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Issue: 2056

Dated: 23 Jun 2007

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‘I’m telling you to get the troops out of Iraq’

My message to Gordon Brown is that we must get the troops home now. My son is a serving soldier just back from Iraq. I am not a pacifist, but I am against what is happening in Iraq – the illegality and the lies.

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Unofficial strike at Rosyth dockyard

Hundreds of workers at the Babcock dockyard in Rosyth in Fife, took unofficial strike action on Wednesday of last week in protest at management’s attacks on their pensions.

Amicus: hands up for housing

Hundreds of delegates to the Amicus union conference waved paper hands demanding the fourth option for council housing at incoming prime minister Gordon Brown as he addressed them on Monday of this week.

PCS workers support CWU Heanor strike

Striking postal workers in Heanor, Derbyshire, were joined by workers from the PCS civil service workers’ union on Tuesday of this week.

Postal workers in crucial battle

Into battle! Postal workers will soon begin one of the most important strikes for many years.

Gloucester rallies to save its postal service

Postal workers and their supporters will gather in Gloucester this Saturday to protest against the closure of the city's mail centre. Paul Trehearne, branch secretary of Gloucester's CWU union branch, explains why they will be marching

Anger as trust suspends Unison activist Karen Reissmann

A wave of anger is spreading among trade unionists, health workers and user groups in Manchester following the suspension of longstanding nurse and union activist Karen Reissmann from her job on Friday of last week.

Posties: 'Together we will win!'

Postal workers from across Britain have contacted Socialist Worker about the situation in their offices, and their views on the fight to come. Here is a selection of those contributions. To send your views, email <a href=""></a>

How the CWU can build solidarity across the unions

Since we announced the strike result in the CWU postal workers' union, I have had lots of invitations to speak at meetings in other public sector unions to explain our dispute and build solidarity.

Mark Serwotka: 'We need to do everything to get united action'

Some 300 trade unionists attended the East London Teachers Association initiated, "Fight the government's pay freeze" rally last week. The event, brought together public sector trade unionists.

War veteran arrested at anti-war protest

In an outrageous move, an 80 year old peace activist, George Mather, was arrested while lobbying Labour’s deputy leadership hustings in Newcastle.

Unison local government conference votes to fight over pay

Local government workers in the Unison union took a major step towards a strike over the public sector pay cuts this week when their service group conference voted overwhelmingly for coordinated action over pay.

Rageh Omaar breaks down Iran stereotypes

Well over 300 people crowded into the Camden Irish Centre in north London last week to hear journalist Rageh Omaar discuss his recent documentary, Inside Iran.

Washington told not to expect British ‘surprises’ with Brown takeover

There is one thing Gordon Brown can do to draw a clear line between his premiership and that of Tony Blair &#8211; withdraw the British troops from Iraq.

Amicus conference delegates heckle Gordon Brown

Delegates to the conference of the Amicus section of the new Unite union gave incoming prime minister Gordon Brown a distinctly unenthusiastic welcome on Monday.

Babar Ahmad extradition put on hold

The European Court of Human Rights has requested that a hold be placed on the imminent extradition of British citizen Babar Ahmad to allow them to give the case "proper consideration".

Reports round-up

Leeds strike over redundancies Teachers and support staff at Fountain Primary school in Morley, Leeds, held a one-day strike on Wednesday of last week.

Lords rule that Iraqis have human rights

The House of Lords ruled last week that European human rights law did apply to British troops serving in Iraq in the case of Baha Musa who died in their custody four years ago.

Afghanistan: Muslims’ lives are cheap in ‘war on terror’ market

Libya is still in the process of paying compensation to the relatives of those who lost loved ones in the Lockerbie air disaster of 1988.

Iraq in figures

2.2million Iraqis have fled their country, and approximately 1.9 million have been displaced internally.50,000 Iraqis are forced to flee their homes each month.100 civilians were killed every day from February to May this year. The number of attacks on both US forces and Iraqis have risen to an average of over 1,000 a week.200,000 Iraqi children are refugees in Jordanian. But only...20,000 Iraqi children are able to attend Jordanian schools.43 percent of Iraqi refugee children in Jordan witnessed violence in Iraq, and 39 percent said th

Wakefield cola workers to vote on strikes

Hundreds of workers at a Coca-Cola distribution centre in West Yorkshire are to be balloted on strikes in a row over pay.

Rail union opposes privatisation of East London Line

The announcement that the East London Line’s operations are to be handed to private operator MTR Laing after refurbishment in 2010 was condemned today by the Tube and rail network’s RMT union.

