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Issue: 2153

Dated: 30 May 2009

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Black and white unite - Stop the Nazi BNP

Life in Britain is hard for working class people. Unemployment has reached 2.2 million and continues to grow.

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Poverty for a generation as pension funds collapse

When the Daily Mail announces that "this is the worst time in living memory to retire" things must be bad.

Justice system is making criminals out of children

The planned closure of four secure children’s homes (SCHs) in England is part of a worrying trend that is putting more vulnerable children at risk of harm.

London demonstration 'kettles' police

Over 500 protesters held an angry march through central London last Saturday as part of the campaign against police violence.

Hypocrisy at heart of RBS

We own the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Gordon Brown used public funds to buy 70 percent of the bank.

Spending cuts will be severe

The wolves of international finance are circling around Gordon Brown’s government.

London march protests in defence of jobs and education

Hundreds of people marched down Holloway Road, north London, on Saturday of last week in protest at huge job cuts threatened in the area.

Mark Serwotka raises electoral challenge

Delegates at PCS conference took a historic decision to consult the union’s members on supporting trade union candidates in future elections.

PCS conference: union vows to fight for public services

The rage sweeping the working class in Britain over job cuts and the MPs’ expenses scandal was clear to see at the PCS civil service workers’ union conference in Brighton last week.

Lecturers to vote on Israeli boycott

The University and Colleges Union (UCU), which represents 120,000 lecturers in further and higher education across Britain, will debate whether to support a boycott of Israel at its annual congress this week.

Strike planned at Soas to defend victimised union activist

Unison union members at Soas in central London are set to strike on Thursday of this week in defence of their victimised branch chair, Joseph Stalin Bermudez.

Rotherham school walks out in academy protest

Students at a Rotherham school walked out on strike last week in protest against plans to turn it into an academy.

Edinburgh students protest against cuts

Students at Edinburgh University are campaigning against huge cuts to the modern languages department. The cuts could see up to £400,000 taken of the departments’ budget over the next two years. This would mean increased class sizes, the removal of certain languages from the syllabus and staff being laid off.

Eastbourne teachers strike to defend conditions

Teachers at Park College, Eastbourne, struck on Wednesday of last week against attacks on their terms and conditions.

Anti-academy strike in Tamworth

Teachers at five schools in Tamworth, Staffordshire, struck on Wednesday of last week against a planned academy in the area.

PCS conference: Fighting for pay and justice

The PCS civil service workers’ union conference in Brighton last week passed a raft of progressive policies committing the union to fighting against government attacks, and showing solidarity with other groups.

Signing up to the fight for the right to work

Workers, trade unionists, unemployed people and students are all mobilising for a major conference to fight for jobs.

Anger as minister makes U-turn on London Met job cuts inquiry

Campaigners defending jobs at London Metropolitan University are furious after the government reneged on its promise to hold an independent inquiry into the university’s finances.

MP parasites owe us millions

If you are a government minister you can avoid tax, double claim dubious expenses, have your council tax paid for you and do up your second home at public expense. It now has emerged that we have even paid for accountants to help MPs get the most out of the scams.

MPs are keeping it in the family

More than 200 MPs employ their relatives and have been able to claim extra expenses as a result.

The perks of resigning

A number of Tory MPs have graciously agreed to step down at the next election after acquiring fortunes in expenses.

Protesting over rubbish pay cuts

Unite union members in Dundee picketed their cleansing depot last Saturday. They are currently in dispute with Dundee City Council, which is saving money on wages by abolishing enhanced rates of pay for public holidays.

700 at Stop the War fundraiser

Over 700 people attended a fundraiser organised by the Stop the War Coalition at London’s Hackney Empire last week.

Glasgow strike enters 20th week

The Glasgow City Council Community Service Supervisors strike has entered its 20th week. On January 21 supervisors began indefinite action in a single status grading dispute.

Fight against militant’s sacking

A ballot for strike action is underway at the Linamar (ex-Visteon) plant in Swansea, south Wales, in defence of sacked Unite union convenor Rob Williams. The result of the ballot is due on Wednesday.

Independent left council candidate in Cambridge

Tom Woodcock is standing as an independent left wing candidate for the Romsey seat in Cambridge in the council elections on 4 June.

Socialist People’s Party stand in Barrow

Candidates for the Socialist People’s Party are out in force in Barrow, Cumbria, campaigning to be elected in the council elections on 4 June.

