaning strike called of at Neath Port Talbot Hospital after offer

A strike by cleaning staff at Neath Port Talbot Hospital has been called off after a last minute offer. Staff were due to walk out last week for two days over cuts in cleaning at the hospital which they feared would endanger patients.

Cleaners protest at Lloyds building

A Justice for Cleaners protest took place recently at the Lloyd’s Building on Leadenhall Street in London. T&G union organiser Anita Ceravolo said, "We demonstrated because McLellan, the cleaning company, is refusing to negotiate with us over wages and conditions.

Crunch coming in post as no pay rise offered

Unless Royal Mail backs off, a battle is coming soon in the post.

High street post offices to be relocated to WH Smiths

Post Office Limited bosses made a major privatisation move last week when they announced that up to 85 main high street post offices would be relocated to WH Smith branches.

Paul Gilroy on commemorations of the end of the slave trade

‘The commemoration is a fantastically important moment for this country. It’s a chance to reflect, a chance to remember, a chance to honour a history of struggle.

Dundee postal workers' walkout

Dundee postal workers at the East delivery office walked out this morning in support of a colleague sacked for being ill.

Al Jazeera memo trial opens

The attempt to cover up George Bush’s plan to bomb the Arabic television channel Al Jazeera has resulted in two men being put on trial for allegedly breaking the Official Secrets Act.

Community backing in Preston for Respect's Michael Lavalette

Over 130 Respect supporters from across England converged on Preston last weekend to campaign for the re-election of councillor Michael Lavalette in the Town Centre ward.

The US builds a sectarian wall to divide Baghdad

The US is planning to turn the Iraqi capital of Baghdad into a series of prison camps, surrounded by miles of 12 foot high concrete walls topped with barbed wire.

Teachers’ pay review triggered

The body that reviews teachers’ pay has been forced to take steps towards reopening negotiations over the current pay settlement.

Official figures show wages falling

Wages excluding bonuses are rising at an average of only 3.6 percent a year while inflation is at 4.8 percent.

Irish nurses escalate action

Nurses in Ireland are escalating a series of stoppages at hospitals across the country in a campaign over pay and the state of the health service. Their action shows that it is possible to organise national strike action in the NHS

Date set for national demo to save the NHS

As the conference opened, Unison announced a date for the long called for national demonstration in defence of the NHS – Saturday 13 October.

Anger and argument over union funding of Labour at Unison health conference

The question of Unison’s relationship to the Labour Party was a running sore through the conference.

Unison health workers vote for action against pay insult

The possibility of a nationwide strike in the NHS has taken a big step forward as health workers voted to reject the below inflation pay award they have been offered.

‘I’m going blind because NHS won’t fund my treatment’

An 86 year old from Derby is going blind – because his health authority won’t make his treatment available on the NHS.

Videos of Paul Gilroy and Weyman Bennett on the end of the slave trade

Some 300 people packed into a Socialist Worker meeting in central London on Tuesday 18 April on 'Who Really Ended The Slave Trade?'. Here are videos of speeches by Weyman Bennett and Paul Gilroy, as well as the floor debate.

Protests will confront G8 leaders in Germany

Leaders of the world’s most powerful countries will gather in Rostock, Germany, for the G8 conference which runs from 2-8 June this year.

Highlights of Marxism 2007 announced

The Cairo Conference comes to London Hamdeen Sabahy, an independent MP in the Egyptian parliament and a leading figure in the anti-imperialist movement, will be joined by leading activists from the Middle East in a forum on resistance.

Mortgages set for big rise

Thousands of home owners face the possibility of being hit by increases in the cost of their mortgages, with average borrowers paying up to £120 a month more.

Unique care strike in 18th week

The fight for reinstatement of 17 black women care workers in Huddersfield has entered its 18th week. Unique Care, a private care provider employed by the council, dismissed the women after they walked out in defence of a sacked colleague.

Private equity firm scraps O2 workers pensions after company take over

‘Within 60 minutes of Macquarie’s move, they had abolished the final salary pension scheme.

Tommy Sheridan takes socialist message to workers

It’s been a hectic week for Solidarity in the Scottish parliamentary election campaign. Solidarity held a well-attended fringe meeting at last week’s Scottish TUC conference in Glasgow.

Respect’s campaign has a massive buzz

Respect activists are stepping up the campaign around England and Wales in the run up to the 3 May local and Welsh Assembly elections.

Heightened political atmosphere in France sees huge numbers at meetings and rallies

On the face of it, the results of the French presidential election appear to represent a revival of mainstream parties.

