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Issue: 2119

Dated: 20 Sep 2008

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Capitalism breeds wars and recession

The collapse of Lehman Brothers, the fourth biggest investment bank in the US, has left the world reeling.

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Campaign against the deportation of Child M

Child M (who can’t be named for legal reasons) is aged eight. He lives in Manchester with his mother, brother and sister.

Tony Benn: ‘Intensify the campaign’

"The news that the US is now bombing Pakistan emphasises yet again the appalling dangers that have followed from the so-called ‘war on terror’.

War has radicalised millions of young people

The start of the war was a catalyst for thinking about the world and activism for me.

Instability in Afghan war grows as the US bombs Pakistan

The resistance to the occupation of Afghanistan is growing, spreading and winning. In response, a frightened US military is edging closer to war with Pakistan.

Another Wall Street crash?

The bankruptcy of the fourth largest investment bank in the US, Lehman Brothers, has triggered fears of a wider banking collapse.

Strike planned on Southeastern Trains

Around 1,250 members of the RMT transport union at Southeastern Trains are set to strike for 48 hours on Monday and Tuesday of next week in two separate industrial disputes.

Royal Mail technical workers to strike over changed conditions

Around 800 technical workers in Royal Mail are set to strike for 72 hours from 6am on Tuesday of next week in a dispute over management’s plans to change attendance patterns.

Strike by South Shields clothing workers

More than 100 workers at clothing manufacturer J Barbour and Sons in South Shields, took to the picket line on Monday as part of a series of one day strikes over pay.

Lecturers hold pay conference in Birmingham

The UCU lecturers’ union is holding a special sector pay conference for further education lecturers this Saturday in Birmingham.

Civil servants’ campaign for strike vote starts now

The PCS civil service workers’ union is set to begin balloting its 270,000 members in civil service departments from Wednesday of next week for a national strike over pay.

Solidarity on the buses

Visiting a picket line should be included in one of those "50 things to do before you die" lists.

Teachers fight for joint action

Teachers in the NUT union are beginning a crucial battle in their fight for higher pay.

Round two of Scots’ Local Government pay battle

The next battle against the government’s determination to hold down wages takes place on Wednesday of next week in Scotland with over 150,000 local government workers coming out for the second time.

Stansted airport scanner workers take action

Some 34 scanner workers at Stansted Airport are set to strike on Friday of this week and Monday and Thursday of next week.

Sheffield journalists plan further action

Members of the NUJ journalists’ union at were set to take planning further industrial action on Wednesday of this week against management’s plans to make cuts.

Carol Ann Duffy: poetic injustice

When you sit GCSE English, you have to read an approved anthology of poems and then answer questions on it in the exam.

Urgent need for resistance in the post

Postal workers are facing huge challenges and it is urgent that our CWU union gets its act together quickly.

London bus strikes’ carnival atmosphere

Around 3,500 striking London bus workers brought many garages and routes to a standstill on Friday of last week.

Step up the fight to win decent pay

The pay revolt against Gordon Brown’s government can win.

MPs demand leadership ballot as crisis grows

Panic is spreading in New Labour as it becomes clear that the party faces not just the prospect of defeat at the next general election but an electoral wipe out.

New Labour leader in Scotland will not mean a change of fortunes

The election of Iain Gray as the new leader of Scottish Labour was greeted by one MSP with the claim that this was a "Tony Blair moment".

Labour sinks into mess of its own making

Labour goes into its annual conference this week mired in a civil war over whether Gordon Brown will remain as leader.

Protest against Nazis organised for Stoke

The Nazi British National Party (BNP) has called a national demonstration in Stoke-on-Trent for this Saturday. Party leader Nick Griffin is the keynote speaker.

Thousands march at Labour conference against war

More than 5,000 people marched through central Manchester today against the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the spread of war to other countries.


Right wing violence is shaking Bolivia

Masked groups of young men smash their way into government offices, burning documents and destroying everything they can find.

SPD’s move right benefits the German left

The German SPD, one of the world’s oldest mass Labour parties, is in a deep and growing crisis. It has been moving steadily rightwards, is haemorrhaging support and has recently suffered a leadership coup at the hands of those most associated with the party’s embrace of neoliberalism.

Somali rebels drive back Ethiopia’s army of occupiers

Ethiopia’s US-backed occupation of Somalia is fast unravelling, threatening US control over the Horn of Africa.

One-day general strike brought Uruguay to a standstill

A one-day general strike brought Uruguay to a halt on 20 August. It was strong across industry, transport, education, the health service and even in the shops.


Class politics are alive and kicking in Britain

Harriet Harman’s fairly unremarkable comments on class to the TUC last week – essentially saying that the class system exists – have elicited a flurry of protest from the old right.

The warmongers’ failure on every front

Not least of Gordon Brown’s worries at this week’s Labour conference is the "war on terror". His government, like that of Tony Blair, is mired up to its neck on a number of fronts.

Build the resistance to the bosses’ crisis

"There will be no ‘glad confident morning’ for free market principles for a long time to come."


What is workers’ control?

Following the recent state take-over of financial giants, Ian Birchall reveals the limits of nationalisation, and why socialists stand for a different vision – that of workers’ control

The real faces of America

My journey started in Miami, Florida – a city of conspicuous wealth where grand mansions jostle for space along bleached white beaches. But there is another side to Miami – the poverty of the Magic City trailer park where I met Marcos Antonio Prado, a migrant from Guatemala.

Photos of the real faces of America



This new play from South Africa was a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Set in Beirut, this film explores the lives of five working class women in modern Lebanon. It is set in a beauty parlour called So Pretty.

365 brings the struggles of young people leaving care to life

Who would have imagined that a play about the struggles of teenagers leaving care would make such a powerful, thought-provoking and visually stunning work?

Richard Hamilton’s Protest Pictures keep the shame of repression in our minds

Richard Hamilton’s Protest Pictures exhibition at Inverleith House in Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Gardens contains a body of work spanning over four decades.

Don Giovanni - Royal Opera House

Don Giovanni, written in 1787, is the third of Mozart’s five operatic masterpieces. In exquisite music, conveying the whole range of human emotions and aspirations, it tells the story of the irredeemable womaniser Don Juan.

What We Think

What lies behind the economic crisis?

There have been some truly astonishing reactions to the economic chaos that hit world markets this week.

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