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Issue: 2186

Dated: 30 Jan 2010

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Tony Blair is guilty of mass murder

Sabah Jawad from Iraqi Democrats Against the Occupation

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Socialist Worker appeal reaches £150,000 target

Our annual appeal has reached its target this week. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed.

EDL Stoke rampage must never happen again

More than 1,200 supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) went on a violent rampage through Hanley in Stoke-on-Trent, last Saturday.

Multiracial demonstration opposes EDL in Stoke

The EDL did not go unchallenged. A counter protest of around 500 students, trade unionists and local people – black, white and Asian – turned out to counter the EDL.

Nipping Nick Griffin’s Barking election hopes in the bud

The campaign to halt Nazi Nick Griffin’s ambition of winning a seat in the general election took off last Sunday. The BNP leader plans to stand in Barking, east London.

Build support for Yunus Bakhsh

Victimised union activist Yunus Bakhsh needs to raise funds for legal representation at his employment tribunal against his former employer, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust. The tribunal is due to take place in March.

Tamil exiles hold vote

Tamils exiled from Sri Lanka are holding a referendum on self determination. Tamils in Britain will vote this weekend

Premier strike suspended

Two days of strike action planned by workers at Premier Foods in Wisbech were called off this week.

Unison attacks NEC member

Unison union national executive member John McDermott is facing a union disciplinary hearing on 16 and 17 February in Leeds.

Teachers' unions to ballot against Sats

The NUT and NAHT unions will go ahead with a joint ballot to boycott Sats tests for 11 year olds.

Leeds University fight builds union

The fight to save jobs at the University of Leeds has led to a massive rise in membership of the UCU union.

Photographers protest for civil liberties

Around 2,000 photographers protested in Trafalgar Square last Saturday at the use anti-terror laws to stop and search them.

Fujitsu strikes to escalate

Fujitsu workers are escalating their fight for jobs, pay and pensions with five more days of strike action set to take place.

Anti Academies Alliance roadshow launched

The Anti Academies Alliance (AAA) launched a national education "road show" at its annual general meeting in London on Saturday of last week.

Construction protest planned for London

The GMB and Unite unions are planning a protest demonstration in London on 3 February.

Unison union elections

Dave Prentis, the Unison union general secretary, has called an election to "renew his mandate".

Right to Work conference: Be part of the new wave of resistance

Get to Manchester this Saturday if you want to fight for jobs, stop the cuts, and don’t think workers should pay for the bosses’ crisis.

Media witch-hunt of Muslim LSE postgraduate teacher continues

There has been no let up in the media witch-hunt of Reza Pankhurst, a postgraduate teacher at the London School of Economics (LSE).

‘We told the bosses we’d escalate if they didn’t meet our demands’

One of the main aims of the conference is to learn from successful workers’ struggle. Unison union members at North Devon Hospital have won a massive victory in their fight for sick pay and fair terms.

Paddy Hill talks to tube workers about miscarriages of justice

Miscarriage of justice victims spoke out at a meeting hosted by tube workers this month.

PCS national ballot starts next week

Around 270,000 civil service workers are to vote from next week on striking over redundancy terms.

Civil service workers ballot suspended

The PCS civil service workers’ union has suspended a strike ballot of 5,000 members after managers offered two weeks of talks on their future.

Hewlett Packard IT workers strike

More than 1,000 PCS union members at Hewlett Packard struck on Friday of last week over pay and job losses.

Meeting to mark Invasion Day

26 January is Australia Day, or what indigenous rights activists prefer to call Invasion Day. British colonialism brought dispossession and destruction to indigenous people – and this still very much part of the daily reality of indigenous Australians.

Rail round-up

London signal workers to strike Signal workers on London Underground have voted by 90 percent to strike.

Fighting the council cuts now

Glasgow Over 100 trade unionists and activists came to a meeting on Saturday of last week to support Glasgow City Unison’s "Defend Glasgow Services" campaign.

Blair and Brown have blood on their hands

The real legacy of the war in Iraq has been exposed this week.

Anti-war rally on eve of London protests

Three days of activity against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began with a 200-strong public meeting in central London tonight, Wednesday.

Afghanistan: London conference will not stabilise the 'good war' gone bad

Protesters were to make their opposition to the war in Afghanistan clear at a meeting of world leaders in London this week.

Exposed: secrets of the British Airways scab 'union'

A scab "union" has been set up at British Airways to undermine the cabin crew’s strike ballot.

Fire strikes suspended in South Yorkshire

Firefighters in South Yorkshire have suspended the eight days of strikes they had planned from tomorrow (Wednesday) after an offer of talks.

Students and lecturers protest against cuts

Bailed-out bankers are getting bumper bonuses

The banks are set to announce "profits" of up to £25 billion—and pay out huge bonuses to top bankers.

Rich can go to front of the queue

Millionaires are to be offered fast-track visas under new government plans.

