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Issue: 2142

Dated: 14 Mar 2009

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Take fight for jobs to the G20

"Ordinary people need to protest at the G20 summit of the world’s leaders to demand that they put people before profit and invest in jobs. We have to make sure that there’s a future for working people."

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Return of one in ten unemployment statistic?

The threat of job losses is being felt in every sector as the recession deepens.

John McDermott: union activist sacked for representing members

Unison union members in Leeds and across the country were shocked and angered last week at the news that East North East Homes Leeds (ENEHL) had sacked John McDermott.

BNP scuppered in south Gloucester

The fascist British National Party (BNP) was forced to cancel a fundraising dinner in south Gloucester last Sunday after Unite Against Fascism mobilised against the event.

Shop Stewards Network to meet

The London Shop Stewards Network is holding a workplace organising conference to help boost grassroots trade union organisation.

Fight is on to win Jose Stalin his job back

More than 100 trade unionists and campaigners joined an angry protest on the steps of Soas, which is part of the University of London, on Wednesday of last week against the sacking of trade unionist Jose Stalin Bermudez.

Mood for strike at Bolton academy

A dispute is raging in the Essa academy, formerly Hayward school, in Bolton over management plans to rip up trade union agreements reached with workers in various unions at the school.

Success for left in UCU executive elections

Results of the UCU national executive and national officer elections were being released as Socialist Worker went to press.

Jobs fight at London Met

Management at London Metropolitan University have now formally notified the trade unions that they plan to cut the equivalent of 550 full-time posts over the next 15 months, many of them by July.

Where now for construction jobs dispute?

Workers were set to protest on Wednesday of this week at the Staythorpe construction site near Newark in Nottinghamshire and the Isle of Grain site in Kent. The ongoing campaign has targeted Spanish subcontractors at the Alstom company.

Construction blacklist: Bosses pay £2.20 to destroy lives

Bosses in the construction industry have ruined the working lives of thousands of workers – and paid a paltry £2.20 fee to do so.

The Economic League: a dodgy history

The man running the blacklist, Ian Kerr, is a former Special Branch officer. He used to be employed by The Economic League.

Get the real facts on Yunus Bakhsh case

Supporters of Yunus Bakhsh, the victimised nurse and trade union activist, are hopeful that the forthcoming appeal against his sacking will see Yunus returned to work.

Pollokshields march to defend nurseries

Around 300 parents, toddlers and supporters marched through Pollokshields on the south side of Glasgow last Saturday against the closure of two local nurseries.

Newspapers round-up

Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post NUJ journalists’ union members at the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post newspapers in Leeds struck again last week over redundancies.

Anger at ITV job cuts

Workers and unions at ITV have responded angrily to the broadcaster’s plans to axe 600 jobs – some 15 percent of the workforce.

Are the Troubles set to return to Northern Ireland?

The killing of two British soldiers outside a barracks in Antrim last Saturday, followed by the subsequent killing of a police officer in Craigavon, have raised widespread fear that Northern Ireland’s "Troubles" might be set to blaze once more.

Special Reconnaissance Regiment’s record of murder

A few days prior to the attacks, Northern Ireland’s chief constable Sir Hugh Orde announced that British army special forces from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) were being deployed.

Northern Ireland: a sectarian state born in the violence of partition

Britain presided over the creation of Northern Ireland in 1921, when it was forced to quit the rest of Ireland. The six counties in the north were formed into a one-party state born in violence.

Austin Mitchell MP pays tribute to Alan Walter

Alan Walter, a socialist and working class activist, died at his home in Camden, north London, last Saturday.

Student action for Gaza gets results

The two remaining student occupations in solidarity with Gaza, at the University of East London (UEL) and Manchester University, have ended.

Police spy on protesters

Police officers are using a criminal database to store information on "thousands" of political activists who have been neither arrested not charged with any crime.

Stop the War at G20: ‘The feeling here is that everyone is raring to go’

Anti-war activists are also getting ready for the arrival of the G20 leaders in London.

Tell the G20 we won’t pay for bosses’ crisis

Activists across Britain are gearing up for a massive protest when the G20 meets in London later this month.

Local government workers win 0.3pc

Some 1.3 million local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, have received an award of an additional 0.3 percent pay rise, bringing the 2008-9 pay increase to 2.75 percent.

Glasgow strike enters 10th week

A group of 21 community service supervisors at Glasgow council are still solid as they enter their 10th week of strike action over single status regrading.

PCS to ballot over ‘flexible’ rotas

Around 10,000 members of the PCS civil service workers’ union working in contact centres in the Revenue & Customs department are to ballot for action from Friday of this week.

Wigan Unison calls march for wages

Wigan Unison members facing wage cuts and an assault on nationally held terms and conditions of service by the local council are pressing on with plans for a demonstration on 21 March.

Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conference

Some 160 delegates attended the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union conference on Saturday of last week.

Coordinated action possible for rail workers

Thousands of rail workers at different companies are in dispute over a number of issues, raising the prospect of coordinated and hard-hitting industrial action.

Ballot due at Metroline

More than 2,000 bus drivers in the Unite union at Metroline in north London are to ballot on a new pay offer on Friday of this week.

Successful Stop the War meetings

East Dulwich Around 200 people came to a night of music and comedy last Saturday organised by East Dulwich Stop the War in aid of the people of Gaza.

Derek Simpson wins Unite (Amicus) election - but on a severely weakened vote

Derek Simpson, one of Gordon Brown’s favourite trade unionists, has narrowly won the election for general secretary of the Amicus section of the Unite union.

Edmonton post workers strike back at imposed contracts

Delivery workers in Upper Edmonton, north London, are in a militant mood following a successful strike last Saturday. Leading CWU union activists say their action could soon spread across London.

British authorities step up their vendetta against Hicham Yezza - by jailing him

Hicham Yezza, the Nottingham university administrator who was falsely accused of terrorism for printing off an "Al Qaida" document, has been jailed for nine months for immigration irregularities.

Anger grows at postal sell-off

Business secretary Lord Mandelson’s plan to privatise Royal Mail has created a storm of protest. This is raging through sections of New Labour that were once cringingly loyal to the leadership.

Support pouring in for Waterford occupation

The Waterford Crystal occupation against the factory closure in south east Ireland has been an inspiration to workers in Ireland and internationally.

Prisme: sacked workers take over Dundee factory

Last week a group of 12 workers at the Prisme packaging factory in Dundee decided that they weren’t going to be laid off with nothing and occupied their factory to demand their rights.

Low inflation? Not for pensioners or the poor

Poor people will not be sharing the government’s relief that the rate of inflation has fallen.

People’s Charter will give a voice to millions

The People’s Charter for Change, a major initiative in response to the devastating impact of the recession on working class people, was launched this week.

Alan Walter memorial meeting

He was a fighter, a friend and a father.He hated injustice and he loved life.A trade unionist, a campaigner against racism, a Socialist Workers Party member,he inspired people to stand up for their rights.He should have lived longer and will be missed by many people.

Students protest at repression in Honduras



Slavoj Zizek’s Ideas need to link with reality

Nearly a thousand people will be attending a conference this weekend on "The Idea of Communism" in central London.


The Miners’ Strike could have been won

Twenty five years ago Britain was convulsed by a major battle that had massive implications for the future.

Miners’ remember their inspirational strike that defied the state

Ian Mitchell – Silverwood miner Arthur Scargill was head and shoulders above any other trade union leader at the time or since.

People changed in struggle

My abiding memory of the strike is the coming together of my community. It brought families together to fight for something that was just.

David Peace interview: GB84’s shadowy forces ranged against the miners

Your book, GB84, is forensic in its detail about the Miners’ Strike, yet you would have been quite young when the strike was happening. What made you take such an interest in it?

John Sturrock’s photos of the Miners’ Strike

John Sturrock was Socialist Worker’s main photographer during the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike.

Miners’ Strike timeline

1984 1 MarchNational Coal Board (NCB) announces closure of Cortonwood pit in Yorkshire – miners at the pit walk out6 MarchScottish and Yorkshire areas of the NUM make strike official12 MarchHalf the country’s miners are on strike – this rises to over 80 percent over the course of the strike15 MarchDavid Jones, miner aged 23, killed while picketing in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire29 MarchTransport unions ban the movement of coal19 AprilNUM special conference ratifies strike action

What on earth is quantitative easing?

In January chancellor Alistair Darling, discussing the economic crisis, claimed that, "Nobody is talking about printing money".


What We Think

The bailouts just keep coming... for the banks

Another week, another bank bailout. Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling claimed that they had come up with a clever idea when they got Lloyds TSB to take over HBOS.

Children deprived of legal and human rights

The government’s pretence of "fair" treatment of asylum seekers and their children was exposed this week.

No promise of peace from Gordon Brown or Barack Obama

After more than seven years of war in Afghanistan, the British and US governments openly admit that they are no closer to victory than they were when they invaded in 2001.

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Alan Walter 1957-2009

Socialist Workers Party (SWP) members and working class activists will be shocked and saddened to hear the news that Alan Walter died suddenly from a heart attack last Saturday.

Tim: serving custard


Police officers charged over Cardiff Three case Thirteen serving and former police officers have been charged with conspiring to put three innocent men in prison. Yusef Abdullahi, Steven Miller and Tony Paris – known as the Cardiff Three – were wrongly convicted of killing Lynette White in 1990.

Win a Scumbag Millionaires T-shirt

Philosophy Football have produced a T-shirt that reflects the anger at bank executives huge pensions.

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