Dangerous result to construction strikes

Unofficial strikes involving thousands of construction workers on sites around Britain last week showed both the anger and the contradictions at the heart of the industry.

Isle of Grain dispute showed how to unite workers

Instead of narrow campaigns over "local" or British jobs, the model should be the dispute at the Isle of Grain site in Kent in March.

What next for construction strikes?

There is the possibility of more unofficial action on construction sites in early June.

Bristol bin workers strike

TfL dial a strike

More than 400 Dial-A-Ride drivers employed by Transport for London (TfL) held a solid strike for 24 hours on Friday of last week.

Labour pushes post privatisation

The Labour government is pushing ahead with privatisation in Royal Mail.

Don’t let law stop London Underground strike

The reballot of 10,000 RMT union members across London Underground and Transport for London for strike action against job losses, management bullying, and for decent pay was set to end on Thursday of this week.

Victoria Line tube workers strike over victimisation

Members of the RMT transport union on the Victoria Line of London Underground struck over the victimisation of union members for 24 hours from 9pm on Wednesday of last week.

BNP success would mean more violence and racism

Hundreds of right wing thugs, many wearing balaclavas and carrying anti-Muslim placards, went on the rampage through Luton last Sunday, intimidating local people and attacking Asian residents.

Fighting against the fascist threat across Britain

Anti-fascist campaigners are working flat out to stop the BNP making gains at next week’s European elections.

Pete Doherty to play Stoke festival

The News that Pete Doherty is to join the headline acts at the Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) Festival in Stoke this Saturday is a major boost to the campaign.

Jack Straw: double claim graphic


Sri Lanka: Horror of massacre of Tamils emerging

Evidence showing the Sri Lankan military’s savage behaviour in the last days of its offensive against the Tamil Tigers is mounting.

West's hypocrisy over North Korea's nuclear weapons

The West has condemned the recent test firing of a nuclear warhead by North Korea, warning of "tough measures" against the state.

Pakistan refugees face deepening crisis

The offensive by the Pakistani military against insurgents in the Swat Valley has created a refugee crisis.

Hugo Chavez faces his demons in Venezuela

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has announced that a number of multinational metal companies are to be nationalised. This follows the government take over of several oil companies, ports, airports and some food producing firms.

A new freedom song is ringing for indigenous rights in Latin America

The indigenous peoples of Latin America were once seen as passive and resigned to the exploitation they have suffered for so long.


Is expenses row a 'very British revolution'?

Around Westminster and along Whitehall stand the statues of political and military figures that the British ruling class have thought it worth commemorating.

Child abuse that links the Catholic Church and Irish state

The report of the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, published in Dublin last week, is the map of an Irish hell. In devastating detail it reveals the systematic abuse of tens of thousands of children perpetuated by the Catholic Church – with the knowledge and collusion of the state.


Trotsky, united fronts and workers’ struggle

In February 1934, in the wake of a huge financial scandal, fascists in France led an attack on the country’s parliament.

Democratic deficit: parliament and democracy

Britain’s famous parliament building overlooks the Thames, its gothic permanence supposedly representing the timelessness of the "mother of all parliaments".

Paul Foot: How capitalism corrupts Labour politicians

The history of the twentieth century in Britain has shown that whenever a Labour government in parliamentary office has found itself in conflict with the class wielding economic and industrial power, the government has been resisted, humiliated or defeated, usually all three.

What would socialist democracy look like?

Most politicians and journalists talk as though the only possible sort of democracy is parliament, so all we can do is patch up a decrepit system. The history of the socialist movement shows that there is a different tradition of democracy.


Rank: Portraits of inequality

The new exhibition, Rank: Picturing the Social Order 1516-2009, is a rich exploration of social hierarchy, division and inequality.

Ghetto Biennale: A Salon des Refusés for the 21st century

The Sculptors of Grand Rue district of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, plan to hold their first "Ghetto Biennale" in December.

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Helen Shooter 1968–2009

Comrades will be saddened to hear of the death of Helen Shooter aged 40. She died of cancer which was first diagnosed three years ago.

Tim: voter-friendly image


Expenses are our cash I would like to start by saying that I am no political genius or great activist. I am just an everyday working class mother.

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"Catch these anti-democratic idiots and get them sacked."BNP leader Nick Griffin on postal workers refusing to deliver Nazi election leaflets

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