Tories’ prison ship plan

The Conservatives have a plan to appeal to the floating voter—they want to bring back prison ships.

Blair Peach coroner’s bias

The incredible bias of the coroner in the Blair Peach case is revealed in new documents.

Huge rise in number of children in severe poverty

Child poverty in Britain was rocketing even before the recession, new research has shown.

Councils to impose wage freeze on the lowest paid

More than a million council workers will be told to take a pay freeze this year.

Gaza protesters face trials

The cases against people relating to the demonstrations in support of Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009 are continuing.

Attempt to ban protest outside Tony Blair’s appearance at Iraq inquiry

The government is attempting to prevent a legitimate peaceful protest outside the QEII conference centre on 29 January when Tony Blair gives evidence to the Iraq inquiry.

Left coalition prepares for election

The left is discussing the forces that will come together in an alternative to Labour at the general election.

Protesters greet warmongers’ London Afghanistan conference

A lively anti-war protest greeted world leaders as they drove into the London conference on Afghanistan this morning.

Army drops several major charges against Joe Glenton

The army has dropped the some significant charges against Joe Glenton, the British soldier who refused to fight in Afghanistan.

Anti-fascist assaulted outside BNP court case

An anti-fascist was assaulted outside the central London county court on Thursday while protesting against Nazi British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin.

Tony Blair’s judgement day starts at Chilcot inquiry

Hundreds of people protested outside the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war this morning as Tony Blair arrived to give evidence.

Coventry care home workers occupy for wages

Workers at a Coventry private care home, which is closing down, are sitting-in demanding that they are paid the wages owed to them. Five workers at Links Home in Radford have been at the site since 9.30am

Over 900 attend Right to Work conference

Trade unionists, students, unemployed workers, pensioners and migrant workers came together in a show of solidarity and unity today.

Activists’ diary

Wednesday 27 JanuaryAfghanistan – why we should get out, Stop the War/CND public meeting, 7pm, Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, London WC1H 9DB.Thursday 28 JanuaryBlockade Gordon Brown’s Afghanistan war conference. Called by Stop the War and CND. Assemble 8.30am, Lancaster House, Stable Yard, St James’s, London SW1A 1BB. Friday 29 January Tony Blair’s Judgement Day at the Iraq inquiry from 8am. Stop the War protest, QE2 Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster SW1P 3EE.Saturday 30 JanuaryRight to Work conference of resistance and


Is Obama really taking on the US bankers?

"Never again will the American taxpayer be held hostage by a bank that is too big to fail. If these folks want a fight, it’s a fight I’m ready to have."


Doncaster children failed by neglect and political inertia

The Edlington case has reopened the debates around the nature of childhood, "broken Britain", and the role of the state in keeping children safe.

Existing even after catastrophe

The Nakba, or "catastrophe", of 1948 saw the creation of the state of Israel by the forced expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes.

Chilcot whitewash brings out the dirt

The Chilcot inquiry was set up to whitewash the Labour government’s lies over the 2003 Iraq war. But it isn’t all going to plan.


How could Haiti win its freedom?

The people of Haiti have a powerful record of resistance. They have fought back even in the most appalling conditions – from the great slave rebellion in the 1790s, to the movement that destroyed the brutal regime of "Baby Doc" Duvailer in the 1980s.

Photographer Jess Hurd reports from Haiti

I travelled to Port-au-Prince with a group of Haitians living in the US and the Dominican Republic.

Hell in Haiti as aid turns to occupation

For all the talk of aid, ordinary people in Haiti are still waiting for basic supplies – and many have had nothing. Geographer Kenneth Hewitt coined the term "classquake" when examining the 1976 earthquake in Guatemala, because of the accuracy with which it hit the poor.

Young people stuck on the dole - and it’s worse if you’re black

Nearly half of young black people in Britain are unemployed. This stark figure comes in a new report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think-tank.


Three novels of Haiti by Madison Smartt Bell

The great Haitian revolution of 1791-1803 is one of the most inspiring events in world history. And it is central to understanding what has happened to Haiti since.

A Prophet

A Prophet is a powerful new prison drama from the director of Read My Lips and the Oscar-winning The Beat That My Heart Skipped.

Ian Hawkey: How Africans used sport to challenge colonialism

Many commentators reject any link between sport and politics. Why don’t you?

What We Think

Mass action and class fight can beat the Nazis

Supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) and the British National Party (BNP) laid siege to Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, last Saturday.

Where’s the economic recovery for workers?

Britain’s recession has officially ended—by the narrowest possible statistical margin. The economy grew by just 0.1 percent in the three months to December.

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Danger on the tracks I work for Network Rail. The company is going to impose changes to terms and conditions that will have a major impact on workers’ lives. Maintenance workers are feeling grim.

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"I have supported the Labour Party in the past but I feel incredibly disillusioned and let down, by Tony Blair in particular, since he took us into a war—which cost so many lives—on a lie."

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