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Issue: 2079

Dated: 01 Dec 2007

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Chasing funds from millionaires… New Labour is up for sale

This is a government which touts for cash from big business – and a government which acts on behalf of big business.

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Reports round-up

Single Status strike ballot Some 1,500 workers in the Unison union at Argyll and Bute council are to hold a strike ballot over single status.

Fight is on to defend Rolls Royce jobs

Rolls Royce workers in the Unite union around the country are to stage a protest over plans to close a plant in Bootle, Merseyside, with the loss of more than 200 jobs.

Resisting attacks on pensions at Siemens

Siemens, which employs over 10,000 staff across Britain, is meeting serious resistance to its attempts to attack pension rights.

Bus strikes postponed after new management offers

Planned strikes by bus workers at East London Bus Company and Stagecoach Manchester were suspended after management at both companies came back with new offers.

BAA to strike at Xmas?

Workers at BAA’s airports are to vote on strike action over pensions.

Liverpool teachers threaten walkout

Teachers in Liverpool are threatening to walk out if their pay demands are not met. Over 100 teachers across the city are expected to protest on Thursday of this week against Brown’s pay freeze, and are warning that a ballot for strike action could begin in the new year.

South London meetings oppose academy plans

Last week there were two public meetings to discuss new secondary schools planned for south London.

Westminster teacher's strike

Members of the NUT teachers’ union at Pimlico School in Westminster, London were on strike on Tuesday of this week against their lunch break being cut.

Results of NUT election announced

The result of the recent National Union of Teachers (NUT) election was announced at the end of last week.

Strike ballot over 2,500 BBC job cuts

Thousands of BBC workers are to be balloted for strike action over job cuts at the corporation.

Remploy workers defy threat of factory closures

Over 100 workers held a lobby at the Department for Work and Pensions office in London on Tuesday of this week.

Hastings civil service worker sacked over union activity

Eddie Fleming, the branch chair of the PCS union Child Support Agency (CSA) Hastings branch, has been sacked on charges relating to his trade union activities.

JJB workers reject pay offer

Over 200 hourly paid workers at JJB Sports in Wigan have overwhelmingly rejected a new annual pay offer.

Fury at sacking of Michael Gavan

Workers at Newham council reacted with fury last week when Unison union branch chair Michael Gavan was sacked for his trade union activity.

Student day of action against attacks on Iran

Students across Britain held protests, meetings and street theatre on Thursday of last week as part of the Stop the War Coalition’s student day of action against an attack on Iran.

American Gangster and the corporate traffickers

American Gangster is a film about Frank Lucas, the heroin kingpin of Harlem in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It is a story of the American dream under capitalism.

New Labour sleaze: A shabby history of 'friends in the north'

The shady funding of the Labour Party by rich business bosses was thrown into the spotlight this week.

Surrey councillor Peter Longhurst hands in his Labour Party membership card

Longstanding Surrey councillor and postal worker Peter Longhurst this week resigned from the Labour Party after more than two decades of membership.

Crucial battle to defend women’s abortion rights

A new fight to defend abortion rights has begun.

Brown rules out fourth option as 'simply unaffordable'

Last week the government dismissed the fourth option of direct investment in council housing as "simply unaffordable".

Civil service workers set to strike over pay

Members of the PCS civil service workers’ union in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have voted by 62 percent in favour of strike action over pay.

On the march to defend sacked trade unionist Karen Reissmann

Trade unionists and health campaigners from across Britain demonstrated in Manchester on Saturday of last week to demand the reinstatement of nurse Karen Reissmann, who was sacked last month for speaking out against cuts and privatisation.

Respect gears up for council by-election in Preston

Respect members in Preston are preparing for a council by-election in the New Year after the death of an anti-war Labour councillor in Tolketh ward.

Tower Hamlets Respect councillors oppose Crossrail

Respect councillors in east London are calling on Tower Hamlets council to oppose the building of the Crossrail rail link through the heart of the Brick Lane area.

1,000 anti-fascists wreck Oxford’s sham debate

I was one of over a 1,000 protesters from all walks of life that gathered outside the Oxford Union debating club on Monday of this week to try and stop it from hosting a "forum" featuring two leading Nazis.

Climate change: a global day of action to save the planet

Millions of people across the globe will take part in a day of action against climate change on 8 December.

Socialist Worker appeal reaches £104,353

We had a fantastic appeal event in Liverpool on Friday night. Over 50 people packed into the venue, with standing room only, to see local singer Tayo Aluko perform a tribute to Paul Robeson. There were people of all ages and backgrounds.

