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Issue: 2167

Dated: 05 Sep 2009

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A generation betrayed by New Labour

Mass youth unemployment has returned to Britain in a way not seen since the worst days of Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government of the 1980s.

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Climate Camp protesters swoop on London

Hundreds of climate activists gathered in London last week to build a Camp for Climate Action on the edge of the city.

Climate campers ask: how do we change the world?

The workshops and discussion groups that were the key focus of this year’s camp saw real arguments about how to take the movement forward.

Socialist Worker launches financial appeal

Socialist Worker is at the heart of the resistance in Britain. We have thrown our weight behind the workers who occupied their factories in the fight to save jobs at Visteon, Vestas and Prisme, reporting and supporting their struggles.

Civil service worker sacked for petition

Jobcentre Plus worker Mark Anthony France has been sacked for organising a petition calling on his local MP Julie Kirkbride, who has been mired in the expenses scandal, to stand down.

Deal but no deal for airport workers

Baggage handlers at Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester airports last week voted to strike after their employer, Swissport, reneged on a two-year pay deal.

Out to stop job cuts at Manchester College

Lecturers at Manchester College struck again on Thursday of last week in their campaign to reverse course cuts and redundancies.

Refuellers at Manchester airport strike

Workers at the firm ASIG, who provide refuelling services at Manchester airport, struck on Bank Holiday Monday.

Dublin Marine Terminals strike in eighth week

Dockers in Dublin are into to the eighth week of strike action against job cuts at one of Whittakers’ companies, Marine Terminals Limited (MTL).

John Lennon Airport workers come together to beat bosses

Some 150 Servisair workers at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport are on all-out strike.

Tamworth school strikes continue

Teachers in the NUT and ATL unions in Tamworth, Staffordshire, are set to strike on Wednesday 16 September in defence of democratically accountable community education.

Barnsley College vote to strike against attacks

UCU union members at Barnsley College have voted by 76 percent in favour of strike action against redundancies and College restructuring.

One hour refuse strikes in Liverpool

About 600 refuse workers at Enterprise Liverpool are staging a series of daily one-hour daily strikes over pay and conditions.

Leeds council’s proposal is rubbish

An all-out strike of some 600 refuse workers at Leeds city council is set to begin on Monday of next week.

Drivers demand bus bosses play fair on pay

Greedy bosses at a number of bus companies are provoking a series of disputes with workers over pay.

First Aberdeen vote to resume strike

Bus workers at First Aberdeen have voted overwhelmingly to reject two pay offers from management and to resume strike action.

London bus pay dispute coming to a head

A series of pay disputes at bus companies across London are coming to a head and offer the chance of coordinated strike action.

Youth and community workers: ‘Coventry cuts will hit our clubs’

Youth and community workers for Coventry council last week protested against £360,000 of cuts which will hit some of the most vulnerable young people in the city.

Strike threat to bring action to stations

A series of local firefighters’ disputes are hotting up with ballots for strike action in both South Yorkshire and Merseyside, and continuing industrial action in London and Essex.

Visteon strike over broken agreement

Some 70 Unite union members at Visteon Engineering Services (VES) in Chelmsford, Essex, began a second three-day strike on Tuesday of last week in a dispute over the company’s refusal to honour a pay a 5.25 percent pay rise.

Fighting the construction blacklist

Some 20 construction workers in the Unite union protested against blacklisting at the Rock Triangle project in Bury, on Thursday of last week.

Barrow gas terminal workers battle for national agreement

Workers at a Barrow gas terminal are continuing an all-out strike to demand a pay increase.

Mail strike prepares to go national

The wave of strikes at Royal Mail is entering a crucial period.

Is Stoke strike being ‘sold out’?

Mail centre workers in Stoke-on-Trent have voted to suspend their indefinite strike after national leaders of their CWU union strongly recommended that they return to work.

Unofficial walkout hits Dundee

Around 125 postal workers at Dundee East delivery office, in the west of Scotland, walked out unofficially for 24 hours last week after bosses sacked a colleague.

On the post picket line in Bognor Regis

Workers at Bognor Regis delivery office took two days of strike action last week. We have 118 staff at our office, and not a single one of them worked – other than the managers.

