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Issue: 2105

Dated: 14 Jun 2008

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Tell George Bush: ‘Go to hell!’

War criminal George Bush is coming to Britain as part of his "farewell tour" of Europe. And he brings with him plans for a new war on Iran and demands for more sacrifice in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Birmingham Fujitsu workers strike against job transfer

Around 140 workers at the Fujitsu electric components factory in Birmingham struck on Monday of this week in a fight against the transfer of jobs to the US.

Oxford postal workers call for strike ballot

Postal workers at five delivery offices in Oxford have asked for strike ballots after Royal Mail managers have forced them to take on extra work, without agreement with the union.

Unite (Amicus section) sector conferences

Delegates met at the sector conferences of the Amicus section of the Unite union in Brighton last week.

CWU conference: postal workers need action to beat attacks

Postal delegates at the CWU union conference were set to discuss proposals for a national strike against attacks on pensions, mail centre and delivery office closures, and the threat of further privatisation of Royal Mail as Socialist Worker went to press.

Privatised polyclinics

GPs will visit Downing Street this week to deliver a petition signed by thousands of patients to Gordon Brown.

Brown's bluster cannot hide the tragedy in Afghanistan

The latest British soldiers to die in Afghanistan were sent to their deaths with sickening bravado.

US 'security accords' lay the groundwork for attack on Iran

US 'security accords' lay the groundwork for attack on Iran

Report shows councils cut workers' rights by taking on temporary staff

Councils are deliberately cutting workers’ rights by using temporary staff instead of hiring full-time workers.

Wybone strikers step up action

Last week Community Union members at Wybone factory, Barnsley stepped up their action in their fight to get a decent wage increase. They were out on strike all week. One picket said, "We really affected production this week. They’ve had managers working but they’re not very good at it."

GMB conference: union cuts Labour funding

The GMB, one of Britain’s largest unions, is to withdraw sponsorship from a third of the 108 Labour MPs it backs because they are not implementing union policies.

Grassroots revolt that can stop the Nazi BNP in Rotherham

Anti-Nazi activists are mobilising across the country against the British National Party (BNP) after its gains in recent elections.

CWU conference debates political relationship with Labour

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) conference was set to discuss its political fund as Socialist Worker went to press.

Support grows for 21 June national march against fascism

Campaigners up and down the country are mobilising for the national demonstration in London on Saturday 21 June against the fascist British National Party (BNP).

Cost of living ‘set to soar’

Economic pundits warned that ordinary working people face a severe drop in their standard of living following the latest "factory gate" inflation figures from the Office of National Statistics.

Tanker drivers threaten strike

Some 640 tanker drivers in the Unite union are set to go on strike for four days from Friday of this week in support of a 13.2 percent pay demand.

Speaking out against Islamophobia in Manchester

"When I was arrested at first I thought it was a joke. Then I realised – I’m a Muslim, I had the Al Qaida training manual on my computer, I could be locked up and disappear into Belmarsh or anywhere."

MPs set to vote on Labour’s 42-day detention plan

"Trust me, as a minister and as a home secretary." That was the unconvincing plea from home secretary Jacqui Smith last week as she urged backbench Labour MPs to vote for laws to detain "terror" suspects for 42 days without them being charged.

Anger at deportations of refugees to warzones

Protesters demonstrated in Middlesbrough town centre last weekend against the government policy of deporting people to warzones such as Iraq, Afghanistan and DR Congo.

Child poverty is on the rise in Gordon Brown’s Britain

The number of children living in relative poverty rose by 100,000 to 3.9 million in the year 2006-7, according to figures released by the government this week.

Protesters will defy ban on anti-Bush demo on Sunday 15 June

Socialist Worker is calling on anti-war activists to defy a police ban on the George Bush Not Welcome Here demonstration.

Raytheon 9 found not guilty

The Raytheon 9 have been found not guilty of all charges of criminal damage in a unanimous verdict.

Workers reject neoliberal EU treaty in Irish referendum

The neoliberal European Lisbon Treaty has been thrown out by the Irish voters as counting continues.

Michael Lavalette’s Palestine blog

Preston socialist councillor Michael Lavalette is currently visiting Palestine to offer solidarity to people under occupation. He is writing a blog while he is there that details his experiences that you can access at the Preston Respect website or at <a href="">» BlogHome.aspx?username=MichaelLavalette</a>

Vibrant London demonstration against George Bush attacked by police

More than 2,500 anti-war protesters descended on parliament yesterday Sunday for an angry protest at the visit of warmongering mass murderer, US president George Bush.

Young teachers’ conference

The NUT union held a very political young teachers’ conference last weekend. Around 130 teachers came – up from 80 last year. Many of the young and newly qualified teachers at the conference got involved in the union after the strike on 24 April.

Council spending on agency and temporary workers table

Amount of money spent on agency and temporary workers in the 2006/7 financial year by council:

CWU conference: privatisation debate

Labour must shape up, or we’re shipping out. That was the message from delegates in the discussion on the fight to defend pensions, public services and offices threatened with closure.

