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Issue: 2053

Dated: 02 Jun 2007

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‘I took a picture of Tower Bridge and was arrested for terrorism’

Government ministers and police chiefs are demanding new powers to allow the police to stop and search people in the streets if they suspect them of terrorism. These powers echo the notorious "sus laws" of the 1970s.

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Scottish CND conference on saying no to Trident

Around 80 people attended a CND-organised conference to discuss the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system in Glasgow last Saturday.

Cinema staff at Brixton's Ritzy strike over pay

Workers at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton in London, members of the Bectu union, went on strike last weekend over poverty pay.

Growing solidarity for Sunvic strike

Workers at Sunvic Controls, Uddingston, near Glasgow, who are on all-out strike against their bosses imposing changes to their terms and conditions will take to the streets this Saturday.

Tesco distribution drivers' strike at Livingston rocks the multinational

A three day strike by over 100 Tesco distribution drivers at Livingston, near Edinburgh, rocked the multinational last week.

Education round-up

Special schools protest in Lewisham Some 300 protesters marched on Lewisham town hall in south London to lobby the full council meeting against the closure of special schools on Wednesday of last week.

Waltham Forest council retreats after school dinners protest

Campaigners against cuts to school dinners in Waltham Forest, east London, celebrated last week after the local council backed down from plans to scrap the service.

Islamist movements: bringing the war home across North Africa

‘We are seeing a major transformation across North Africa in response to the US’s "war on terror". These changes are a reaction to the war in Iraq and confirm the many warnings that the invasion would transform Islamist organisations.

London Underground: now the privateers want billions from you

The private companies that run London Underground are facing a major financial crisis – and they want tube workers and the public to pay the price. These firms want increased fares, even greater public subsidies, job cuts and fewer safety regulations.

US Democrats vote to fund the war

The Democrats last week betrayed the hopes of millions of Americans by approving a $100 billion package to fund the Iraq war. They gained control of the US Congress last November, due to a wave of anger against the war in Iraq.

BNP backs Hodge over housing - but deputy race sees condemnation

New Labour minister Margaret Hodge is facing a growing backlash against her call for council housing to be "rationed" to prioritise "indigenous families" over "new migrants".

Eyewitness to Palestinians under siege in Lebanon

The Lebanese army, backed by the US and France, is tightening its siege on the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared.

Post workers say it's the bosses who are overpaid

Postal Workers are on track to deliver a huge yes vote in their strike ballot and send their strong message that enough is enough.

Mark Serwotka calls for unity among public sector workers

Mark Serwotka, the general secretary of the civil service workers' PCS union, electrified a postal workers' rally in London last week with a call for unity in action against the government.

'We have to stand together and win'

Oxford: When we were shown the Leighton propaganda DVD we objected because of the foul language in it. They had to stop it.

Anger in NUT and RCM grows against public sector pay limit

The momentum for united action against the public sector pay limit continues. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has lodged a 10 percent pay claim for staff in England and Wales from next year.

March against the war in Manchester on 24 June

Stop the War activists in Manchester and beyond are preparing to ensure that Gordon Brown can’t ignore the question of Iraq when he is officially declared leader at a Labour Party special conference on Sunday 24 June.

Abolishing the rule book on the tubes threatens safety

London Underground is launching a major attack on the safety of staff and the public this week. It was to implement new rule books from this Thursday 31 May.

Challenges for the new UCU lecturers' union

This week will see the first annual congress of the University and Colleges Union (UCU) which was formed last year from the merger of the AUT and Natfhe unions.

Gordon Brown faces anti-war anger everywhere he goes

Activists are bringing home the anger millions feel against the war on Iraq to Gordon Brown and the Labour deputy leadership contenders by organising protests at hustings meetings around the country.

Rebel Iraqi leader Moqtada al-Sadr calls for unity of resistance

Moqtada al-Sadr, the rebel Shia Muslim cleric opposed to the occupation of Iraq, has called on all resistance organisations to unite and drive out foreign troops.

Lecturers' union conference backs Palestinian rights

The UCU lecturers’ conference passed a series of motions on Wednesday supporting Palestinian rights, calling for discussions about solidarity, and supporting debate around a possible boycott of Israeli academic institutions

Biggest South African strike since apartheid

What an example for British workers to follow! On Friday South African public sector workers launched the biggest strike since the end of apartheid in 1994.

