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The truth about Blair's Britain — born poor, stay poor
After eight years of New Labour rule, Britain remains one of the most class divided societies in the world — and things are getting worse. If you are born into poverty, you will almost certainly live and die in poverty.

Postal vote scandal – it gets worse
Will we be able to trust the general election results?

Vote against the warmongers
Tens of thousands of Iraqis staged a huge demonstration in Baghdad on Saturday, calling for an end to the occupation. Some estimates put the turnout at up to 300,000 — the biggest Iraqi protest since the invasion.

Respect: 'our chance to shake up politics' in the general election
Remember how you felt when Tony Blair took us into the Iraq war, treating with contempt the majority of the population and the two million people who marched against it?

Iain Hook: Blair buries evidence of murder by Israel
Tony Blair's government is involved in a cover-up over the killing of the British United Nations (UN) official Iain Hook, who was shot in the back by an Israeli soldier in 2002.

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