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Issue: 2190

Dated: 27 Feb 2010

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‘We won’t let these EDL racists riot again’

The racist English Defence League (EDL) wants to riot against Muslims in Bolton on Saturday 20 March.

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Bus drivers strike in Wales for a pay rise

Bus drivers in North Wales have voted by 77 percent for strikes.

Black cab makers walk out in Coventry

Over 100 workers at Coventry’s black cab maker LTI held a meeting and brief unofficial stoppage last week.

Care home workers march against privatisation

Around 300 care home workers and their supporters marched through Port Talbot in South Wales to protest against privatisation last week.

Hospital activists get their bus back

Health campaigners in Surrey and Sussex are celebrating two victories.

Fighting the council cuts

Workers in Birmingham were set to protest against up to 2,000 job cuts as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Brighton protest to save university nursery

Some 70 nursery workers, parents, children, students and supporters protested on Monday at plans to close Brighton university’s nursery.

Manchester students stop Israeli ambassador's visit

Israel’s deputy ambassador, Talya Lador-Fresher, cancelled her planned visit to Manchester University hours before she was due to speak to a group last Thursday.

PCS continues talks over contact centre workers

Talks are continuing between the PCS civil service workers’ union and Department for Work and Pensions bosses in the dispute over conditions in contact centres.

Disputes in London housing associations

Disputes have broken out at a number of housing associations across London. At some, contractors competing for council business move support workers from firm to firm, making sweeping changes to working hours and methods.

TUSC selects more socialist election candidates

Workers, students and other activists in Tottenham, north London, met on Monday to select Jenny Sutton as their candidate in the upcoming election.

NUT teachers' union left organises for elections

Elections are coming up for the national executive committee of the NUT teachers’ union.

Climate campaigners meet for AGM

The Campaign Against Climate Change (CACC) held its AGM in London last weekend.

Milford Haven workers suspend strikes

Workers in the Unite union at Milford Haven port in South Wales suspended a strike set for Tuesday of this week.

Vote no on South Yorkshire fire deal

Firefighters in South Yorkshire are voting on a deal reached in talks between bosses and the FBU union.

Workers' verdict on deal due at Fujitsu

Unite union members at the Fujitsu Services IT company were voting on a new deal on jobs, pay and pensions this week. The workers have taken ten days of strikes since December in the battle.

Paul Holmes: ‘We need a rank and file general secretary’

Why are you standing for general secretary?

Rumours of a shoddy deal in the post

Speculation about a deal in Royal Mail are sweeping through the workforce. This follows the local and national strikes last year, which were choked off by the union executive in November.

Private firm to run NHS hospital

Bosses of global healthcare firms were licking their lips this week as the government prepared to hand the running of an NHS hospital to a private company.

Whittington campaign: ‘We’re taking to the streets for our hospital’

"This demonstration is going to be big – a lot of people who have never marched before are going to be on the streets to save our hospital this Saturday."

BA cabin crew: huge vote for strikes

Over 80 percent of British Airways (BA) cabin crew have voted for strikes to defend jobs.

Barking: The battle to stop the BNP's Nick Griffin

A battle is taking place in Barking, east London. It is being fought with leaflets, shoe leather and debates on the doorstep and in the streets.

Battles over safety are at the heart of rail disputes

Crucial struggles over safety are taking place across Britain’s rail and tube networks.

Leeds university: a fight to save education

A major battle is on over education at the University of Leeds.

Anger over Afghan war topples Dutch government

The Dutch government collapsed last weekend as the Afghan war claimed yet another victim.

Corus steel: ‘This is heartbreaking - but the fight isn’t over’

Around 500 steel workers and their supporters lined the entrance of the Redcar gate of the Corus steelworks in Teesside, north-east England, on Friday of last week.

Turn anger in the civil service into action

The result of a strike ballot of over 270,000 members of the PCS civil service workers’ union over redundancy rights was to be announced this week.

Judge jails seven more people over Gaza protests

A further seven people were sent to prison on Friday last week on charges relating to London protests against Israel’s Gaza offensive.

Thousands of British soldiers are going Awol

Ministry of Defence figures reveal that there were more than 2,000 incidents of British soldiers going absent without leave (Awol) last year alone.

Scotrail workers strike

Around 550 workers at First Scotrail struck last Saturday over plans by management to remove conductors from a new service between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Right to Work targets Tories’ spring conference

"Tories beware, we’re coming to get you!" That’s the message from the Right to Work campaign that has called a protest at the Conservative spring conference this weekend.

The Ministry of Defence's minaret madness

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has got involved in a bizarre campaign.

The Tories are a party of lobbyists

Tory leader David Cameron is complaining that the Labour government loves up to sleazy parliamentary lobbyists. And yes, that’s true.

