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Issue: 2148

Dated: 25 Apr 2009

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Disband the riot squads

The Territorial Support Group (TSG) police riot squad used its full might to crush protests in the City of London on 1 April, with tragic consequences.

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Truth slowly trickles out about Ian Tomlinson death

More state lies about the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London came unstuck last week as the second post-mortem, commissioned by the IPCC, returned a verdict that Ian died from an abdominal haemorrhage—internal bleeding.

Who are the police’s Territorial Support Group?

The death of Ian Tomlinson has thrown a spotlight on the role of the police’s Territorial Support Group (TSG).

United Campaign Against Police Violence launched

Campaigners angered by the death of Ian Tomlinson and attacks on the right to protest have launched a new campaign, the United Campaign Against Police Violence.

Key battle looms in post

Business secretary Lord Mandelson claims that the only way for Royal Mail to "modernise" is to privatise it.

Prisme occupation still going strong

The 12 workers at Prisme Packaging in Dundee, who are now into their 7th week of occupation, have been hit twice by the economic crisis.

Obama and the CIA ‘mistakes’

On a visit to CIA headquarters, President Barack Obama stated it was time to admit "mistakes" and "move forward" – by promising CIA agents would not face legal action over their involvement in torture and adding "you should be proud to be members of the CIA".

Unite’s shadowy links with New Labour

Sections of the Unite union have become further embroiled in New Labour’s attempts to set up a website to smear the Tories.

Thousands protest in London at Sri Lanka’s brutal war

The Sri Lankan state claimed to be near to military victory over the Tamil Tigers as Socialist Worker went to press.

Manchester Stop the War holds lively meeting

Andrew Murray, the national chair of Stop the War, introduced a lively and serious discussion at the packed AGM of Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition last Saturday.

Prisme occupation ends with jobs saved

Workers at Prisme Packaging in Dundee declared victory as they ended their 51-day occupation on Friday.

NUT conference: ‘Build a summer of struggle in schools’

Most teachers returned to work this week and did so facing a series of important

Glasgow’s fight for education spreads

The campaign to defend Glasgow schools escalated this week when parents from Our Lady of the Assumption (OLA) in Ruchill along with parents from the Wyndford school staged a rooftop protest on their school on Monday.

Bus workers meet to discuss pay

Unite union activists from across London bus companies are set to meet on Monday of next week to discuss a campaign for central pay bargaining.

Substance of the abuse is screening

The Unite union has postponed the strike ballot of more than 2,000 bus workers at Metroline in north London, which was scheduled to take place on Friday of last week.

Vote Democracy Alliance in PCS

Ballot papers for the elections to the PCS civil service workers’ union national executive, deputy general secretary and the assistant general secretary were sent out last week.

Rolling action at Revenue & Customs

Over 10,000 members of the PCS civil service workers’ union in Revenue & Customs call centres are set to walk out for two hours on Monday of next week.

London Met workers ballot over action

Lecturers at London Metropolitan University returned to work this week to face a critical ballot for action over job cuts.

Victoria Line underground strike to go ahead

London Underground drivers in the RMT transport union on the Victoria Line were to strike from 9pm on Tuesday of this week for 24 hours.

London Midland Conductors strike for fifth day

Daily Record and Sunday Mail workers step up their fight

Members of the NUJ journalists’ union at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail newspapers in Glasgow are stepping up their fight against job losses with a 72-hour strike.

Reworking racism

In your book, A Suitable Enemy, you say that racism has been transformed in recent years. What changes are you referring to?

Unison Health Group conference

The conference of the health group in the Unison union in Harrogate this week showed both the potential for a fightback and a lack of leadership from the top.

Glasgow council workers await ballot result

Council workers in Glasgow were awaiting the results of a strike ballot over pay protection as Socialist Worker went to press.

Stead McAlpin workers protest over John Lewis’ betrayal

Workers at the Stead McAlpin textile factory in Cummersdale, near Carlisle, are fighting for justice after their employer went into receivership, leaving them without any redundancy pay.

Book your ticket for the 16 May jobs protest in Birmingham

Trade unionists across Britain are mobilising to make the Unite union’s national demonstration for jobs in Birmingham on Saturday 16 May the biggest possible protest against the recession’s impact on workers.

Stoke festival is key chance to hit the BNP

The initial line-up for the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) festival in Stoke on 30 May has been unveiled. The festival will be a key part of the campaign to stop the fascist British National Party (BNP) winning seats in the European parliament.

