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Issue: 2163

Dated: 08 Aug 2009

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Vestas workers vow to fight on

Workers at the Vestas wind turbine factory in Newport, Isle of Wight, have now been occupying their plant for more than two weeks against closure. The company got a court order on Tuesday for their eviction, but a group of workers have vowed to defy it. Vestas worker and occupier Ian Terry spoke to Socialist Worker immediately after the court judgement:

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Edinburgh bin workers defy union busters

Edinburgh council attempted to use contract labour to break a crucial industrial dispute by refuse workers. But it failed.

All-out strike to hit Glasgow

Around 1,300 council workers in Glasgow are set to begin an all-out strike on Monday of next week.

Rolling action to hit Enterprise-Liverpool

Some 600 workers at Enterprise-Liverpool, the private company responsible for street cleaning and maintenance in the city, are set to strike for an hour a day every day from Tuesday of next week. They are in dispute over pay and conditions.

Keeping up the fight for jobs at Johnnie Walker

The Fight for the Right to Work campaign organised a successful public meeting in Kilmarnock last week to take the fight to save jobs at the Johnnie Walker whisky plant, which is owned by Diageo, into the town.

Afghanistan crisis deepens as Labour’s lies unravel

The government has hailed its recent bloody offensive in the Helmand province of Afghanistan a "success"—despite the high death toll for soldiers and civilians.

Army charges soldier who refuses to fight in Afghanistan

The British army charged Lance Corporal Joe Glenton with desertion at the preliminary hearing of his court martial this week.

Iraq inquiry aims to let warmongers off the hook

In mid-June Gordon Brown announced that there would be a "non-judgmental", behind-closed-doors inquiry into the Iraq war, conducted by hand-picked insiders.

Fresh evidence in torture case

New evidence has emerged in the case of Binyam Mohamed, a former terror suspect who says he was interrogated and tortured with the complicity of MI5.

A second South Yorkshire bus strike against First pay freeze

Bus drivers at First South Yorkshire are to strike on Saturday in their fight against a pay freeze.

London protest to demand bus bosses pay

Bus workers from across London were set to protest on Wednesday of this week as part of a campaign for central pay bargaining.

Reports round-up

Greenwich picket against cuts by Lynne Chamberlain

Jobs saved at Trinity Mirror after threat of action

Members of the NUJ journalists’ union at Trinity Mirror’s West Midlands titles called off a strike set for Thursday of last week after securing an agreement meaning that there will be no compulsory redundancies.

Defending the union at Carphone Warehouse

CWU union members and other activists leafleted more than 50 Carphone Warehouse shops across Britain last week.

Campaign keeps Lewisham Bridge School open

Campaigners in Lewisham, south east London, have won an important victory in their campaign to save Lewisham Bridge Primary School.

Battle hots up in the FBU

Essex firefighters in the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) have voted overwhelmingly for action short of a strike in opposition to cuts in frontline crews.

Fighting attacks on pay and pensions at Fujitsu

The campaign against a pay freeze and the closure of the main final salary pension scheme to existing members at IT giant Fujitsu enters a new phase this week.

Immigration officers' strike looms

More than 1,200 immigration officers in the PCS union are set to strike on Friday of this week over job content, working practices and shift patterns.

Solid strike at National Express East Anglia

Members of the Aslef and RMT transport unions working for National Express East Anglia struck on Thursday and Friday of last week, severely disrupting the company’s train services.

London Underground workers demand more strikes

London Underground workers are demanding that their RMT union calls further strike dates in their ongoing campaign against job cuts, bullying management and for better pay.

Construction workers ballot about to start

More than 2,000 engineering construction workers in the Unite and GMB unions at seven petrochemical plants and power stations are set to vote for an official strike over jobs.

Nazi thugs' threats won't stop protest at BNP hate-fest

"We won’t be intimidated by Nazi thugs—we will step up our campaign to build a mass movement to drive back the fascists."

BNP hate fuels racist attacks

A series of racist attacks in areas where the fascist British National Party (BNP) has a presence has underlined how the BNP gives confidence to racist thugs—and leads to violent assaults.

Brummies to take on racists

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) supporters in the West Midlands are to join forces with local Muslims in Birmingham city centre on Saturday of this week to protest against racist thugs who are planning to hold an "anti-Muslim demonstration" on that day.

Vestas occupation: A beacon for all workers

Vestas workers are continuing their inspirational struggle for jobs and justice.

Workers of the world back the struggle at Vestas

The solidarity shown by workers and trade unionists across Britain and internationally has been a real source of strength for the Vestas workers.

A company in the money

In 2008 Vestas’s global profits increased by 51 percent to £575 million.

'I want the government to nationalise Vestas'

‘This experience has had a very positive effect on people.

'I'm so proud of my dad'

‘I support what the workers are doing 100 percent. There are hardly any job vacancies on the whole island—what’s going to happen if over 600 people lose their jobs?

Brutal police assault on Thomas Cook workers in Dublin

bosses and the Irish government have launched an appalling assault on workers fighting for their jobs.

Bankers splash our cash on their fat bonuses

Champagne corks are popping once more in the City of London as bankers celebrate their whopping bonuses.

Thatcher can teach us

The 30th anniversary of the Tories coming to power in 1979 has provided few consolations, except for the fact of Thatcher’s imminent demise.