School kitchen staff in Hackney to strike over pay

Kitchen staff at Haggerston School in Hackney, north London, are set to strike on Wednesday of next week over pay.

Unions join consultations to defend Remploy factories

Formal consultation on the closure of 43 Remploy factories will begin at a meeting in Leicester on Wednesday 20 June.

Gatwick baggage handlers win employment tribunal

Two GMB union members who were sacked from their baggage handling jobs at Gatwick by Aviance, the airport ground services company following allegations of theft from passengers’ luggage have been awarded £58,400 and around £50,000 in reparation by Croydon Employment Tribunals for their wrongful dismissals.

Grampian foods workers to strike

Workers at the Grampian Foods plant at Llangefni on Anglesey are to hold three days of industrial action in support of their disputes over pay, pensions and the increasing casualisation of the company’s workforce.

Unison vows to defend Karen Reissmann against trust

Supporters of Karen Reissmann – the psychiatric nurse and Unison union activist who was suspended by her employer last week – were heartened to hear that Unison’s national executive committee have pledged their full backing for Karen.

Manchester marchers challenge Gordon Brown over the Iraq war

Around 5,000 protestors braved the Manchester rain on Sunday to join the Stop the War demonstration outside the Labour Party special conference that anointed Gordon Brown as the new party leader.

Pictures of Manchester Stop the War demonstration, 24 June 2007

Video of Manchester demo at Gordon Brown's 'coronation'

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Blood service workers rally against cuts

Blood service workers rallied last week to protest at planned budget cuts totalling millions of pounds and to defend the safety of the service.


Fatah’s journey from resistance fighters to tool of Israel and the West

Fatah emerged out of the Palestinian revolution in the 1960s to take on the might of Israel, which had been created in 1948 with the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

Hamas’s victory in Gaza is a blow to Bush’s plans

The stunning military victory by the Palestinian Hamas movement over the rival Fatah organisation in the Gaza Strip last week was a strike against imperialism in the Middle East.


French elections: Sarkozy stalls at second round

Following his election as president of France last month, Nicolas Sarkozy’s right wing UMP party has now won a majority in the National Assembly.

Falklands veteran: Thatcher and Blair profited from war

I joined the army when I was 16 – I remember it was just before my 17th birthday. It was either the army or some dead end job in Wolverhampton.

Giuliana Sgrena: Giving a voice to people of Fallujah

Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena was covering the destruction of the Iraqi city of Fallujah for the left wing newspaper Il Manifesto when she was kidnapped in 2005.

The new left party Die Linke is officially launched in Germany

On Saturday 16 June a new left was created in Germany as 750 delegates from two parties – Linkspartei (PDS) and WASG – voted for the founding of a new party called Die Linke (The Left). With 72,000 members Die Linke will be the third biggest party in the country.

Black people and criminal justice: ‘Target the system, not black culture’

Last week saw the publication of a House of Commons home affairs committee report into young black people and the criminal justice system.


Political crisis in ANC and SACP flows from South African general strike

The strike by nearly one million South African public sector workers is having massive political implications. Cosatu union federation members have struck for three weeks demanding a 12 percent pay rise.

Facing the tests of war and revolution

The First World War placed an enormous strain on Tsarist Russia.

Marxism 2007: activists flock to the best festival of resistance

Thousands of anti-war campaigners, trade union activists, students and others will be heading to central London next month for what will be this year’s largest meeting of the radical left in Britain.

Private equity firms: the new vultures of capitalism

Until this year the words "private equity" meant very little to most people. But now private equity companies are at the centre of a major row about how big business operates.

Letter from Venezuela: student pawns of the right

The streets of Venezuela’s cities have been the scene of student demonstrations for three weeks now. Young people from private universities and schools have maintained a wave of protest.

Date for first post strike announced - everyone must back the dispute

Postal workers will strike for 24 hours from 3am on Friday 29 June,  in one of the most important battles for many years.

Mike Gonzalez's audio reports from Venezuela

Mike Gonzalez is currently visiting Caracas. He is a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain and author of many books, including Che Guevara And The Cuban Revolution and A Rebel’s Guide To Marx. He is


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Gordon Brown was architect of New Labour project

The news that child poverty is once more on the rise is a tribute to Gordon Brown’s decade at the treasury.

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Why can’t we put the planet before politics? Perhaps I am missing something, but I am concerned that Socialist Worker doesn’t do enough to fight for the environment.

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