Stoke LMHR Festival acts are unveiled

Headline acts for the festival announced so far include N-Dubz, Reverend & The Makers, Jerry Dammers & special guests, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, VV Brown, Bashy, Helsinki (incorporating Babyshambles’ Drew McConnell and guests), Roll Deep and The Sport.

Anti-BNP campaign round up

Activists stop Nazi meeting

Police under pressure as more lies over G20 revealed

The police in Britain – and London’s Metropolitan Police in particular – are on the defensive over their handling of the G20 protests in London earlier this month.


Can South Africa’s elections bring change?

Why is this election causing so much excitement in South Africa?


Divisions at top can help our fight

What matters most – spending cash to rescue the banks and revive business confidence, or trying to stem Britain’s escalating public deficit?


‘Southall was under state occupation’ the day Blair Peach died

When the Nazi NF announced that that they were to hold a general election meeting at Southall town hall people in the area were sickened.

Dubious practices behind the closure of Visteon UK

Outsourcing is the business model that human resource managers love. It is what lies behind the sacking of around 600 workers at the Visteon car components company, which is a supplier to Ford, and countless other companies.

Chart showing how Visteon relates to Ford

Visteon UK’s boss: the bucks stop here

Steve Gawne is the managing director of Visteon UK. He was behind "Project Protea" and "Project Kennedy", the secret schemes to run down the Visteon plants from 2007 onwards.

How Visteon profited out of failure

Ford set up Visteon in 1997 and outsourced it in 2000. An internal Visteon UK document in the possession of Socialist Worker reveals the method underlying the outsourcing process.

Revolutions led to a new kind of society

England and Holland emerged as powers representing a new capitalist logic of production by the end of the 17th century.

Visteon: ‘Our weakness is that we don’t know our strength’

What happened to us could have happened to anyone. It just happened to be us.

Belfast bus workers stop work in support of Visteon

The ongoing occupation of the Belfast Visteon plant continues, despite attempts by KPMG, the administrators, to evict the workers.

Visteon Enfield: Spreading resistance

Delegations of Enfield Visteon workers have been out building support for their struggle.

Visteon Basildon: 'This is not just our battle'

"We’re in a fight we can’t afford to lose," says Trevor, one of the sacked workers from Visteon’s Basildon plant. "This is not just our battle. It has a knock-on effect for workers at other firms and people in the same boat as us."

Visteon - a jobs fight for all of us

Building solidarity for the continuing struggle of the sacked Visteon workers is a priority for every trade unionist in Britain.

Support the struggle at Visteon

Do a collection and take a group from your workplace or campaign to visit the Visteon plantsInvite a Visteon speaker to your workplace or organisation to publicise their fightJoin the national day of action on Saturday 25 April and organise a protest at your local Ford dealerRaise money through your union branchRush messages to <a href=""></a> or text to Kevin (Enfield) 07956 375 410, Frank (Basildon) 07535 417 418 or John (Belfast) 07816 590 380


Baghdad Of The Mind

Before the rise of Saddam Hussein and the Iraq war, Baghdad was a city of learning and culture, which inspired poets, writers and artists across the world.

Il Trovatore - Royal Opera House

Il Trovatore, one of Giuseppe Verdi’s best-loved operas, was composed in 1853 in the aftermath of the defeat of the 1848 European revolutions.

Reggie Perrin

As there are obviously no original ideas left at the BBC, the corporation has revived Reggie Perrin.

Forward Groove: how jazz and politics meld

Jazz music has always intertwined with developments in the real world. Chris Searle’s new book explores this by looking at specific recordings from the early years of jazz to the present. His infectious enthusiasm and love for the music rise off every page.

In The Loop - brilliant satire can’t match the total idiocy of reality

If you want to see a very funny film that targets all the right people with a scalpel-sharp script then don’t miss In The Loop. It is the big-screen version of the BBC’s The Thick Of It.

What We Think

Double standards on racism as leaders pour scorn

Western politicians and journalists were queuing up to denounce the speech delivered by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at the United Nations anti-racism conference earlier this week.

It’s time to demand the truth behind police lies is uncovered

The 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster has led to renewed calls for official documents relating to the day to be made public.

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David James Davis 1923-2009

Dave Davis, a lifelong campaigner for peace and socialism, has died at the age of 85 following a long illness.


Labour’s budget won’t improve life on the dole Will Alistair Darling offer anything for the soaring numbers of people thrown on the dole in the budget this week? I doubt it.

Quotes from the week’s news

‘I hoped we might go back to being a caring and progressive party. In the event I couldn’t have been more wrong’Former Labour MP Alice Mahon talks about her disillusion with New Labour

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