CWU conference sends warning to Labour

The opening minutes of the CWU postal and telecom workers’ conference laid down a clear challenge to the government over the way services have been sacrificed to corporate greed.

CWU conference overturns executive support for Alan Johnson as Labour deputy

The CWU postal and telecom workers’ union today overturned its executive’s recent decision to back Alan Johnson for the deputy leadership of the Labour Party.

Court rules in favour of Chagos Islanders

A group of exiled islanders who the British government forcibly removed from their homes won another victory in the court of appeal last week.

Reports round-up

Remploy workers move to ballot The unions representing disabled workers at the Remploy factories are planning to begin a strike ballot. This is in response to plans to close 43 factories.

Successful lecturers' strike at Harlow College

Lecturers in the UCU union at Harlow College in Essex struck on Thursday and Friday of last week against management’s attempts to impose a draconian new contract.

More action in frame at Anglian windows

Workers at at Anglian Windows in Norwich struck and marched on Tuesday of this week.

Improved pay offer at Metroline following threat of action

London bus company Metroline has offered drivers a 5.2 percent pay rise, taking the basic rate to £11.50 an hour. This is a big shift from management and follows a 96 percent vote against the previous offer.

Ballot over bonuses at Network Rail

The RMT rail workers’ union is to ballot Network Rail workers denied bonus payments over the Grayrigg accident in Cumbria, and Scottish signallers docked a bonus for striking earlier this year.

Pratt’s Bananas accused of unfair treatment for migrant workers

BBC Radio 4 last week accused a leading supplier of fair trade bananas to major supermarkets of exploiting Eastern European migrant workers.


Mass protests set to shake G8 summit at Rostock

Protesters from across Germany and beyond will gather in the city of Rostock this weekend for a series of demonstrations against the G8 summit of world leaders that takes place there next week.

Fianna Fail wins Irish election | General strike rocks Nigeria | Anger in South Africa over pay

Fianna Fail wins Irish election A general election in Southern Ireland last week saw the ruling Fianna Fail party hold onto power – just.

Lebanon crisis: Refugees attacked as right wing militias stalk the streets

The siege of Nahr el-Bared, a Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon, is in now its second week.

Venezuelan TV station that supported anti-Chavez coup loses its licence

Nobody should shed any tears over the refusal of the Venezuelan state to renew the license of the RCTV television station.


Labour's nuclear power plan isn't safe and isn't green

Gordon Brown's government will push ahead with the building of new nuclear power plants.

There are viable alternative ways to cut emissions

Supplying clean energy and cutting carbon emissions are both technologically feasible and economically possible.

Paul Mackney's address to UCU conference

I’m sure UCU will be bold in recognition that you don’t necessarily get what you deserve, you get what you fight for.


Repression that crushed the Spanish revolution

The outcome of the five days of intense fighting in Barcelona in May 1937 – the "civil war within the civil war" – was a decisive defeat for the revolution that had begun in July 1936.

The Chinese revolution of 1925 to 1927 - an unnecessary tragedy

Eighty years ago China saw the possibility for change in its revolution of 1925-7, but faith in nationalist 'allies' led to its defeat, writes Charlie Hore

Kester Aspden interviewed about his new book on the persecution of David Oluwale

David Oluwale was last seen alive on the night of 17 April 1969, being beaten by two police officers in Leeds.


Rachid Taha - The Definitive Collection | 19 Princelet Street Refugee Week exhibition

The Definitive CollectionRachid TahaCD out now This new retrospective album shows the range of the Algerian-born and French-based singer Rachid Taha, who mixes rock, rai and breakbeats.

Simon Reynolds interview: Pop, politics, hip-hop and postpunk

Simon Reynolds is the author of Rip It Up And Start Again, a critically acclaimed history of the "postpunk" music scene that emerged out of the punk rock explosion of the mid 1970s and continued for the next decade or so, taking the energy of punk but blending it with radical politics and experimental musical techniques.

'Nationality: Wog' - the police hounding of David Oluwale

Kester Aspden's new book Nationality: Wog – The Hounding Of David Oluwale is an extraordinary piece of social history that investigates the persecution and lonely death of David Oluwale in 1960s Leeds.

What We Think

George Bush refuses to budge over climate change

Tony Blair promised that his friend George Bush would sign up to "at least the beginnings" of action to cut carbon dioxide emissions at the forthcoming G8 summit in Rostock, Germany.

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