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Issue: 1911

Dated: 24 Jul 2004

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What a bloody nerve!

He won’t take responsibility for lies that led to Iraq war...

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More cleaners would stop the killer bugs

"SUPERBUG CRISIS worse than feared". "The deadly superbug that puts Britain’s hospitals to shame."

Tragedy that should never happen again

A TRAGEDY at the refugee detention centre in Harmondsworth, near Heathrow airport, sparked protests by inmates this week.

Racists began riot

THE BRITISH National Party was reeling after a BBC documentary ripped away their mask of "respectability" last week.

Iraq Watch

Mass graves claim overstated TONY BLAIR claimed that 400,000 bodies had been found in mass graves in Iraq.

An assault on our democratic rights

CAMDEN COUNCIL in north London has summonsed me to court for "placing posters on a bus shelter by means of sticky brown tape".

Chance to hit back at BA’s scrooge bosses

PAY TALKS between baggage handlers and check-in staff and British Airways broke down last week.

Local government

ALL THREE unions involved in the local government pay talks have now accepted the deal on offer from the council employers’ body.

St Hilda’s estate, Middlesbrough

PROTEST IS growing against plans by Middlesbrough council to demolish the St Hilda’s estate against the wishes of the residents and tenants.

Plans to slash safety

THE GOVERNMENT plans to introduce new fire precautions legislation with far-reaching implications for all workplaces, and especially the railways.

Now the union is the real thing

COCA-COLA’S national force of field engineers have voted 90 percent in favour of union recognition with Amicus.

Tolpuddle Martyrs festival

AROUND 10,000 people attended the annual Tolpuddle Martyrs celebration in Dorset last Sunday.


LEWISHAM RESPECT, and others, are campaigning against the closure of Ladywell leisure centre in south east London.

Respect festival

TENS OF thousands of people—black, white and Asian—joined the Respect anti-racist festival in London’s Victoria Park last Saturday.

Anger on the buses grows

THREE DISPUTES over pay on the buses have come along at once.

Chemical workers facing their acid test

AN IMPORTANT strike ballot is taking place at AH Marks Ltd, a Bradford-based chemicals firm.

Bernard Matthews

THE THREAT of a strike has won major concessions from the Bernard Matthews turkey company.

College Workers

EIGHT WEEKS ago management at City & Islington College announced the immediate closure of the engineering department. They said it was a "failing" department. They gave no guarantee that there would be no compulsory redundancies.

Respect strategy to build on its by-election successes

RESPECT’S national executive met on Saturday to plan a strategy for building on the by-election successes in Leicester and Birmingham.

F Bender

WORKERS AT the F Bender Ltd paper tableware company in Wrexham returned to work last week after a five-day strike over pay.

Anti-deportation campaign

MORE THAN 30 campaigners lobbied the immigration appeal hearing of Tham Sarki last week.


Caught between a rock and a very hard place

YASSER Arafat’s Palestinian Authority was thrown into crisis last weekend.


Like a hot knife cutting through Butler

I HAD some sleepless nights in the build-up to the Butler report. One thing about the whole Iraq story was nagging at me—would Butler get to the bottom of it?


A civil response to supporters

CIVIL SERVANTS are gearing up for a big fight against over 100,000 job cuts—and Socialist Worker’s backing for their campaign is proving a hit.

The results that put Respect on the map

RESPECT’S RESULTS in the Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill by-elections have rocked the political establishment.

Voices from the campaign trail

LYNNE HUBBARD, a health worker who was active in the Hodge Hill campaign, told Socialist Worker, "In some areas of the constituency it was clear that we had won many of the people who were central to all the stop the war activity to Respect.

A revolutionary network at the heart of every struggle

I ARGUED last week that a revolutionary party is not necessary for a revolution to begin—but it is necessary for that revolution to succeed.

‘We will not live in fear’ - Canary Wharf cleaners speak out

Canary Wharf in east London is the site of the cathedrals of capitalism. It is the most concentrated area of wealth in Britain. Its only rival is the very heart of the City around the Bank of England.

The ‘invisible people’ who are hungry for fair pay and justice

I work as a cleaner, 9.30pm to 6am, five nights a week, Sunday to Thursday.

Cockle bay survivors recount their ordeal

A GROUP of workers in Merseyside had a "miracle escape" two weeks ago, according to firefighters. The minibus they were travelling to work in crashed into a lorry.

The freedom summer of 1964

THOUSANDS OF civil rights activists flock to a place where the state is systematically persecuting an ethnic minority. Idealistic young people are beaten and even killed by police in alliance with paramilitary gangs, who bomb churches and homes.

Blair can’t hide from his war lies

BETWEEN THE lines of the Butler report lies a damning indictment of the Blair government—proof positive that parliament and the people were lied to about Iraq’s "weapons of mass destruction".

Fight back against Brown's job massacre

MILLIONS OF public sector workers are facing a massive threat. Gordon Brown plans to axe 104,000 civil servants and clamp down on paid sick leave. This represents an attack on every worker.

Rising anger at cuts that will hit the most vulnerable

HUNDREDS OF workers in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) lobbied parliament on Wednesday of last week.


It’s going to be hot inside the covers

The Mermaid and the Drunks Ben Richards, £6.99

What We Think

The ‘anti-social yob’ tearing up society

AS NEW Labour’s lies and betrayals mount up around him, Tony Blair has responded by lurching even further to the right.

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Paul Foot 1937-2004

Paul was a brilliant socialist writer, a speaker more able than any other to make people see what was wrong with capitalism, a tireless campaigner against injustice, and an investigative journalist whose revelations caused the resignation of a Tory cabinet minister and exposed the corruption of businessmen, big and small.

Tributes to Paul Foot: ‘He chose to be a traitor to the ruling class’

After serving in the Falklands I hate war

WHEN I left school there were only two options facing me in the village I lived in near the Faslane naval base in Rosyth—the dole or working in forestry.

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