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Issue: 2063

Dated: 11 Aug 2007

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Secret bonuses for Royal Mail bosses - paid millions to wreck post

Top Royal Mail bosses are getting huge bonuses—but they don’t want us to know how much. Details of top salaries and bonuses will be included in Royal Mail’s annual report that was due out in May—but still has not been published.

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Get caught up in Socialist Worker's web coverage

Socialist Worker online’s unparalleled coverage of the post strikes has been a huge success.

Workers at Domino’s pizza franchises speak out

More details of the appalling exploitation of migrant workers by a pizza company are coming to light.

Iraq occupation uses Saddam’s law to ban oil union

The pro-US Iraqi government has outlawed the country’s oil workers’ union under a law passed during the regime of Saddam Hussein.

School students protest at plan to push war propaganda in schools

The ministry of Defence (MoD) has commissioned a marketing company to sell the war in our schools.

Local government pay strike likely

Some 1.4 million workers in local government moved a step closer to strike action over pay last week.

Throw out this health pay insult

The "revised" pay offer made by the government to health workers last week is a disgrace. For those on lowest pay, it will mean an additional 90p a week at best. For those on higher bands it will mean an extra 50p and 70p a week.

Glasgow social care workers vote to keep fighting

"Regrade, not degrade!" was the defiant chant of hundreds of social care workers in Glasgow on Friday of last week as they voted overwhelmingly to continue their indefinite strike into a third week.

Unison activist Tony Staunton expelled after 23 years in the union

Veteran trade union activist Tony Staunton was disgracefully expelled from his Unison trade union last week following more than six months of suspension as branch secretary of the Plymouth council branch.

Underground dispute in offing over threats to Metronet jobs and conditions

A major dispute over the direction of Britain’s public services is in the offing on the London Underground.

Sheffield health workers strike over pay cuts

Health workers are to walk out over pay cuts in the first strike at a Sheffield hospital for more than 30 years.

Hark the Herald strikers win

Journalists at Scotland’s Herald, Sunday Herald and Glasgow Evening Times newspapers won a victory on Friday of last week. Management have backed down on the threat of compulsory redundancies and agreed to negotiate with the union.

Reports round-up

King’s College Hospital rally Union members held a rally last week in support of Unite union representative Tony Anthrobus, whose job is threatened by a reorganisation at King’s College Hospital in south London where Tony has worked for over 40 years. A demonstration has been called on Wednesday 15 August, assembling 12.30pm, Ruskin Way entrance, King’s College Hospital, Denmark Hill

Cannabis: a new smokescreen

One of Gordon Brown’s first acts as prime minister was to let the public know that not only was he tough on super-casinos and civil liberties, but that he’s tough on drugs too.

Hilton Foods workers protest against long shifts

Factory workers held an angry protest outside their workplace on Tuesday of last week against plans to introduce longer shift patterns.

Strike action wins at Salford bins

Workers in Salford won a stunning victory last week.

Unity at pay rally in Manchester

Just over 100 people attended a public sector pay rally in Manchester last week jointly organised by the PCS, CWU and Unison unions.

Queen’s speech day targeted by civil service workers' union

The support for the appeal to trade unionists, and the mood among postal workers in their strikes and among civil service workers at consultation meetings, shows there is a growing clamour for united action among trade unionists.

PCS consultation: ‘Let’s bring the country to a halt’

The PCS civil service workers’ union is in the middle of a huge consultation process, discussing the next stage of its campaign against 100,000 job losses, low pay and privatisation.

BAA attempt to ban environmental protests backfires

the Airport firm BAA this week failed to win a draconian injunction that would have banned up to five million people from a vast geographical area around Heathrow airport.

Ballot to defend Unison activist Karen Reissmann rattles management

The ballot for strike action to defend leading health union activist Karen Reissmann – who has been suspended from her job as a psychiatric nurse – is tapping into a wider mood of anger at the Manchester mental health trust that employs her.

Shadwell by-election campaign

Appeal for joint action with post workers wins support

The appeal to trade unionists launched by Jane Loftus, president of the CWU postal workers’ union, and Sue Bond, vice president of the PCS civil service workers’ union, is winning wide support.

Newham Unison branch chair suspended

Newham Council has launched on an attack on the Unison Union. Michael Gavan, Unison branch chair has been suspended by the council and banned from any contact with union members.

Respect holds Shadwell seat

Respect has beaten off a by-elction challenge from Labour's former council leader Michael Keith in Tower Hamlets, east London. The Shadwell ward by-election was held on Thursday 9 August 2007.


Election defeat for Japan's ruling party as system cracks

The recent elections in Japan were a huge defeat for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the right wing prime minister Shinzo Abe.

UN plan won’t help people in Darfur

Gordon Brown claims to have renounced spin and aggressive posturing on the world stage.


Questions remain over killing of Jean Charles de Menezes

In the space of 30 seconds at 10.06 am on 22 July 2005, Jean Charles de Menezes was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder with hollow tip bullets by police who had followed him on to a tube train at Stockwell, south London.


Britain and India: dividing to rule

Sixty years ago this week India won its independence.

The British army’s campaign against Catholics in Northern Ireland

The British army ceased active duty on the streets of Northern Ireland last week – 38 years after they first arrived in Belfast and Derry. This was called Operation Banner.

The inside story of British death squads in Northern Ireland

British military operations have ended in Northern Ireland. Simon Basketter reveals how a campaign to terrorise Catholics was orchestrated by military intelligence

Step up the action to win this crucial battle

Details were emerging of a shift in tactics from Royal Mail bosses as Socialist Worker went to press.

Post activists discuss escalating the strike

A group of Socialist Worker supporters in the CWU union met last weekend to discuss the way forward for the crucial dispute that postal workers’ are involved in.

Royal Mail attempt divide and rule over start times

Royal Mail management is pushing ahead with the introduction of a change in start times for delivery workers.

National protest and new post strike dates announced

The CWU has called a national demonstration and rally in London on Tuesday 21 August to increase the pressure on management as part of the next round of action.

Dishing out the disciplinaries

A clear pattern is emerging of Royal Mail management attempting to use disciplinary procedures to attack CWU union reps.

Fake customer plan bites dust

Royal Mail has been forced to apologise after sending a letter to the managers of sub-post offices warning that they would lose money if they didn’t toe the official line on justifiying post office closures.

Unofficial strike action ‘sparked by management provocation’

During a week of official function strikes, a spate of unofficial post strikes broke out across Britain last week.

Upbeat mood on picket lines across the country

The fourth solid postal strike brought services to a halt across the country last week. Socialist Worker received reports from the picket lines.

Post strike on with talks between CWU and Royal Mail set for Thursday

The next round of post strikes organised by the CWU postal workers’ union in Royal Mail are still set to take place from Thursday 9 August. The strikes start in mail centres at 7 pm.

Post strike suspended

Following a meeting between Royal management and the CWU post workers’ union the strikes set for this evening have been suspended.


What We Think

Foot and mouth crisis dictated by the food market

The crisis caused by last week’s foot and mouth outbreak shines a light on the chaos of food production.

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Giovanni Pesce: leading Italian partisan, who kept fighting for freedom

They buried a working class hero in Milan, Italy, last week. When Giovanni Pesce’s coffin was brought out, a thousand people had been waiting hours to greet it.

Leon Kuhn: the Brown bounce

Tim: "Out of his misery"



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