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Issue: 1913

Dated: 07 Aug 2004

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New face of resistance

Turmoil hits Labour as Respect wins key seat in Tower Hamlets

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Workers’ happy hour at Famous Grouse

THERE WAS cheering, waving and much beeping of horns last Friday when over 340 GMB union members at the Edrington whisky group in Glasgow walked out on strike.

Labour's flaming contempt for firefighters

NEW LABOUR ministers and their stooge councillors have wrecked a national pay deal in order to pursue a vendetta against firefighters and their union.

Blair and Brown share ‘shameful’ record

INEQUALITY IN Britain today is much worse than when New Labour came to power—and that’s according to figures from a Blairite think-tank.

Scarlett’s golden nuggets melt down

JOHN SCARLETT, the spymaster responsible for "sexing up" intelligence about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, has been caught out pushing lies again.

Who says?

"The war in Iraq was useless. It caused more problems than it solved and it brought terrorism."

In Brief

Iraq carnage intensifies "THE AMERICAN-appointed ‘government’ controls only parts of Baghdad," reported the veteran journalist Robert Fisk last week. "Ayad Allawi, the ‘prime minister’, is little more than mayor of Baghdad."

Close down these ‘torture centres’

MORE THAN 200 people joined last Sunday’s protest at the Dungavel detention centre in South Lanarkshire, called by the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees.

Defend Council Housing

LABOUR’S National Policy Forum has embarrassed ministers by submitting a "minority motion" for debate at Labour’s conference in September.


"THE BALLOT is on, and now we have to deliver an overwhelming vote for action."

Anti-incinerator campaign

SLOUGH BOROUGH Council gave planning consent to Grundon Waste Management to build a new waste incinerator in Colnbrook four years ago.

Trade unionists mobilise for London

MORE THAN 180 trade union activists from across London and the south of England met at the TUC on Thursday of last week to launch a campaign to build union support for the European Social Forum (ESF).

In brief

Community very cross at Crossrail THE GOVERNMENT’S proposed Crossrail project could destroy the unique community around Brick Lane and Spitalfields in east London.

Conference showed mood for new policy

THE FATE of 1.2 million workers hangs in the balance.

A vote to stay out and reject company’s bribe

DRIVERS AT First Buses in South Yorkshire voted on Monday to continue their strike following a ballot on a new offer from the bosses.

Airport workers

A STRIKE ballot of 8,000 TGWU union members at key airports was due to start this week, prompting headlines about holiday misery and chaos.

Biggest march town has seen

ABOUT 5,000 people marched in Greenock, near Glasgow, last Saturday against proposals to downgrade Inverclyde Royal Hospital (IRH) and to close Ravenscraig Hospital.



Reasons to question Kerry

ANY LINGERING doubt that John Kerry would, as president of the United States, be anything but a good and loyal servant of US imperialism should have vanished on Thursday last week.

The ghosts of struggle haunt festival city

AUGUST IN Edinburgh. And as the global middle class descends on the Scottish capital for the International Festival and Fringe, it can seem that the entire city is nothing more than a bourgeois cultural playground.


Historic victory in London by-election

A HUGE cheer went up outside the election count as the full scale of Respect’s victory in Tower Hamlets, east London, became known.

New election challenge

JOHN BLOOM has just been selected as the Respect candidate in the Hartlepool parliamentary by-election which is expected this autumn.

Strike shows new spirit

CIVIL SERVICE workers defied the government and beat their own expectations with a rock-solid strike last week.

Victimised for backing the union

‘I HAVE been in the union for 15 years.

Venezuela on the brink of crisis

ON 15 August Venezuelans will vote in a referendum on the government of Hugo Chavez. But this is no ordinary vote. The atmosphere in the country is electric. And the divisions that separate supporters and opponents of Chavez run much deeper than a simple difference of political opinion.

New Labour guilty of anti-social behaviour

WHOLE COMMUNITIES are being criminalised—in the name of reducing crime.

Networking the picket lines

ALAN FROM Sheffield shows how Socialist Worker sales can link together struggles by groups of striking workers:

Vote for the lesser evil?

This article was written as the election for governor of California, between Ronald Reagan and the Democratic Party’s Edmund "Pat" Brown, had just finished. The 1968 presidential election was looming where the Republican Richard Nixon was to face Hubert Humphrey.

The corporate greed behind the superbugs

PILES OF rubbish, blood and vomit left on floors, filthy wards—that is the legacy of privatisation in Britain’s hospitals.

Rules rigged for the rich

A CATASTROPHE in the making for the poor. That’s the reality of the latest World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement.

Who's going to be the lesser evil in 1968?

IN 1968, when the presidential sweepstakes come up again, liberals all over the country are likely to face the California Syndrome. At the risk of sounding like a Californian, I'm referring to the political pattern that was acted out in the recent Brown-Reagan contest in that state-whose denizens have this in common with New Yorkers, that they tend to think that whatever is happening in their state is What's Happening. Sometimes it is.


See the world in new, exciting ways

THE EDINBURGH Festival is the biggest arts event in the world.

Taking arts to parts others can’t reach

THE EDINBURGH People’s Festival was set up two years ago by a diverse group of artists and political activists.

What We Think

Can Blair see what’s going on?

NOT EVEN 10 Downing Street can pretend that democracy is working in Britain. Just 59 percent of those eligible to vote did so at the last general election—the second lowest figure in Europe.

Other Categories

Respect’s votes have made history

THE VOTES received by Respect in the Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill by-elections (Socialist Worker, 24 July) really put Respect on the map.

Silvio plans Sardinian serenade for Blair

SILVIO BERLUSCONI, the hard-right Italian prime minister, has revealed that his chum Tony Blair will be spending two days at his Sardinian villa later this month.

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Thursday 25 August

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