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Issue: 2132

Dated: 03 Jan 2009

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Stop Israel’s terror in Gaza

Israel is committing mass murder in Gaza, and the US and Britain are giving their blessing to the slaughter. Gaza’s hospitals and morgues are bursting with the dead and the injured.

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Demonstrations called around country against Israel bombing Gaza


Israel’s bloody assault on Gaza fuels protests across the world

Outrage at Israel’s attacks has led to demonstrations around the globe.

Egyptians rage at hated regime

From the moment that Israel began its onslaught on Gaza, mass demonstrations broke out in Egypt. Up to a quarter of a million people took part in the first two days of demonstrations.

Palestine’s long torment

The Gaza Strip is effectively the world’s largest prison camp.

Hamas: the changing face of the Palestinian resistance

Hamas is a radical Islamist organisation in Palestine. It has won widespread support among Palestinians through its resistance to Israeli dominance.

Gaza: a new flashpoint in the ‘war on terror’

Israel carefully planned its latest butchery in Gaza. Defence minister Ehud Barak asked the military to prepare an assault over six months ago – even as a "truce" with Hamas was being negotiated – according to Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Opposition to war remains a powerful force in the world

This weekend demonstrations will take place around the world in opposition to Israel’s brutal aggression on Gaza. The demands will be simple – to stop the massacre, end Israel’s blockade of Gaza, end the occupation and for a free Palestine.

Eyewitness in Gaza: ‘Can you hear the noise? The Israelis are bombing again’

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are calling on people to protest and "make sure that the world doesn’t forget us".

Large demonstrations around Britain against Israel’s massacre in Gaza

There have been angry demonstrations across Britain this Saturday against Israel’s horrific bombing of the Palestinians in Gaza.

New demonstrations called as Israel moves tanks into Gaza

Emergency Demonstration Sunday 4 January, 2pm,Israeli Embassy, High Street, Kensington, London(Nearest tube High Street Kensington.)

Video of London march for Gaza, 3 January 2009

The footage shows the march to the Israeli embassy after the rally in Trafalgar Square, Saturday 3 January 2009





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