Bosses avoid paying new tax

Many bosses have found a way to minimise the impact of a new 50p tax rate for high earners, which will come into force in April.

Labour targets the vulnerable

Labour will end the prisoner early release scheme in April as the election hots up.

New privatisation threat to nurseries

Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, plans to privatise nursery and childcare inspections in England.

Activists diary

Saturday 27 FebruaryTake Back Education: a teach-in to build the resistance11am-4pm, King’s College LondonGo to <a href="">»</a>

Activists condemn demobilisation of anti fascist protests

Anti fascist supporters are angry at attempts by police and local councils to stop the Asian community and young people from joining protests against the racist English Defence League (EDL).

General strike shuts down Greece

The usually bustling pavements of central Athens are almost deserted today.

Leeds education strike suspended

The University of Leeds UCU lecturers’ union has suspended strike action planned for Thursday.

Media workers launch campaign to expose the BNP

More than 100 media workers packed into a meeting in London on Tuesday to launch the campaign Expose the BNP (British National Party).

Nazi pipe bomb maker jailed for three years

Darren Lee Tinklin from Blackwood in Wales, was jailed for three years this week for making a pipe bomb and improvised firearm.

Leeds students sit in against the cuts

Around 300 students and workers demonstrated at Leeds university today. They marched around the campus in defence of jobs and education.

Civil service workers set to strike on 8 and 9 March

The battle is on to stop an assault on civil service workers.

Journalists at the Financial Times newspaper unite to stop redundancies

Journalists at the Financial Times (FT) were celebrating victory this week after management backed off from plans to sack Chinese journalists working on the FTChinese website.

Urgent call to stop destruction of London NHS

A meeting called by the British Medical Association tonight (Thursday) sent out an urgent call for resistance to cuts that could devastate the NHS.

Pictures of the Greek general strike

Thousands march to save Whittington hospital

Around 5,000 protesters took to the streets of Islington, north London, this afternoon to defend key services under threat at Whittington hospital.

Westminster students occupy over cuts

Students at Westminster University in central London have occupied part of a university building in protest at proposed cuts.


Spirit of resistance is spreading from Greece

Europe is in turmoil. Bosses are desperate to force workers to pay for the economic crisis.

Refinery workers demand a Total victory in France

More than half of France’s oil refineries were on strike as Socialist Worker went to press.

Thousands take action in Ireland

More than 250,000 public sector workers in Ireland are on a work to rule.

Lufthansa pilots show their power in Germany

A strike by German Lufthansa airline pilots stopped more than 800 flights on Monday.


What's going on with unemployment?

Two and half million people are unemployed in Britain today. Every day the press report more job losses.

Bolton: Why we must stop this EDL demonstration

The call by anti-fascists to stop the racist English Defence League (EDL) from marching in Bolton on 20 March and Dudley on 4 April is sparking a debate.

The West gives Israel a passport to kill

Ask yourself a question when considering the news that an Israeli hit squad used British passports during the assassination of a Hamas leader: What would the reaction of the British government have been if Iranian agents had used such documents in order to eliminate an opposition leader living abroad?


Love and marriage

Politicians and sections of the media are panicking about the decline of marriage. If fewer people marry, they say, it will be harmful for their children. And they also go further and say that a decline in marriages will be bad for society as a whole.

Occupy! A workers’ weapon that can defeat closures

"The workers moved unfinished car bodies in front of all the entrances, forming a barricade. They welded a steel frame around every door and placed bullet-proof metal sheets over every window, drilling holes into them so the nozzles of fire hoses could be screwed in."

Immigration - the myths being spread to divide us

Politicians and the right wing press have unleashed a torrent of abuse against immigrants.

The Fourth International: Keeping the flame alive

Leon Trotsky, one of the leaders of the Russian revolution, opposed Joseph Stalin’s increasing stranglehold on the Soviet Union and the Third International.


White Guard competition

Socialist Worker has a pair of tickets for the upcoming production of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The White Guard at the National Theatre in London.

Paul Nash: a life painting the bleak horror of war

Paul Nash’s first oil painting, ironically titled We Are Making a New World, is a stark and eerie vision of a landscape ravaged by the First World War.

Capitalism: A Love Story - Michael Moore dumps capitalism

When was the last time you went to the cinema and watched working class people defying bailiffs trying to repossess their home?

What We Think

Bullying is rampant in Gordon Brown’s Britain

The prime minster does not hit people, he says. It says something about the state of British politics that Brown not hitting people has dominated the news for days.

We need to unite the fightbacks

There's a chance to pull together the fightback over cuts and job losses early next month.

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John Wangford 1961-2010

Comrades will be saddened to hear of John Wangford’s death. He was a committed socialist and trade union activist, who was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and died at the tragically young age of 49.

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