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Issue: 2075

Dated: 03 Nov 2007

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Soldiers in silent revolt in Iraq

British and US troops are turning away from confronting the Iraqi resistance – despite the rhetoric from Gordon Brown

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Abortion in Northern Ireland: access denied

There are proposals to use the Human Tissue and Embryology Bill – which will be put before parliament in the next few months – to amend the Abortion Act and finally extend it to Northern Ireland.

Reports round-up

Bakerloo action over safety Members of the RMT rail workers’ union on the Bakerloo line of the London Underground struck on Friday of last week.

Jean Charles de Menezes trial

Jurors trying the Metropolitan Police over events leading to the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes have been told the police are not "above the law".

Strike brings Silverlink trains to a halt

Around 400 drivers in the Aslef union struck on Friday of last week bringing the Silverlink company’s service to a halt. The strike hit London commuter services, including from Milton Keynes and Watford.

Midland Mainline train drivers taking action over back pay

Members of the Aslef rail drivers’ union at Midland Mainline have planned a series of strikes in their dispute over the application of a pay offer to drivers from 2001.

The sentencing of Mohammed Atif Siddique

In Edinburgh High Court last week, Mohammed Atif Siddique, a 21 year old Scottish born Muslim student, was sentenced to eight years in prison for terrorism offences.

Planning for Stand up for Journalism day

Journalists in the NUJ union are preparing for the Stand up for Journalism day of action in defence of quality and standards in the profession on Monday of next week.

Unison delegates ordered to avoid Yunus Bakhsh support meeting

Well known Unison union activist Yunus Bakhsh has been suspended from work for his trade union activities for over a year, and the campaign for his reinstatement has gained widespread support – producing some of the biggest fringe meetings at Unison conferences.

Yes vote in local government pay ballot, but no strike

There will be no strike in support of of the local government pay claim this year.

Newham council workers fight to defend their union

MORE than 3,000 Newham council workers in east London were set to strike on Wednesday of this week in defence of their union.

'Teachers should vote yes in ballot for action over pay'

As teachers return from half term, the School Teachers Pay Review Body (STRB) will be preparing to publish its recommendations, following consultation with ministers.

UCU LGBT conference

The UCU union has organised a series of equality conferences in recent weeks.

College workers' union discusses organising casualised workers

The first UCU college workers’ union national meeting for fixed term and hourly paid workers took place in London on Friday of last week.

Glasgow day centre workers: ‘We are striking for essential services’

Ross Wilkie has worked with people with disabilities for over 20 years. He was on the picket line in front of the Carlton Day Centre, which is set to be closed, sold, and replaced with a three-story commercial building.

Stop the attacks on the left vision for Respect

Never has there been a greater need for a radical challenge to the pro-war, pro-free market consensus represented by Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

Add your name to crucial statement

As we go to press nearly 1,000 Respect members and supporters have signed the statement against the witch-hunt of the SWP and the left in Respect – in just six days since the statement’s launch.

Four Respect councillors resign the group whip in Tower Hamlets

Four Tower Hamlets councillors resigned the Respect group whip last week.

‘Students are a central part of the future of Respect’

Jennifer Jones, a member of Goldsmiths Student Respect and president of Goldsmiths Stop the War Coalition responds to an attempt to exclude Student Respect groups from sending delegates to this year’s national Respect conference. Last year student groups were encouraged to play an important role in the conference.

Decent vote for Respect in Harlow council election

Harlow Respect supporters achieved a decent result in the Toddbrook ward by-election for Harlow council in Essex on Thursday of last week despite illness, accident and difficult political circumstances.

Back Manchester NHS workers’ strike

Manchester Health workers are refusing to allow their bosses to victimise leading Unison union activist Karen Reissmann, and are pledging to continue their strike action until she is returned to her normal duties.

Sicko shows disaster of private health care

Health trade unionists across Britain have been preparing for this Saturday’s London demonstration for the NHS. Most will have been organising meetings and leafleting hospitals.

Health service round-up

Chichester march Up to 15,000 people marched in Chichester, West Sussex, on Saturday of last week against the closure of St Richard’s hospital.

United Friends and Families march: demanding some justice

The ninth annual United Friends and Families Campaign remembrance march in London for those who have died in custody saw angry speeches by bereaved relatives outside Downing Street. Sadly, as with every year, there were new faces on the march.

Suffering continues for Hull flood victims

Elderly victims of the summer flooding in Hull are facing further anguish as several residential homes and day care centres that were damaged by the floods are threatened with closure.

Post activists mobilise to throw out the deal

A debate is raging among postal workers about a deal brokered between their CWU union and Royal Mail to end the dispute over pay, pensions and conditions.