All-out strike at Tower Hamlets College can win

Workers at Tower Hamlets College, east London, are taking all-out, indefinite strike action to defend jobs and education.

Fujitsu workers lead pensions fight

Unite and PCS union members at IT services giant Fujitsu have voted overwhelmingly to strike in national consultative ballots that closed last week.

Sedgemoor Splash occupiers: ‘We want a swimming pool, not a Tesco’

Protesters occupied Sedgemoor Splash swimming pool in Bridgwater, Somerset for 24 hours last week against council plans to bulldoze it – and sell the land to Tesco.

Vestas day of action has wind in its sails

Former Vestas wind turbine workers are calling on trade unionists, campaigners and climate activists to join a day of action planned for Thursday 17 September.

Defend the Harrow mosque

"We won’t let racists or fascists divide us." That is the message from Harrow, west London, in response to plans by racist thugs in the English Defence League (EDL) to hold an anti-Muslim protest at Harrow Central Mosque on Friday 11 September.

Man kidnapped after BNP hate campaign

A Muslim man from Loughton in Essex who was kidnapped at knifepoint last week says he believes the British National Party (BNP) is to blame for inspiring the hate campaign against him.

Heavy policing at Notting Hill Carnival

Lockerbie: Britain’s backroom oil deals over innocent man

The release of Abdelbaset Ali al‑Megrahi, the man wrongly convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, has created a storm of controversy over why he was let out and who ordered his release.

US general admits Afghan occupation is facing defeat

"We are like the bull that repeatedly charges a matador’s cape – only to tire and eventually be defeated by a much weaker opponent."

Join the protest at Labour’s conference

‘It’s vital that students show their rage at Labour.

Unofficial bus strike wins results

Bus drivers at Edgware garage in north west London won a stunning victory this morning (Saturday) after walking out over rota changes.


The NPA: a new atmosphere on the French left

‘The NPA’s Summer University marked the huge step forward taken by the revolutionary left in France over the last year.

Japan's election shows historic demand for change

Last Sunday’s general election in Japan delivered a landslide victory for the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and an unprecedented defeat for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which has ruled the country almost continuously for 50 years. The DPJ won 308 lower house seats to the LDP’s 119.

Sri Lanka’s anti-Tamil crimes continue

Though the civil war in Sri Lanka has officially ended, two recent events show that the danger for the country’s Tamil minority remains.


Indian ‘village’ people demand change

I have recently returned from India where I split my time between the city of Chennai (formerly Madras) and the fishing village of Kasimode.

Tobin tax bombshell splits ruling class

Lord Adair Turner, chair of the banking regulator the Financial Services Authority (FSA), shocked the establishment last week by backing the idea of a "Tobin tax".


Got to get rid of the super-rich

Talk of a return to the 1930s fills most of us with dread – conjuring up the spectre of mass unemployment and economic devastation. But for the rich, it recalls an era of gross wealth for a tiny minority.

The current crisis is a test for the left

When Lehman Brothers, the fourth biggest bank in the world, went under on 15 September 2008, the economic storm became a tsunami. Such was the scale of the crisis that some political commentators described capitalism itself as being on the verge of collapse.

Outbreak of the Second World War: Who were the ‘guilty men’?

Prime minister Neville Chamberlain broadcast that Britain was in a state of war with Germany at 11.12am on 3 September 1939. The Second World War had begun two days earlier when the German dictator, Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland.

Stalin’s unholy alliance with Hitler

When German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop arrived in Moscow in August 1939 to meet his Russian counterpart, Russian dictator Joseph Stalin turned out to greet him.

The peasants’ revolt shook England's rulers

The Climate Camp descended onto Blackheath in south east London last week. Activists chose this piece of common land because of a tradition of radical events taking place there, most famously the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381.


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Delivering solidarity to striking postal workers Myself and other officers from our student union joined postal workers from Stoke on Trent on their picket line last week. We did so because we realise that students and workers share the same enemy.

The week in quotes

"The only way to reduce violence in Mexico, Brazil or anywhere else is to legalise the production, supply and consumption of all drugs." Maria Lúcia Karam, a former judge who has joined the advocacy group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition on the turn against the US backed war on drugs in Latin America

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