Battle intensifies as post strikes spread

The dispute between postal workers in the CWU union and their Royal Mail bosses is becoming more bitter by the day. Strikes are set to take place across much of Britain over the next week.

Trade unions and campaigns to take protests to Labour conference

Campaigners are organising to mobilise the biggest possible turnout for a mass protest at the Labour Party conference in Brighton on Sunday 27 September.

Day of fierce fighting at occupied South Korean car factory

The attack began at dawn today and lasted until late afternoon. Under a hail of metal bolts and stones from Ssangyong company thugs, liquid tear gas dropped from police helicopters, incessant loud music and an all-out assault by police commandos armed with steel pipes and taser guns, the occupying workers at the Ssangyong auto factory in Pyongtaek, South Korea, have held out for one more day.

Bus workers occupy Transport for London office

London bus workers in the Unite union created a stir by invading Transport For London’s (TFL) office in Southwark today as part of a protest demanding central pay bargaining across all the city’s bus operators.

Pictures of London bus protest

For videos of the protest go to <a href="">&raquo;</a> and <a href="">&raquo;</a>

Eviction notice served: Protest to defend the Vestas occupation

Bailiffs acting on behalf of the Vestas management have served workers occupying the company’s plant in the Isle of Wight with papers of eviction, which will come into force at 12noon tomorrow.

Vestas occupation ends but the struggle continues

The Vestas occupation ended just after noon today after two and a half weeks when bailiffs went into the factory to enforce an eviction order. The defiant workers who had been sitting-in to save their plant and jobs were given a heroes’ welcome by their hundreds of supporters outside the factory. The workers have vowed to fight on.

Inspiring London meeting sees Vestas day of action gather pace

Trade unionists and activists gathered at Soas in London on Friday evening to share stories from the recent wave of occupations and discuss the next steps for the growing resistance.

Vestas workers' march shows the fight for jobs goes on

Over 250 Vestas workers, supporters and activists gathered in St Thomas's Square in Newport, the Isle of Wight, today to show Vestas management and the government that their campaign for jobs and justice for Vestas workers is far from over.


Afghan MP speaks out against Western occupation

Anti-war Afghan MP Malalai Joya addressed a 300-strong Stop the War Coalition meeting at Conway Hall in central London recently.

Betrayals behind South Africa's protests

The images on our TV screens of jubilant South Africans at football’s Confederations Cup in June have been quickly replaced by those of South Africans burning tyres and building barricades.

'We don't want the capitalists' agenda'

Three weeks ago, I stumbled across a construction workers’ strike in Rosebank, a smart district in Johannesburg.

International round-up

Israel removes Palestinians from their homes Israeli police officers evicted a number of Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem last Sunday. Police dumped their belongings in the street in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.


Honduras: An imperial coup

Imperialism is a term often associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is less frequently used in the context of Latin America, where the roles of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank are more often considered features of "globalisation" or "neo-colonialism".

Should we support assisted suicide?

The media are tying themselves in knots following last week’s Law Lords judgement on the case of Debbie Purdy, a multiple sclerosis sufferer and campaigner for a change in the law over assisted suicide.


Busting the racist myths: how migrants give more than they take

Right wing newspapers and politicians constantly attack migrant workers and immigrants as a drain on Britain’s resources. But a new report has exposed the myth of "sponging immigrants" and shows how migration is a benefit to the economy.

Locked up in detention centres for no crime

Detention centres are a place of misery for anyone who has fallen victim to Britain’s punitive immigration system.

A meagre allowance of benefits

Asylum seekers have become the first group reliant on state benefits to see their already meagre allowance slashed so that the Home Office can balance its books.

Family living in fear of deportation

The case of the Iloba family shows the government’s ruthless attitude towards asylum seekers.

Protest in support of deported cleaner

Family members, trade unionists and supporters protested outside the Willis building in central London on Friday of last week against the arrest and deportation of cleaners.

Workers can stop the rise of fascist parties

Socialists use different strategies and tactics to fight the capitalists, depending on the situation we face. Whatever kind we use, our intention is always to weaken our rulers and strengthen the working class.


The Martyrs who started us off on the long road to freedom

The release of Comrades, an epic film about the Tolpuddle Martyrs, on DVD 23 years after it was made is great news for people who have been unable to see it until now.

Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen

With the threat of swine flu on many people’s minds, it is a particularly apt moment for the Spanish Flu: The Forgotten Fallen drama to appear.

Subterrania photographs by Fiona Crisp

This new exhibition showcases Crisp’s large-scale photos of early Christian catacombs, a Second World War underground hospital in Guernsey and a lead mining museum at Killope, County Durham.

Tell It Like It Is: Guns, Doves and Bloody Roads gigs

Jazz singer Barb Jungr is renowned for her unique vocal style, approach to arrangements and interpretation of song.

Let The Right One In

Oskar is a shy, lonely adolescent boy, who is bullied at school.

Miss Balanço

Clara Moreno’s new album Miss Balanço is a return to the rootsy "Sambalanço"—samba with dancing. It evokes the steamy old-school clubs of Lapa, Rio de Janerio.

What We Think

How can we win?

The occupation of the Vestas factory should be an inspiration to all of us under attack in the recession.

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Jim Kirk 1961–2009

Jim Kirk, aged 48, died on 26 July. Jim was a socialist all of his adult life. Initially he was involved in CND and then became an active member of Manchester SWP in his 20s and 30s.


Camberwell tragedy shows the need for good council housing

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