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Issue: 2139

Dated: 21 Feb 2009

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It’s one law for them... and another law for us

Disgraced bank boss Andy Hornby Wrecked the HBOS banking group but pocketed £1.3 million in bonusesLeft the bank with a £2.4 million pension potNow a ‘consultant’ with Lloyds TSB and scraping by on £66,000 a month

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Love Music Hate Racism has deep roots in community

This year’s Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) carnival will be a key event in the battle against the fascist BNP. It takes place on Saturday 30 May, just five days before the European elections, in Stoke-on-Trent—a city where the Nazis have nine councillors.

LGBT rights: so much more to win

There has been a sea change in public attitudes towards sexuality in the decades since sex between men was decriminalised in Britain in 1967. Recent legal reforms – including the right to civil partnerships – reflect this, and are themselves a reaction to struggles for equality that have been led by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

Gains of Waterford fight are crystal clear

The inspirational fight to save jobs at Waterford Crystal took a step forward this week.

Irish ‘pensions levy’: ‘The people that caused this crisis should take the pain’

As the economic crisis grows by the day, bosses and the government are agreed on one thing – that it is workers who must pay for the mess that those at the top have presided over.

Vote Jerry Hicks in Amicus election

The election for general secretary of the Amicus section of the Unite union began on Monday.

Kimberly-Clark forklift drivers resume strikes

Workers at Kimberly-Clark in Barrow in north west England struck in a fight for more pay last weekend.

Protest at Essex council cuts

Some 50 Unison union members lobbied Essex County council in Chelmsford in protest at council plans to privatise services across the county, on Tuesday of last week.

350 march for jobs in Cambridge

Last Saturday a fantastic demonstration through central Cambridge launched the campaign to save jobs at Cambridge University Press (CUP).

Marching for the health service in Camden

Over 150 councillors, tenants associations’ reps, medical students, pensioners and others joined a lively Keep Our NHS Public march through Camden, north London, on Saturday of last week.

How did Nazis get Yunus Bakhsh case info?

Last week saw further important developments in the case of Yunus Bakhsh.

Seventh week of Glasgow council strike

The indefinite strike by 21 community service supervisors in the Unison union continues into its seventh week. The workers are fighting a single status pay deal that would mean some workers losing up to £2,000 a year and extend the working week by an extra day.

Bus workers: ‘We can still fight in a recession’

Two pay settlements on the London buses have raised wider arguments about how bus workers can fight in a recession.

Education round-up

Essa academy staff defend conditions Workers at the Essa academy (formerly Hayward school) in Bolton are pushing for a strike ballot to defend their trade union agreement against management attempts to water it down.

Stop the War activists meet in Aberdeen

A group of 20 Stop the War Coalition activists met in Aberdeen on Friday of last week to pressure a local meeting of the Food Cooperative to ban Israeli products from its stores.

Strike ballot looms at Financial Times

Some 140 journalists at the Financial Times newspaper have voted to ballot for strike action unless management cancels its programme of compulsory redundancies.

BBC World Service workers to strike

Workers at the BBC World Service in the NUJ union have voted overwhelmingly for strike action over plans for redundancies, job relocations and for shifting programme making operations overseas.

Strike planned at Yorkshire Post

Workers at the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post group in the north of England are set to strike against 18 planned job cuts.

One day strike called at Morning Star

Journalists working at the Morning Star newspaper have called a one-day strike over pay, with NUJ union members set to walk out on Monday of next week.

Tube workers protest against job cuts

Scottish Parliament lobbied over housing

Some 100 trade unionists and tenants lobbied the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh over housing on Thursday of last week.

Housing lobby planned in Haringey

Council tenants from Haringey in north London are set to lobby the council on Monday of next week against rent rises and increased service charges.

Controversy over construction walkouts

Building workers at two sites went on unofficial strike on Wednesday of last week as part of the battle over jobs in the construction industry.

Anglesey factory workers march to save their jobs

Some 150 workers from Eaton Electric and their families marched through Holyhead on Anglesey last Saturday to protest at the loss of their jobs. The march was led by Albert Owen, the local Labour MP.

Lord Moonie: new troubles for New Labour

A small flat in south London seems to be a place close to the heart of senior Labour politicians.

Manchester at heart of student rebellion

Students remain at the forefront of the movement in solidarity with the people of Palestine, with over 25 universities seeing occupations in the last few weeks.

Student occupations keep on spreading

There have been a number of other occupations in the last week. Students at Goldsmiths, a university in south east London, occupied on Wednesday of last week.

Why were nine people held over aid to Palestine?

Supporters of the Viva Palestina convoy heading to Gaza have become the most recent victims of anti-terror legislation.

Truce in Pakistan is a blow to US war aims in Afghanistan

Unmanned US Predator drones are continuing to wreak death in Pakistan’s tribal areas despite a peace deal signed between the government and insurgents in the country.

‘We’re photographers, not terrorists’

Rage at meeting of G20 leaders

The world economy is in meltdown and the effects on working people are becoming more stark by the day.