Building against the Nazi menace in Oxford

People from many different backgrounds came together to build Monday’s 1,000 strong demonstration in Oxford against British National Party leader Nick Griffin and Holocaust denier David Irving.

Glasgow daycare strike enters seventh week

Workers at Glasgow's day centres for people with learning and physical disabilities have entered their seventh week of indefinite strike action.

Civil service DWP strikes called for 6 and 7 December

Over 80,000 workers in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are set to strike on 6 and 7 December. The workers, members of the PCS civil service workers’ union, voted by 62 percent in favour of strikes over pay.

Post workers vote to accept deal

Postal workers in the CWU union have voted by approximately 2 to 1 to accept a deal recommended by their union leadership to end their dispute over pay and conditions.


Landslide defeat for Australia’s Tory government

Australia’s long-serving Tory prime minister John Howard suffered a dramatic defeat in last weekend’s federal election. The opposition Labour party won with the biggest swing in any election since 1975.

Call for support from Dagongzhe-Migrant Worker Centre in China after attacks

22 November 2007

Nandigram: neoliberal policies hit a rock in India

Through 2007 Nandigram has witnessed one of the most significant movements against global neoliberalism and state power anywhere in the world.

Protests defy military rule in Pakistan

Last week was very eventful for the left in Karachi.

Sarkozy off the hook as French rail workers enter talks

After nine days of strikes against president Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension reforms, France’s rail and metro workers last week voted to suspend action as their unions agreed to talks on the government’s terms.

Student occupations at the crossroads

The student movement in France against the LRU privatisation law will reach a crucial turning point this week.

LCR: ‘We need to build a political alternative to the neoliberal parties’

The current wave of industrial disputes in France takes place less than six months after the election of the right wing Nicolas Sarkozy as president. It shows that the French working class is still up for a fight, despite its recent election defeat.

Czechs campaign to stop US missile defence radar bases

Our campaign, No Bases, is very broad and colourful. It involves NGOs, people from the humanist movement, socialists, greens and trade unionists.


The brutal and corrupt rule of Ian Smith

I must acknowledge my debt to Ian Smith, who died last week. I was a teenager in Zimbabwe – then known as Southern Rhodesia – during the years when Smith consolidated white rule that, he said, would last a thousand years.


Understanding the financial crisis

The ongoing woes of Northern Rock continue to the extent that even the latter-day Thatcherite Lib Dem Treasury spokesperson, Vince Cable, is calling for it to be nationalised. It is clear that something is seriously amiss in the financial system. Capitalism seems unable to shake off the growing sense of crisis.

Financial graphs

Dahr Jamail interview: Iraq occupation in the eye of the storm

The US military are claiming that the "surge" of 30,000 troops in Iraq has stabilised the occupation. Is this true?

World Against War conference: messages from international activists

Ibrahim Mousawi ‘This world is full of injustices – oppression, occupation, criminal wars and warmongers. Governments and leaders are attempting to mislead their people and the whole world.

Stumbling into more war in Afghanistan

The Taliban are on the verge of overrunning Kabul, they control over half of Afghanistan and are fast becoming the only legitimate power in the country. These are the conclusions of a study released last week by The Senlis Council – a right wing think tank.

New evidence: the reality of detention without trial in Northern Ireland

Gordon Brown wants to extend the limit for quizzing terror suspects from 28 days to 56 or 58.


Cultures of Resistance London gig 2007

The celebrated Cultures of Resistance gig returns to London this month courtesy of Socialist Worker. It features The Bays, Jerry Dammers, Denys Baptiste, and Natty.

London, Sugar & Slavery exhibition - the bitter reality

By the 1790s, one quarter of Britain’s income came from the West Indies and much of it from the sugar trade. London established itself as a centre of global commerce in this period – but behind it lay slavery.

Frederick Douglass and Riversmeet: connecting 19th century struggles

In 1845 Frederick Douglass arrived in Ireland and began a speaking tour that would take him across Scotland and England.

What We Think

Free speech for Nazis is a threat to democracy

"Free speech" was the justification wheeled out this week by the Oxford Union for handing over a platform to Nick Griffin, leader of the fascist British National Party (BNP), and David Irving, a convicted Holocaust denier.

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Who should be blamed for the missing discs? The news that 25 million tax payers’ records have been lost by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) comes as no surprise to anyone, like me, who works for the organisation.

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