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Issue: 2109

Dated: 16 Jul 2008

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United we can beat Gordon Brown

Eleven years ago we were told by a newly elected Labour government that the old Thatcherite days were over. There was a new way – a Third Way – that would lead to social justice and wealth redistribution.

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Equal pay without pay cuts

Up and down Britain council workers are being saddled with Gordon Brown’s public sector pay freeze – and at the same time face councils using single status to attack them.

New Labour wants your money

Gordon Brown’s Labour Party is bankrupt. The millionaires who secretly lent money to Labour in the run up to the 2005 election are asking for their cash back.

The private sector is fighting back too

Mainstream papers like to say that trade unionism only has influence in the public sector.

Why teachers support this strike

I’m sure that National Union of Teachers (NUT) members everywhere will be doing all they can to express solidarity with striking local government workers in Unison, Unite and other unions today and tomorrow.

How the market caused the global food crisis

The leaders of the world’s richest countries have clearly shown that they have no solutions to the global economic crisis.

Mark Serwotka: ‘low paid workers shouldn’t pay for the crisis’

‘I send my congratulations to all the public sector workers who are showing today that they are not prepared to accept pay cuts and the reductions in their living standards that go along with that.


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