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Issue: 2051

Dated: 19 May 2007

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Tell Gordon Brown to get the troops out

The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is the nightmare Gordon Brown will inherit when he eventually becomes prime minister.

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Campaign against Climate Change conference: ‘Just eight years to save the planet’

"We have to tell Gordon Brown we are watching – it’s time to act," author Mark Lynas told the opening session of the Campaign against Climate Change conference last weekend.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency staff vote for industrial action

Members of the PCS civil service workers’ union at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) have voted overwhelmingly for industrial action short of a strike over low pay.

Local government workers strike over single status

Refuse workers in St Helens in Lancashire held an unofficial strike over single status on Thursday of last week.

Campaign against Yunus Bakhsh in disarray

Management at Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Trust were in disarray last week as their attempt to victimise leading health union activist Yunus Bakhsh started to unravel.

Journalists campaign for release of Alan Johnston

The NUJ journalists’ union is campaigning for the release of BBC reporter and NUJ member Alan Johnston who was kidnapped in the Gaza Strip in March.

Strike ballot at First Bus in Bristol over sackings

A successful fightback at First Bus in Bristol has begun. The T&G union agreed to start balloting to strike over the recent sackings of 14 drivers and a further 140 being put on final written warnings.

Organising for pay a fight in the health service

Leading trade union activists in the health service are battling to ensure that anger at the government’s 1.9 percent pay insult is turned into effective industrial action.

FBU conference: firefighters reject reaffiliation to Labour Party

Firefighers at the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) annual conference in Southport in Merseyside last week voted decisively against reaffliation to the Labour Party.

College strikes

Harlow college Lecturers at Harlow college in Essex have voted for strikes over management’s decision to make staff reapply for their jobs – with longer hours and for less pay.

Detainees' hunger strike at Yarl's Wood detention centre

A hunger strike and protest by women detained at Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre in Bedfordshire has highlighted ongoing problems at the centre and new ones with Serco, the company that has run it since April.

MPs to host Committee of Enquiry into Academies

There has been a series of horror stories about academy schools recently, such as Thomas Deacon academy in Peterborough – built deliberately without a playground – or Marlowe Academy in Kent which took history, geography and languages off the curriculum.

Nick Griffin’s Bath trip goes down the plug hole

Anti-fascist campaigners were celebrating this week after Bath university withdrew permission for the Nazi leader Nick Griffin to speak on campus.

Strike at Anglian Windows in Norwich

Over 100 workers at Anglian Windows in Norwich struck on Friday of last week and Monday of this week over pay.

Reports round-up

Oxford post fight is on the cards Postal workers in Oxford are to ballot after management imposed job cuts without agreement.

Reshaping the Scottish working class

Plenty was said about the national question during the Scottish elections. In contrast, very little was said about the class-divided nature of Scottish society.

DWP staff walkout in Glasgow

Members of the PCS civil service workers' union walked out unofficially today at the Benefit Delivery Centre office in Springburn, Glasgow. 

Occupation and neoliberalism results in more child deaths

Sixteen years of US and British intervention in Iraq has resulted in a 150 percent increase in Iraq’s child mortality rate.

PCS union debates strike strategy

The PCS civil service workers’ conference this week sees a major debate about the strategy needed to win our dispute with the government over 100,000 job losses, low pay and privatisation.

Support growing across Scotland for Sunvic workers on all-out strike

The 43 striking workers at Sunvic Controls in Uddingston in Scotland received a massive boost for their strike on Friday of last week when around 100 people joined a protest in their support.

Post union ready for showdown

Postal workers will soon start voting on strikes over pay, privatisation and job cuts.

Winning CWU members to action

It would be wrong to believe that the current postal disputes are about pay alone.

Unions must increase the pressure on Labour

The question of who leads Labour has opened up a debate in the unions. The leaders of the largest unions are focusing on putting pressure on Gordon Brown to sign up to another Warwick Agreement.

Was Liverpool murder racist?

A 21 year old mixed-race man was stabbed to death in Liverpool last Sunday. Marlon Moran was found with a knife wound by neighbours in Byron Street, Garston.

Detainee beats off deportation

An Algerian asylum seeker who was cleared of involvement in the so called "ricin terror plot" has won a court battle against government attempts to deport him.

Two jailed for revealing memo

On the day Tony Blair resigned last week, two people were jailed for attempting to reveal Blair’s relationship to George Bush and their plans on how to carry out the Iraq war.

