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Death squad man to run Iraq
GEORGE BUSH has chosen a replacement for Paul Bremer as governor-in-chief in Iraq. It is John Negroponte, the mastermind behind the death squads of Central America. Negroponte could give lessons to the most brutal dictatorships in the world on how to organise death squads, assassinate opponents and terrorise popular movements into submission.

Is this the peace you promised, Tony B-liar?
In Fallujah's mass cemetery the Jassim family weep for their dead son, one of hundreds of victims of the US massacre...

Iraq: US empire in flames
US TANKS and helicopter gunships have been blasting Iraq again this week. This is a year after we were told the US forces had "liberated" the very towns they are now pounding. The scenes from Iraq show how everything the anti-war movement said was absolutely correct.

Your vote can punish Blair
"THIS JUNE we have the opportunity to turn the elections into a referendum on Tony Blair's government, especially its policy of backing George Bush's war on terror." So says anti-war movement leader Lindsey German.

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