Say no to 'Israeli Science Day' at our Science Museums

The Zionist Federation of Britain, a pro-Israel lobby group, wants to hold an "Israeli Science Day" at the Science Museums in Manchester and London.

RBS to sack 2,300 workers

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) announced last week that up to 2,300 jobs are to go in Britain.

Bankers’ ‘sorry’ just isn’t good enough

Leading bankers were finally forced to say "sorry" for their part in the economic crisis when they were brought before a Treasury select committee hearing last week.

Fury as Cowley workers sacked with hour’s notice

The contrast couldn’t be starker. Bankers who have helped to wreck the economy are handed billions of pounds of public money and left to keep raking in their fat salaries.

Derek Simpson and the ‘British Jobs’ slogan danger

Some in the leadership of the union movement seem determined to run the fight against the recession into a dead end.

Union fight derailed by reliance on Gordon Brown

Some people may find Unite’s failure to fight over jobs such as those at Cowley confusing.

Agency staff: Labour blocked workers’ rights

Agency workers are paid much less than their directly employed counterparts. There are an estimated 1.4 million agency workers in Britain.

Anger grows at police for arresting Muslims on Gaza aid mission

Three men from Burnley, Lancashire, were released without charge yesterday after being arrested under anti-terrorism legislation on their way to join a humanitarian mission to Gaza.


Chavez wins Venezuela referendum

Just after 9pm last Sunday a crowd erupted into cries of joy in Venezuela's capital, Caracas. They were gathered on Urdaneta Avenue, the street that runs alongside the presidential palace, and had just heard the announcement that President Hugo Chavez had won a hard-fought referendum on a constitutional amendment.

Egyptian workers defy repression

Egyptian security forces have launched a campaign of intimidation against supporters of Palestine.

Mass strikes spread across Guadeloupe and Martinique in response to crisis

General strikes have brought the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique to a halt.

General strike in Italy

Millions of workers in Italy last week joined a general strike against attempts by the government and the bosses to make them pay for the economic crisis.


Don’t let the BNP grab a Euro seat

The fascist British National Party (BNP) is gearing up for the European elections to be held on 4 June this year – but anti-fascists are out to stop them.

Trying to have it both ways over the economy

The new US director of national intelligence, Dennis Blair, last week proclaimed that instability caused by the global economic crisis had outstripped terrorism to become the country’s biggest security threat.

The real change facing Obama

Barack Obama’s administration is starting to put itself about internationally. Having stayed away from the World Economic Forum in Davos, the US sent a high-powered delegation headed by Vice-President Joe Biden to the Munich security conference the weekend before last.


Israeli society: No room for change

The Zionist dream of creating a homeland for Jewish people in historic Palestine produced a nightmare for the citizens of Israel and Arab countries. Constant war and the brutal oppression of the Palestinians have transformed the popular acceptance of Israel around the world into deep revulsion over its actions.

Unemployment: rise in jobless provokes fear and anger

A shocking report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) recently predicted that global unemployment could rise by more than 50 million and leave more than 7 percent of the world’s labour force without a job by the end of 2009.

Rotherham: Labour’s forgotten heartland

Rotherham town centre bears the scars of the current recession – with growing numbers of high street shops boarded up and empty. But one place still doing a thriving trade is the job centre.

Ennio Odino interview: anti-fascist fighter and concentration camp survivor

‘I suppose you could say I was born to resist." This is how Ennio Odino summarises his remarkable life.


Tokyo Sonata

Ryuhei is a low level manager in an anonymous firm in Tokyo who loses his job.

Winter Soldier | Sir! No Sir! | FTA

This is a long awaited chance to get hold of three classic films about the hidden history of US troops in the Vietnam War.

Flygirls! Three decades of women in hip-hop

For 30 years women rappers have defied the image of hip-hop as a citadel of sexism. In a notoriously male centred music industry, they have fought their corner as rappers, DJs, producers and label owners.

Rodchenko and Popova: Defining Constructivism

At the centre of the Tate Modern’s new exhibition is a reconstruction of 5x5=25, a 1921 show by the Russian artist Alexander Rodchenko.

What We Think

Slumps won’t stop arms industry’s dance of death

The global recession has claimed millions of jobs – but the business of war has never had it so good.

A fine British tradition of torture and empire

David Miliband, the New Labour foreign secretary, is a liar. He lied over Britain’s role in rendition flights. He lied over the torture detention centre on the British-owned island of Diego Garcia.

An Olympic race to the bottom for migrant workers

The right wing press has a new battle cry over the Olympics building site in east London – "East End jobs for East End workers". Labour-run Newham council wants a showdown with Olympic officials over how many of the borough’s residents are employed on the site.

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Tim: nuclear sub


Fight backdoor threat to our abortion rights The right wing press reported last week that a third of GPs would refuse to work at a surgery offering abortions. What is behind this story? A survey of 480 doctors who replied to an email sent out to subscribers of GP Newspaper.

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‘Although we are a trade union, we are employed by the company. If they give out an instruction, it would be a brave person to defy that.’Bernard Moss, Unite union convenor at Cowley explains why he didn’t tell union members what was going on

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