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Issue: 2076

Dated: 10 Nov 2007

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Karen Reissmann sacked for defending our NHS

Outrage spread across the NHS this week at news of the sacking of leading health trade unionist Karen Reissmann, a nurse with 25 years experience of working in mental health in Manchester.

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Desperate moves fail to block Respect conference

Respect’s annual national conference is going ahead on Saturday of next week – despite attempts to prevent it from happening.

Discussing the way forward for the left in Britain

Over 250 people attended a national council of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) last Saturday to discuss the crisis engulfing Respect and the way forward for the left in Britain.

Salvinder Dhillon: ‘We stand for all workers’

Salvinder Dhillon has stood for Respect in Ealing Southall and Southall Green in west London, coming second to Labour in last year’s local elections. He is a Respect candidate for the London assembly.

Preston Respect helps raise £50,000 for Palestine

A Respect-backed fundraising event in Preston Lancashire raised over £50,000 for orphans in Palestine on Saturday of last week.

Edinburgh marches against Trident

Nearly 3,000 people demonstrated in Edinburgh last Saturday against the renewal of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons.

A catalogue of failures that killed Jean Charles de Menezes

To say that the police officers who followed 27 year old electrician Jean Charles de Menezes into a London tube train "undermined his health and safety" is something of an understatement.

Socialist Worker appeal reaches £95,395

"Socialist Worker has been at the forefront of campaigning and fighting against racism, both in the past and in the present. It’s vital in the fight against racism that we support such a paper."David Okoro, cousin of Anthony Walker, murdered by racists in Liverpool in 2005

Don’t let civil rights lawyer Aamer Anwar be silenced

At the same time as Gordon Brown announces further plans to roll back civil liberties, Scotland’s highest profile human rights lawyer faces jail for comments made after defending his client in a terror trial.

Michelle Stanistreet: Stand up for journalists

Thousands of journalists across Britain and Ireland protested against worsening conditions in their industry this week, taking part in a series of events and demonstrations called by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

Fremantle care workers march and rally

A march and rally in support of Freemantle care workers in Barnet, north west London has been organised by the local Unison union branch.

A conference to unite the world against war

Year six of the "war on terror" has produced warnings of war on Iran and plans for US military bases in Lebanon that threaten Syria and the Lebanese resistance.

Protesters defy Pakistan's dictator General Musharraf

Pakistan’s dictator Pervez Musharraf has launched a wave of repression by imposing martial law, banning public assemblies and shutting down independent TV stations.

Pakistan crisis: eyewitness report from Karachi

Within 24 hours of it being declared, over 200 people defied the state of emergency to gather on the steps of the Karachi press club.

Mood grows to reject post strike agreement

A growing revolt by postal workers is threatening to scupper the deal negotiated by their CWU union leadership to end the dispute with Royal Mail.

Why CWU union reps must campaign to reject the deal

The key issue in my branch is the imposition of new working practices – for example, the longs and shorts (where we might be instructed to work only six hours on a Tuesday but up to nine hours on a Friday), and the 30 minutes of "flexible" time on a daily basis.

Leading figures in CWU oppose the post deal

The vote by the CWU union's postal executive to accept and recommend Royal Mail's offer to the membership was not unanimous. Many of those in leading positions in the union recognise that the deal falls far short of what could have been achieved.

Action continues against post workers 'doing job properly'

Postal workers in many parts of the country are still "doing the job properly". This means they start at agreed times, take their allotted breaks, do not use their private cars on deliveries and stick to the agreed bag weights.

Reports round-up

Walk out at Revenue & Customs Hundreds of civil service workers in Revenue & Customs have walked out unofficially after management announced plans to withdraw flexitime for workers. This is a change in workers’ contracts.

DWP to ballot for strike over pay

Tens of thousands of PCS members in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are to ballot for strike action over their pay offer.

Civil servants vote for action over job cuts, pay and privatisation

Some 68 percent of members in the PCS civil service workers’ union voted to back strike action in the union’s long-running battle over job cuts, pay and privatisation.

Support left in Unite elections

Left wing activists in the Amicus section of the Unite union are putting themselves forward to be nominated by branches for next year’s national executive elections.

Vote for Roger King and Gill Goodswen in NUT elections

Ballot papers have now been sent out for the NUT teacher’s union national elections.

Lecturers' union to hold special higher education pay conference

The UCU lecturers’ union will hold a special higher education pay conference on 9 November. The key issue up for discussion at the meeting is the threat by our employers to withdraw from national bargaining.

Rail strikes at Midland Mainline and Silverlink

Train drivers in the Aslef union at Midland Mainline struck, for the second time on Thursday of last week over pensions.

Oxford students plan reponse to fascist visit

Between 30 and 40 students at Oxford university from a wide range of political backgrounds met on Monday of this week to plan a united campaign against the decision of the Oxford Union debating club to invite two prominent Nazis to speak on 26 November.

Newham council: ‘We are all Michael Gavan’

Hundreds of strikers rallied at Newham council buildings and depots in east London on Wednesday of last week. They were part of a strike in support of Unison union branch chair Michael Gavan, who has been suspended from work.

Growing support for Glasgow day care strikers

The indefinite strike by Glasgow council’s 270 day-centre workers, members of the Unison union, is now entering its fourth week. The council is still refusing to even negotiate with its workers.

Birmingham council workers fight massive single status pay cuts

Some 40,000 workers in Birmingham are heading into battle with the council over the "single status" pay deal.

Local government round-up

Eastleigh Refuse workers in Eastleigh, Hampshire, staged a 24-hour walkout on Monday over working conditions.


Screenwriters on strike in US

A solid strike by US screenwriters, which began on Monday of this week, is severely hitting the US television networks.

Jail sentences for UAE workers

Authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have jailed over 120 workers following a strike (Socialist Worker, 3 November) that brought construction on prestigious building projects in the oil rich state to a halt.

George Bush blocks Lebanon deal

The US is blocking a compromise between the Lebanese government and opposition over the election of a new president for Lebanon.

Crackdown on immigrants in Italy sparks violent racist backlash

Italian police forced homeless people in Rome to leave their makeshift houses on the banks of the Tiber river last week in the start of a racist crackdown.

Turkish movement stands up against war on Kurds

Some 25,000 people demonstrated in Ankara, Turkey, last Saturday against military attacks on Kurds in northern Iraq.


Gordon Brown won’t solve the energy crisis

There is a serious chance of power shortages in Britain this winter.

New Labour policies have failed schools

Gordon Brown showed his true colours on Wednesday of last week with his "get tough on school failure" speech.

What's behind the crisis in Respect?

It is too early to be able to assess the full impact of the breakaway from Respect launched last weekend by George Galloway and his associates.


The Putney debates: visions of democracy

There is a gaping hole in what passes for British history taught in many of our schools. While many students will know of an English civil war fought between King Charles I and parliament in the 1640s, few will get any sense of the revolutionary process that brought Oliver Cromwell to power as England’s first non-royal head of state.

The economic roots of mass migration

Recent reports have shown the contradictions that immigration raises for our rulers.

The united front: ground for common work

On 7 January 1921, the German Communist Party addressed an unprecedented appeal to the country’s working class, political parties and trade unions.

Doreen Massey interview: London - living for the City

London is presented as a global city. What does this mean?


What We Think

The political reasons for the division in Respect

Splits in left wing organisations are ugly, messy affairs. From a distance it can look like nothing more than a confused jumble of claims and counterclaims – a "pointless argument" about egos or trivial details.

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