Reports round-up

Museum strike over treatment Over 200 workers in the Prospect civil service workers’ union at the Museum of London struck on Monday of this week against their below-inflation pay award of 2 percent.

EIS conference

Delegates to the EIS Scottish teachers’ union conference in Dundee last week voted unanimously to hold a ballot on industrial action to protest against cutbacks in education. Teachers have not struck in Scotland for 20 years.

Resistance to academies in Bolton

Resistance to the government’s academy programmes for schools is growing in Bolton as NUT teachers’ union members at Withins School announced their intention to strike again on Wednesday of next week.

Why Unison members in NHS accepted the deal

Members of the Unison union working for the NHS have voted, disappointingly, by 64 percent to accept a three year pay deal. This offers 2.75 percent, 2.4 percent and 2.2 percent for the next three years.

London lecturers strike as unions lobby for fair pay

Some 7,000 further education lecturers in the UCU union in London took strike action on Monday of this week as part of their battle against a below-inflation pay offer.

Action on the buses

CT Plus Bus drivers in the Unite union working for CT Plus in Hackney, east London, are set to strike on Friday afternoon of this week over the sacking of Dennis Shine, a union rep.

Health activist Yunus Bakhsh faces sack

Leading NHS union activist Yunus Bakhsh faces the verdict in the disciplinary hearing held by his employer this week. Twenty months since he was originally suspended from work, his NHS trust is set to sack him.

Fremantle workers reject latest management offer

Against all the odds the campaign by 200 Fremantle residential care workers to win back their terms and conditions is still on as 95.9 percent voted to reject the company’s latest offer and resume strikes.

Rail workers' strikes

Network Rail maintenance strike Over 12,000 Network Rail maintenance workers in the RMT union are set to strike from 12 noon on Saturday to 5.59pm on Sunday.

GMB conference supports Fenland Foods workers

Delegates at the GMB union conference in Plymouth this week were told about the closure of the Fenland Foods factory in Grantham.


Egyptian strike leaders are released

Three Egyptian strike leaders have been released from detention and given back their jobs in a key victory for textile workers in Mahalla el-Kubra.

Activists plan protests over Afghanistan

Some 500 peace and anti-war activists from ten countries met in Hanover, Germany, last weekend to plan how to step up the campaign against the war in Afghanistan.

New mass protests shake South Korea

Up to a million people gathered across South Korea on Tuesday of this week to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the 1987 June Struggle.


Where is Lula’s Brazil going?

Brazil is Latin America’s largest and most economically powerful nation.


The rise and fall of Tony Benn and the 1980s Labour left

The beginning of the 1980s saw the rise of the left wing inside the Labour Party behind the figure of Tony Benn.

Frederick Engels: theorist and fighter

Frederick Engels stands out as a great thinker and fighter for working class rights whose contribution to socialism has often been undervalued, maligned and distorted.

UN offers no solution for food crisis of world’s poorest

World leaders gathered in Rome last week for the World Food Summit organised by the United Nations’s Food and Agricultural Organisation in response to the deepening crisis caused by rising food prices.

Can the US empire strike back?

Imagine, in a galaxy far, far away, an empire in decline. A disastrous military adventure and the rise of new powers have exposed its weakness. To cap it all, the emperor himself is generally despised as a provincial clod.

How shifting further to the right could scupper the Democrats

Last weekend saw Hillary Clinton finally concede to Barack Obama in the Democratic Party’s contest to choose its presidential candidate.

Social care: Millions fear for their treatment in the future

The current crisis in provision in social care for older people is leaving millions across England and Wales facing a terrifying future.

Drawbacks to New Labour’s care personalisation plans

Social care provision for older or disabled people is at the forefront of government reforms. The government has this year started what it calls the "personalisation" of services.

Scotland shows universal care provision is possible

The Scottish parliament brought in free personal care for over 65s in 2002 under a Labour administration.


Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble will be familiar to anyone who caught the extraordinary finale to the recent Love Music Hate Racism carnival in Victoria Park, east London.

Foto: Modernity in Central Europe, 1918-1945

Between the two world wars there was a massive expansion of interest in photography across central European countries including Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Fiesta - Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela

The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra wowed audiences and critics alike when they played in Britain last year.

Immortal Technique: radical rapper takes on the ‘American dream’

"Imperialism is sponsored by corporations – that’s why Halliburton gets paid to rebuild nations," is a line typical of Immortal Technique, the New York based MC who combines the anger of the early hip-hop era with hard hitting political lyrics that set him apart from most rappers today.

What We Think

Imre Nagy and Hungary’s heroic uprising

Fifty years ago this week Hungary’s prime minister Imre Nagy was executed following a secret trial. He was accused of treason and of plotting against Russia.

The EU treaty is a class issue

Whatever the result in the Irish referendum on the proposed European Union (EU) treaty this week, the campaigners for a no vote deserve congratulations.

It is government policy that is failing schools

Schools secretary Ed Balls has threatened that hundreds more schools could be turned into academies or private trust schools. He has identified 638 "failing schools" &#8211; one in five secondary schools in England &#8211; which could be targeted for academy status.

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