Debate rages around CWU political fund and pensions

A key argument inside the CWU union centres on the relationship between the union and the Labour Party.

Anger in post still high across country

Crick Workers at the Royal Mail’s flagship National Distribution Centre in Crick, Northamptonshire, are threatening to ballot for strike action in a dispute over the introduction of new routes for network drivers.

Rose Gentle: ‘I hope the truth will come out’

More than three years after 19 year old Gordon Gentle was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq, an inquest into his death finally opened on Monday.

Kurds march in London against Turkey's plans to invade Iraq

Shocking evidence of British abuse in Iraq

‘We in Britain focus on the abuse committed by US troops in Iraq. But we are uncomfortable with what our own troops have been up to.

Stop the War's vibrant annual conference

The strength and determination of the anti-war movement in Britain was clearly demonstrated at the Stop the War Coalition’s annual conference held in London last Saturday.

Socialist Worker appeal reaches £87,717

"The coverage of our strike has been brilliant. But I read Socialist Worker for more than that. The paper takes on the important arguments of the day, can explain why the world is the way it is, and most importantly, what we can do to change it."

SWP national council discusses crisis in Respect

Over 250 people attended a national council of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) held on Saturday to discuss the crisis engulfing Respect and the way forward for the left in Britain.

Leading Unison activist Karen Reissmann sacked

Leading Unison union activist and psychiatric nurse Karen Reissmann has been sacked by Manchester mental health trust for the "crime" of bringing her employers into disrepute.


Did the Lebanese army deliberately destroy homes of Palestinians?

Evidence is emerging that the Lebanese army deliberately destroyed the homes of Palestinians in the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon during a siege this summer.

Strike wave rocks the UAE’s dictators

Thousands of construction workers walked out on strike in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last Saturday. The labourers, mainly from South Asia, were attacked by police as they protested for higher wages.


Reclaiming the ideas of Marxism in China

China has always been the last frontier of Western capitalism. Since the British East India Company first penetrated the Chinese market in the second half of the 18th century, exporters have dreamt this ancient civilisation harboured vast numbers of consumers for their products.


A party to lead the working class

From Russia in 1905 to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 the 20th century was an era of revolutions. Yet the Russian Revolution of 1917 was the only one that was successful in putting the working class in power. What was different about the 1917 revolution?

1917 - Russia in revolution

The 1917 Russian revolution ushered in a radical new society. Workers’ control of production, land to the people who worked it, an immediate peace with no annexation and the right to self-determination for colonised people.

Fighting for its life

From day one the Russian Revolution found itself under attack. On only its second day a counter-revolutionary army advanced on Petrograd.

The global impact

Internationalism was at the heart of the 1917 revolution, both as a principle and as a practical necessity. The Bolsheviks believed that the revolution must spread in order to survive.

Power of the masses

Revolutions are bad things. Or at least the social ones are. Revolutions are fine if they are restricted to political changes at the top. Then only the icing on the cake is changed. As the French revolutionary Babeuf once said, these revolutions take one set of robbers and replace them with another.

Witnesses to change

"The most indubitable feature of a revolution is the direct interference of the masses in historic events.

Class struggle and trade unions

The revolutionary upsurge in Europe during and after the First World War threw the trade union movement across the continent into a profound upheaval.

Revolution in words

The Russian Revolution is one of the most important events in world history and has inspired many debates, articles and books.


Navega – Mayra Andrade

Mayra Andrade comes from a Cape Verdean family via Lisbon and Paris, and mainly sings in the island’s Portuguese dialect.

Climate Camp and Rostock G8 exhibitions

London Indymedia presents a photographic exhibition of two of the major protests of this year, the Climate Camp protest in Britain and the Rostock protests against the G8 in Germany.

Win Russian Revolution plates

Philosophy Football has released a set of four original plate designs to celebrate the idealism of Soviet design on the 90th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. These beautiful plates are available from <a href="">&raquo;</a>

Carmen: A rebel against capitalist morality

Bizet’s Carmen is one of the most enduringly popular 19th century operas.

Weapons of Mass Communication: propaganda for and against war

Sometime in January 2003, walking along Dalston Lane in Hackney, east London, I found it lined with posters bearing the simple message "15".

What We Think

Politicians, panics and the usual prejudices over immigration

A new row erupted over immigration this week, after the government admitted that 300,000 more immigrants were working in Britain than had previously been announced.

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Leon Kuhn: deadly infection

Tim: 'all I got was this lousy arms deal'


Fighting fascism today Over 50 people attended a protest against Holocaust denier David Irving in Birmingham on Friday of last week.

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