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Issue: 2150

Dated: 09 May 2009

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Ford-Visteon car workers say 'We Won!'

‘We set out to give Ford a bloody nose – and we did it.

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Profiteers helped to cause swine flu threat

The tabloid headlines over swine flu changed last week from "impending Armageddon" to stating "everything is fine after all".

Egyptian state provokes riots by slaughtering pigs

The Egyptian government’s plan to slaughter the country’s pigs as a response to swine flu provoked riots in the capital city of Cairo last Sunday.

Unions have to stand up in motor industry

The chaos across car manufacturing has deepened in the last week. Up to 850 jobs are at risk at the Birmingham-based LDV, with another 6,000 in danger in the supply chain.

Delphi workers must follow Visteon

You’ve worked for years for one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, seen your workplace transferred to a new company as part of an outsourcing drive and held your breath through the rounds of job cuts and wage reductions.

Conference to join up the struggles for work

The best follow-up to the Visteon result is to organise many more fightbacks over jobs.

Glasgow all-out strike still going

The five-month indefinite strike by Community Service Supervisors in the Unison union in Glasgow is putting the council under pressure.

New protest at Hackney army showroom

Anti-war campaigners in Hackney, east London, protested last Saturday against the army showroom at the Dalston Kingsland shopping centre.

Pay trouble in Welsh councils

Council workers in Wales are threatening to strike over a "derisory, insulting and inadequate" pay offer.

Firefighters reject shift rota changes

South Yorkshire Fire Brigades Union (FBU) members voted by three to one in a ballot last week to resist proposals by management to change their shift rotas.

May Day rallies

Thousands of people took part in the annual May Day marches and protests in many parts of Britain last weekend.

Liverpool protest against university cuts

Workers and students will be protesting in Liverpool this Saturday against management’s plans to make devastating cutbacks to courses at both Liverpool University and Liverpool John Moores University.

King’s College London meeting opposes redundancies

Over 120 people attended a meeting at King’s College London last week to discuss how to respond to the threat of redundancies.

London Met lecturers take the fight to the bosses

Lecturers at London Metropolitan university were to strike on Thursday of this week in protest at planned job cuts.

Victory over cuts at Doncaster

A concerted campaign by UCU and Unison union members has averted the threat of major job losses at Doncaster college.

Sally Hunt: Now the battle for jobs reaches the chalk face

Members of the University and College Union (UCU) in higher education have received ballot papers asking them to vote for strike action and action short of a strike.

Rail round-up

Jarvis Around 1,000 rail engineering workers in the RMT transport union at the contractor Jarvis took industrial action on Tuesday of this week against job cuts.

London Underground workers prepare for reballot

Some 10,000 RMT union members across London Underground and Transport for London are still preparing to begin their reballot for strike action over job losses, pay and management bullying.

Fighting school closures across Glasgow

Despite the shameful vote by the Labour-controlled council in Glasgow to close 22 primary and nursery schools, parents and campaigners vowed to continue the fight to defend their children’s education and communities.

Thousands on migrant workers' protest

Thousands of migrant workers and their supporters marched and rallied in central London last Monday, brought together under the campaign Strangers into Citizens.

Living Wage protest on May Day

On May Day 150 people marched around the Bloomsbury colleges in central London to demand the London living wage of £7.45 an hour for all the staff there.

Action can stop post privatisation

The crisis in the Labour government has opened up the issue of the privatisation of Royal Mail. While the opposition to the plan – which would see thousands of jobs lost – is growing. Labour seems determined to push ahead.

Construction deaths at work caused by sub-contracting

More than half of workers killed in construction last year were self-employed or worked for a company which employs five people or fewer, according to a new report.

Mike Rosen: Children are being tested to destruction

What goes on in primary schools is an intensely political matter. Two important things happened last week that highlight this fact.

Sri Lankan state’s terror assault on Tamils goes on

Four British Tamils began a new hunger strike on Friday of last week as part of the ongoing demonstration against the Sri Lankan government’s assault on the Tamils.

Step up the fight to stop the BNP

Anti-fascists were out in force over the May Day bank holiday weekend campaigning to stop the British National Party (BNP) from grabbing seats in the European elections on 4 June.

Stoke Love Music Hate Racism Festival will have a lasting impact

There are just three weeks to go until the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) festival in Stoke on Saturday 30 May.

Labour expenses row is hotting up

The row over MPs’ expenses just won’t go away.

Gordon Brown is in big trouble

Gordon Brown’s future as prime minister was again thrown into question last week as current and former cabinet ministers attacked him.