Protests planned as Gordon Brown announces Labour leadership results in Manchester

The results of the Labour leadership contest will be announced on 24 June at a special conference in Manchester.

Demand a change of policy as well as leader from Labour

The media has done its best to bury the consequences of the invasion of Iraq in its coverage of Tony Blair’s resignation.

Join the Stop the War lobbies of Labour leadership hustings in these areas

Join the Stop the War lobbies of Labour leadership hustings in these areas

Unison leader Dave Prentis calls for united action

The potential for fighting unity across the public sector over pay and privatisation is getting stronger.

George Galloway on Gordon Brown becoming Labour leader unopposed

Reacting to the news that Gordon Brown will become Labour leader unopposed, Respect MP George Galloway said:


Pakistan crisis as Musharraf cracks down on protests

Karachi, Pakistan’s most populated city, has been paralysed for the last week by an outpouring of violence orchestrated by the military regime of general Musharraf, and his political allies in the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). It has left at least 41 people dead.

German strikers look to target G8 summit

A strike by telecom workers in Germany is threatening the upcoming G8 summit in Heiligendamm with a communications blackout.

Textile workers' sit-in continues Egyptian strike wave

Textile workers at the Mansoura-España Garments Company in Egypt’s Nile Delta have occupied the plant in protest at unpaid wages and the sale of the company.

Situation in Somalia worse than Darfur says UN official

The crisis faced by up to 400,000 people fleeing attacks launched by US-backed Ethiopian and Somali government forces in Mogadishu, Somalia is "worse than Darfur", the United Nations’ humanitarian chief said this week. "In terms of the numbers of people displaced, and our access to them, Somalia is a worse crisis than Darfur or Chad or anywhere else this year," said John Holmes, a former British diplomat and now the UN’s emergency humanitarian coordinator.


Is Sarkozy a signal that Europe is heading right?

The mood among Europe’s ruling classes has taken a turn for the better of late.

A life in the line of fire in Palestine

‘Returning from the refugee camp I came to Bushra’s family home. A relative gave me a picture of her, a commemorative card marking her death.


1907 Belfast strike showed the power to end the sectarian divide

Much was made last week of the politicians of Northern Ireland coming together apparently to bring peace. But 100 years ago, there was a far more inspiring and grassroots example of people coming together in Ireland, which is rarely written about in the mainstream press.

The move to crush possibility of change in Spain

In May 1937 bloody street fighting broke out in Barcelona. This marked a turning point in the revolution that had erupted in response to the military rising ten months previously.

Growing bitterness over pay across every sector

Health workers Over a million workers for the NHS – Europe’s biggest employer – have been offered a 2.5 percent "pay rise" this year.

House prices and wages graph

Don’t let Gordon Brown and the bosses cut your pay

Are you finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet? Does it seem like your pay has gone before you’ve had a chance to spend it? Have you had to put more on your credit card, or increase the size of your overdraft?

Four steps to fight the pay freeze

Leaflet your workplace over pay. Unison has produced leaflets that argue for decent pay for health workers and local government workers.


Volta – Bjork | Send Away The Tigers – Manic Street Preachers | The Battle of Algiers

VoltaBjorkCD out now Bjork’s new album, like all of her works, is full of stunning vocals and amazing music.

28 Weeks Later: better meet a zombie than the US Marine corps

Like many zombie films, 28 Weeks Later has a message about contemporary politics and society. Its message is that the US military is far more dangerous than a plague of flesh eating monsters.

Sugar and Slavery exhibition: were there really any kindly slave owners?

This exhibition is housed in the former stable block of the mock medieval Penrhyn Castle near Bangor, north Wales.

Everywhere in Chains - Wales and Slavery

This exhibition strongly makes the point about links between Wales and the slave trade. The transatlantic slave trade underlays many aspects of the social, political and economic development of Wales and had an impact on almost everyone.

What We Think

The issues John McDonnell raises won’t go away

The left wing Labour MP John McDonnell should be on the ballot paper for Labour leader. Socialist Worker has consistently supported his challenge, but as we went to press on Tuesday, it was by no means certain he would get sufficient nominations from MPs to stand.

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Respect has impact beyond elections Respect members in Handsworth, Birmingham, have been campaigning alongside others against cuts in vital accident and emergency and children’s services at our local City hospital.

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