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Issue: 2196

Dated: 10 Apr 2010

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The great election cuts lie

A great lie will dominate the general election campaign—the lie that there is no alternative to devastating cuts in vital public services.

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Trade unions must take action to defend the right to strike

The bosses and media’s accusation of RMT "ballot rigging" is a disgraceful slur.

Election campaigning in Manchester for TUSC

Karen Reissmann and the TUSC campaign for the general election is striking a chord of resistance in Manchester.

Cuts at Bradford college will hit the city’s poorest

Bradford College in Yorkshire is pushing ahead with job cuts.

Network Rail workers reballoting for strike action

The court decision to grant an injunction against the RMT has increased union activists’ determination to win their battle with Network Rail.

More questions raised in Yunus case

The employment tribunal investigating the sacking of nurse and union activist Yunus Bakhsh heard last week from witnesses who back him.

Stop the Nazis at the ballot box

There is less than a month to stop the fascist British National Party (BNP) in the general election.

Vibrant and defiant protest against EDL in Dudley

Around 1,500 black, white and Asian people came together in Dudley last Saturday to stop the racist English Defence League (EDL) from rampaging through the town centre.

Anti-fascist activist arrested

Tom Sinden was arrested on the eve of the UAF protest against the EDL for allegedly spray painting anti Nazi slogans in Dudley town centre.

Let’s teach bosses a lesson, says NUT union

A major public sector union’s annual conference has sent out a defiant message against the growing clamour from mainstream political parties for savage cuts.

Bosses go on the attack over pensions

The bosses’ CBI has launched a vicious attack on the pensions of public sector workers.

Holes in Labour’s safe seat parachutes

Labour has hit trouble as it parachutes last-minute candidates into "safe seats".

Tories are gay haters

Whether you’re "young, old, rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight," David Cameron wants your support. You are the "great ignored", he says.

BA bosses' £3m cash-in

Cuts at BA have hit ordinary workers hard—and have forced BA cabin crew to strike.

In brief: housing, gas boss, vigil, appeal, consultants

House building hits a new low The number of new houses being built in every region of Britain is lower than at any time since 1922.

Don't cut Ealing Hospital, say campaigners

More than 50 people met in west London tonight (Wednesday) to oppose cuts at Ealing Hospital.

Exposed: Nick Griffin filmed defending right to “maim, hurt or blow people up”

Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party (BNP), has been filmed defending racist violence.

Thailand: hundreds of thousands take to the streets

Hundreds of thousands of Thai Redshirt pro-democracy demonstrators took to the streets of Bangkok and other cities over the last few weeks. This was a show of force to prove the strength of the movement and to dispel any lies by the royalist government and the media that the Redshirts are not representative of the majority of the population.

Thousands march to defend welfare state and public services

THOUSANDS OF trade unionists and campaigners marched through central London today to defend the welfare state and public services.

Union can beat BA—if it shuts down Heathrow

British Airways (BA) cabin crew are at a critical point in their battle against union-busting, pay cuts and redundancies.

Willie Walsh’s last job: ‘Aer Lingus should be a warning’

Willie Walsh used to be the top boss at Aer Lingus where cabin crew last week accepted a deal that means 230 compulsory and 440 voluntary redundancies.

Inside the union: Does Unite leader want a Labour victory more than a win for BA cabin crew?

Socialist Worker has learned of discussions at the heart of Unite that underline why the union leaders cannot be trusted to win the dispute.

Budget deficit guide

What does the deficit mean?

Anger at the government and demands for a fightback at teachers' conference

The conference was marked by a growing anger at the government’s neoliberal policies, anda desire for workers’ unity to hit back against the cuts.

Union with a proud anti-racist tradition

Around 300 delegates packed into a anti‑fascist fringe meeting on Saturday—just hours after the mobilisation against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Dudley.

Action on 35-hour week

Delegates unanimously passed a motion calling for strike action to combat excessive workloads.

NUT conference in brief

Giving Sats the sack Members of the NUT and the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) are balloting for a boycott of the much hated Sats tests.

Cambridge protest against library cuts

MPs damn plans for fire control

Plans for massive cuts in the number of workers who answer 999 emergency calls were condemned in a damning report last week.

Nestle staff want more than buttons

Nestle workers throughout Britain are being balloted for industrial action in a row over a pay freeze.

Don’t let them sell-off Wycombe homes

Campaigners are distributing leaflets to 6,000 Wycombe District Council tenants facing a ballot on the transfer of their homes to a "not for profit" company.

British Gas: No more action in the pipeline

The GMB union last week called off planned strike action at British Gas after "positive discussions" with the company.

Strathclyde university against the cuts

Seventy people joined a protest against cuts in education outside Strathclyde university last week.

Standing up to job cuts on London Underground

Around 800 jobs are under threat on the London Underground. These jobs are vital to keep passengers safe and to maintain the service.

Defend Abdul Omer: Don’t let Sovereign break the bus union

Bosses at Sovereign Bus company have sacked Abdul Omer, the Unite union convenor for Harrow and Edgware garages.

Laws rigged to help bosses stop strikes

Bosses took the RMT rail union to court last week and stopped its planned Network Rail strike.


How Nato troops hid evidence of murder in Afghanistan

Nato has at last admitted shooting dead five Afghan civilians—having spent a month trying to cover up the murders.

Putin stokes up tensions after Russian bombings

A series of bombings in the Russian republic of Ingushetia could be laying the groundwork for another war in the region.

Israel threatens new war on Gaza

Israel is threatening another all-out military assault on Gaza after injuring three children in airstrikes last Thursday night.


Good riddance to dead Nazi Eugene Terreblanche

I woke on Sunday to the news of Eugene Terreblanche’s death—it made my bank holiday weekend.

Neoliberals take aim at universities

The cuts to universities recently announced by the Brown government are another step in the ongoing process of marketisation of higher education.


Socialists, elections and class struggle

Working class men and women fought hard for the right to vote. For many today, voting seems their only chance to have a say in how the system is run—despite often thinking that it won’t change very much.


Victorian view of poverty leaves bad taste behind

How did Channel 4 find the people to feature in this poor excuse for a programme about child poverty?

Radio: It’s not perfect, but we have to fight for a decent BBC

‘On the radio’ with Mike Gonzalez

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

This artistic adventure is a experiment in live installation. The protagonists are a flock of zebra finches, lovely sociable creatures with all sorts of musical skills.

Contempory Art Iraq

This exhibition showcases works of modern art from Iraq made since the occupation began in 2003.


This display is the first in a new series bringing together old masters and modern art from the National Galleries of Scotland.

What We Think

Four weeks to put the case for the fightback

The Tories—a party of the rich, for the rich—shouldn’t have a hope in the general election.

Leaked video tells brutal Iraq truth

The video is graphic and disturbing and we weren’t meant to see it.

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