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£500 million for rail fat cats, 40,000 postal jobs cut
It was New Labour's day of shame this week. The government gave in to pressure and handed £500 million to some of the greediest and richest people in Britain. Businessmen, bankers and speculators were horrified when their Railtrack shares nosedived last year. They believed their bets in the stock market casino should be a one-way ticket to wealth. These people were gleeful when the Tories flogged Railtrack off for a quarter of its value.

500,000 march against 'capital and war' in Barcelona
Barcelona, Saturday 16 March, 6pm. Half a million people pour onto the streets to protest "against a Europe of capital and war". This is even bigger than the anti-capitalist protest in Genoa last year. An endless stream of hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, students and trade unionists, pack into the Placa de Catalunya and the surrounding streets.

Executed by Israel
The Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, has unleashed slaughter on the Palestinian people. Look at the pictures on this page. They show Israeli soldiers executing 23 year old Palestinian Mahmoud Salah on a Jerusalem Street on Friday of last week.

Justice for Palestinians
Children ripped apart by tank shells as they play. Women shot dead by army snipers in their own homes. Houses smashed to rubble by F-16 fighter jets. A doctor deliberately shot dead in his own ambulance as he rushes to help the injured. This is the reality of Ariel Sharon's massacre of Palestinian civilians. It is the reality that the British media try to ignore. They concentrate on reporting only the Israeli casualties.

Tony Blair, George Bush & Ariel Sharon: The axis of evil

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