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Issue: 2099

Dated: 03 May 2008

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Strike back at the oil barons

The battle lines across British society could not have been drawn more starkly. At Grangemouth in Scotland refinery workers this week stood up for all of us when they confronted a billionaire oil baron out to rob their pensions.

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SW celebrates May Day

For over 100 years 1 May has been International Workers’ Day – a day of working class solidarity and a celebration of internationalism.

Democratising food

How should socialists criticise supermarkets? The answer seems obvious. We are against the environmental degradation they cause. We oppose the way they impoverish food producers in the Global South and exploit those in the Global North. We are appalled by the unhealthy food they push and the enormous profits they grab.

Crisis for oil bosses as Grangemouth workers fight back over pension rights

Around 1,200 workers at the Ineos-owned oil refinery in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, walked out on Sunday in a two-day strike to defend their pensions – sparking a crisis for their billionaire boss Jim Ratcliffe and the government.

Scottish TUC conference marks growing tensions between unions and Labour

This year's Scottish TUC annual conference was a showcase for the debates taking place within the trade union movement over political representation.

Edinburgh demonstration in defence of Aamer Anwar

Protesters gathered at the High Court in Edinburgh on Tuesday of this week in defence of civil rights lawyer Aamer Anwar.

The day we stood up to New Labour

The fightback against Gordon Brown’s pay limit started in earnest on Thursday of last week. Up and down the country more than 400,000 workers were on strike. Teachers, lecturers, civil service workers and 20,000 Birmingham council workers walked out.

No shelter for bosses as charity workers walk out on strike

Around 450 workers at the Shelter housing charity struck for 48 hours last week, and were were set to strike again on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Blackburn council workers set for indefinite strike over pay

Hundreds of workers at Blackburn with Darwen council are set to go on indefinite strike from Wednesday of next week over the implementation of a single status pay deal.

Bolton teachers due to strike against academy

Teachers in the National Union of Teachers (NUT) at Withins School in Bolton are due to strike on Thursday of next week after 94 percent voted for action in a recent ballot.

25,000-strong strike halts Birmingham

Birmingham was shut down on Thursday of last week – no surprise in a city with 25,000 people on strike.

London demonstration marks Workers' Memorial Day

Workers from a range of unions joined a march in London on Monday to mark Workers' Memorial Day. The event remembers workers who have died due to accidents at their workplaces and presses the case for safety before profit.

Cardiff Stop the War protests against military base plans

Around 200 activists gathered in Cardiff last Saturday to protest against the development of a £14 billion military base in South Wales.

Fantastic rallies across Britain on Fightback Thursday

There were impressive marches and rallies in towns and cities across Britain on Thursday of last week.

Reports round-up

Manchester Uni students occupy Over 200 students at Manchester university faced down lines of police to march around campus before occupying a building notoriously inaccessible to students on Tuesday of last week.

New failures in ‘war on terror’

Any notion that the occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan were "turning the corner" has evaporated in a week of bloody battles and growing instability.

Vote to send a message to Gordon Brown on 1 May: 'stop attacks on working people'

Crucial elections take place on Thursday of this week in London and across England and Wales.

May 2008 election results for Left List

Results for the Left List and candidates the Left List is supporting in the London mayoral, London Assembly elections and English and Welsh Council elections held on 1 May 2008

London Assembly list results 2008


London Mayoral results 2008


Workers mark May Day with mass protests around the globe

Hundreds of thousands of workers across the world took part in celebrations and protests to mark International Workers’ Day on Thursday. The demands of the demonstrations were remarkably similar – no to privatisation, defence of public services and migrant workers, and higher wages to deal with the soaring price of food and fuel that is contributing to a decline in workers’ living standards the world over.

New Labour takes a hammering in council elections, May 2008

Local council elections across much of England and Wales yesterday saw Labour’s worst electoral results for 40 years. The party polled just 24 percent of the vote and came in third, losing around 300 councillors.

London Assembly results 2008

Barnet & Camden <table>

Gordon Brown to blame for New Labour's election rout

Gordon Brown has reaped what New Labour sowed. This week’s elections saw the crisis-ridden government battered – losing the London mayor to Tory Boris Johnson and polling Labour’s worst results in 40 years in council elections across England and Wales.

Anger as Nazi BNP grabs London assembly seat

Millions of people across Britain will be shocked and horrified by the news that the fascist British National Party (BNP) has managed to grab an assembly seat in London – one of the most multiracial and diverse cities of the world.

Left vote squeezed by main parties

The left’s ability to make an impact in the London elections was hampered by the closely fought battle between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone.


US presidential elections won't solve rising discontent

The US election is scheduled for 4 November. While it is still not decided whether the Democratic Party candidate will be Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, John McCain was declared to be the Republican candidate early on in the race.

Egypt: Mubarak's concessions lead to more resistance

The repression at Mahalla al-Kubra's textile mills in Egypt has not dampened the wave of protests and strikes.


Monday 9 June could be next key date for fightback

It was the day the workers reminded everyone of their power. This was not supposed to happen in Gordon Brown’s Britain. For years we have been told class politics is dead and that we should all accept the wonders of the free market.

Gordon Brown's economic crisis has only just begun

Gordon Brown's biggest problem lies with the state of the economy. As Andrew Rawnsley put it in last Sunday's Observer, "The economy was the pillar of his reputation with the public."


Rudi Dutschke and the German student movement in 1968

The political storm that broke out across the world 40 years ago affected every part of the globe. But with much of the media focusing on the student protests and mass strikes in France in May 1968, it is possible to miss the significance of some of the other revolts.

Love music, hate the BNP: 100,000 flock to LMHR carnival

Some 100,000 people of all ages and backgrounds delivered a powerful message against fascism by joining the hugely successful Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) carnival last Sunday.

The Paddingtons, Jay Sean and Bashy stand up to the fascists

Several of the acts who played at the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) carnival spoke out last week about why they are taking a stand against the fascist British National Party (BNP).

LMHR carnival: pictures 1

LMHR carnival: pictures 2


All Power to the Imagination: 1968 and its legacies

All Power to the Imagination: 1968 and its legacies

They Get Free Mobiles Don’t They?

Anyone angry at the media’s constant attacks on asylum seekers will enjoy Banner Theatre Company’s latest production.

David Low: The cartoonist who angered the dictators

David Low was arguably the greatest newspaper cartoonist of the 20th century. From the 1920s until his death in 1963 his work appeared in London’s Evening Standard, and later the Guardian.

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MI5 in Pakistan: tortured for lies

The British MI5 secret service colluded in torture and the Labour government is lying about it. A 33-year old man from Manchester has said that he had three fingernails ripped out after hours of being beaten and whipped.

Double standards over Nazi candidates

There is an institution that sacks trade unionists and allows its workers to stand for the fascist British National Party (BNP) in elections. It’s not a union-busting private equity company, but the government’s Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

New Labour’s crisis: Gordon Brown’s love of the rich means poor must fight

One year ago, as Tony Blair’s premiership was reaching its fag end, there was a new spirit of optimism among Britain’s union leaders and MPs on the centre left of the Labour Party.

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We can beat the BNP Like many residents of Camden, north London, we were horrified when two local newspapers, the Ham & High and the Camden Gazette, printed an advert from the Nazi British National Party (BNP).

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