West Notts College lecturers stand up to privatisation

Lecturers at West Notts College in Mansfield have rejected the proposed part ­privatisation of the college.

UCU activists meeting on organising in colleges

Last Saturday 35 UCU union members from 18 different London colleges came to an activists’ meeting. It was one of the most exciting meetings that we have had for a long time.

Campaign saves Hurlingham and Chelsea School in Hammersmith

Campaigners in Hammersmith, west London, are claiming a victory after Hammersmith and Fulham council withdrew their proposal to close Hurlingham and Chelsea School with no conditions.

Striking coastguard volunteers win over compensation

A strike by volunteer coastguards across Britain over insurance payouts for those injured while on a rescue has won a new deal.

Protests grow in fight for Esol English language classes

Over 100 people attended the Tower Hamlets College Save Esol (English for speakers of other languages) rally, organised by the UCU lecturers’ union on Wednesday of last week.

Reports round-up

Bristol care workers anti-privatisation protest Some 200 people protested on Friday of last week against the threat by Bristol council to privatise care workers’ jobs. Speakers at the rally included Respect local election candidate Paulette North.


Iraqis face grave dangers to their health

The United Nations (UN) and international aid agencies are warning that Iraqis are facing grave dangers to their health as a result of the chaos caused by war and occupation.

Arrests at Zimbabwe power protests

The "Power to the People" campaign organised by Women of Zimbabwe Arise (Woza) spread to Harare on Monday 23 April. Protesters assembled in the morning and held simultaneous ‘tough love’ protests at offices of state power company, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa), in Kuwadzana, Warren Park and Zengeza. Over 470 members from 10 different areas of Harare took part.


Ken Loach: 'We need May Day'

A special showing of Ken Loach’s classic 1969 film Kes in central London on May Day will be hosted by the director. He spoke to Socialist Worker about the significance of May Day, the state of the trade union movement and the film’s enduring power.

Malcolm Fraser: How profits have shut out the light on public architecture

The procurement of school and hospital buildings by government – how the contracts for their design and construction are drawn up, and how the buildings are paid for – sounds like the driest of subjects, of interest only to professional bean counters.

Deep cracks in Scotland's Labour monolith

Even for activists experienced in the ways of the trade union bureaucracy, first time exposure to the annual congress of the Scottish TUC usually comes as a shock.

French election heralds more battles to come

The first round of the French presidential elections last Sunday was haunted by its counterpart five years ago.


Why we celebrate May Day

For over 100 years 1 May has been international workers’ day – a day of working class solidarity and a celebration of internationalism.

Socialist Review – answering big questions for the movement

May Day sees the relaunch of the Socialist Review, with a new format and glossy look. It will be a monthly magazine that will get to the heart of and analyse the major issues facing socialists and activists in the movements.

Guernica: shock and awe in paint

It was four in the afternoon. The Junkers, Heinkels and Italian Savoias flew straight over the main street of the town of Guernica dropping splinter bombs and incendiaries. Within three hours, the town was a skeleton and over 1,600 of its people were dead. It was 26 April 1937.

The attack on Guernica revealed the horror of aerial warfare

In April 1937, Pablo Picasso read an article in the French Communist daily, L’Humanité, reporting that "Guernica, the most ancient town of the Basques, was completely destroyed yesterday afternoon by insurgent air raiders.

How crises are built into the capitalist system

In my first three columns I showed that capitalism is based on a fundamental division, between capitalists who control production and workers who have no choice other than to sell their labour power.


Half Nelson | Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare

Half NelsonDirected by Ryan FleckFilm out now Heard the one about the sexy, 20-something, crackhead, inner city, history teacher whose star student is his dealer’s runner and whose parents are alcoholic anti-Vietnam war lefties?

Robert Maxwell: who backed the man who stole the pensions?

Maxwell, the BBC publicity material states, "is a gripping, dramatised account of how greed and ambition destroyed a man and led him to commit one of the world’s biggest-ever frauds".

What We Think

Blair’s legacy leaves its mark on the polls

In a true reckoning of Tony Blair’s legacy, Labour has slipped to its lowest poll ratings since 1983. A poll in the Independent this week found support for Labour had slumped to 27 percent.

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Boris Yeltsin 1931-2007

The media reaction to the death of former Russian president Boris Yeltsin was curiously split. Right wing newspapers couldn’t decide whether to celebrate Yeltsin as "the man who brought down Communism" or lampoon him as a drunken fool who wrecked Russia’s economy.

Kurt Vonnegut 1922–2007

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut, the post-Second World War’s best approximation of Mark Twain, has died aged 84.

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