Police facing growing pressure over tactics

The Metropolitan Police Authority is under growing pressure over its operation around the G20 protests and the death of Ian Tomlinson shortly after he was pushed and assaulted by police in central London on 1 April.

Police stop and search of black people rises 322 percent in a year

Shocking statistics released by the home office last week revealed just how far stop and search is systematically used against black and Asian people.

Deaths in custody: ‘The police think they can walk all over people’

Samantha Rigg-David’s brother Sean Rigg died in police custody in Brixton, south London, on 21 August 2008.

Union activist campaigns for justice

Rob Williams, Unite union convenor at the Linamar (ex-Visteon) plant in Swansea, south Wales, is continuing to fight against his sacking, which took place on Tuesday of last week.

March for jobs in Birmingham on 16 May

Workers from across Britain will be descending on Birmingham on Saturday 16 May to join the Unite union’s national march for jobs.

Linamar bosses sack Rob Williams

Bosses at the Linamar plant in Swansea yesterday sacked Rob Williams, the union convenor and vice chair of the Natiopnal Shop Stewards Network (NSSN).

Solid strike against job cuts rocks London Met bosses

Lecturers at the London Metropolitan University struck today across campuses in north and east London against job cuts that will destroy the university if carried through.



Will the global economy recover?

The idea that the green shoots of economic recovery are sprouting everywhere has become entrenched among a layer of economic pundits. They cite the fact that the stock markets have been rising quite strongly.


Repression and consent

Capitalism is in crisis, destroying jobs around the world, leaving millions hungry and taking people’s homes. And capitalism is threatening to destroy the globe by creating irreversible climate change.

Afghanistan’s disasters of war

The Hydra in Greek mythology was a beast with nine heads. When one was cut off another two would grow in its place. This is an apt description of the West’s dilemma in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Stalemate in Helmand

Nothing illustrates the problems of the occupation more than the hapless misadventure of British troops in the Helmand province in southern Afghanistan.

Guy Smallman's photos: Misery in Kabul

Lessons of last Japanese slump

Japan is currently in its worst economic slump for 35 years.

Belfast Visteon workers discuss the deal

Ford-Visteon workers in Belfast have been occupying their plant for over five weeks after they were sacked with no notice and no redundancy pay at the end of March.

Victory at Visteon: ‘It’s been an unbelievable experience I’ll never forget’

Many of the workers fighting against Ford and Visteon were taking part in action for the first time. The experience has transformed them.

Were the workers led by donkeys?

Workers at Visteon have won a major victory in spite of their national union, Unite.

Protesting until they see the money

The offer that Visteon workers have wrenched from Ford marks a turning point for class struggle in Britain. It shows that workers can take on multinational corporations – even in the midst of a recession – and win.

Visteon workers beat corporate car giant

Visteon workers last week won a massive victory against Ford, one of the most powerful multinational companies in the world.

‘The solidarity was electrifying’

‘There will be two versions of how, in 28 days, 600 Visteon workers brought one of the world’s biggest firms to its knees.


Lohengrin - Royal Opera House

Richard Wagner’s operas represent the high point of German romanticism, a movement of protest against the alienation and fragmentation of the new industrial capitalism.

Rising Tide of Conformity - Peyoti for President

This debut album by Peyoti for President is a high energy attack on capitalism and war.

Ojos de Brujo - Aocana

In Caló, the language of the Roma, Techarí means "Free".

Two Plays for Gaza: a night to make people laugh, cry and rage at war

Some of Britain’s most celebrated playwrights and performers have joined together to put on an evening that will raise money and awareness for the people of Palestine and the anti-war movement.

What We Think

ID pilot scheme protest

These are turbulent times for the government’s deeply unpopular national ID card scheme.

A blow for wind farms

The largest manufacturer of wind turbines in the world is going to close its only factory in Britain. Is it because the company, Vestas, isn’t profitable? No – the firm’s quarterly profits have risen by 70 percent.

Iraq occupation leaves a trail of lies and misery

The end of the British occupation of southern Iraq was accompanied with the usual pomp and circumstance.

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Leon Kuhn: Forge the resistance

Tim: the world turned upside down!


Faslane’s nuclear leaks and madness must end Why, a logical person may ask, would the New Labour government even consider relocating Britain’s entire nuclear arsenal to the Faslane base, 30 miles from Glasgow?

Quotes on Visteon

"The government is putting too much money into negative things like ID cards and surveillance. Why not spend it on positive things?"Raymond Dixon , former shop steward at Visteon Enfield

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