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Respect’s challenge to New Labour
Left to Tony Blair and Michael Howard we have six weeks of rancid reaction ahead.

We will resist U.S. empire, say voices across Middle East
"Iraqi culture is being crushed under the tracks of US tanks," says Dahr Jamail, one of the few independent journalists reporting from occupied Iraq. He is clear what is happening there.

The cost of the endless war
1,600US and British dead 18,000soldiers wounded 100,000Iraqi civilians dead $172bnspent so far 0reasons to be there<h3>DEMO AGAINST THE OCCUPATION</h3> Saturday 19 March, 12 noon,Hyde Park, London. <a href="" target = "_blank"></a></strong

No More Bush Wars
BUSH AND BLAIR’S war has never been less popular in Britain. Just 29 percent said in a recent opinion poll that they supported the war on Iraq. Most wanted the withdrawal of British troops and an end to the occupation. Every day brings more reasons to oppose this ongoing war.

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