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Issue: 2200

Dated: 08 May 2010

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Organise now to stop cuts

The battle over cuts in vital services, jobs and pay begins as soon as the dust clears after the election.

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Victory! Campaigners save Whittington Hospital

Fighting back can halt the cuts.

College and university strikes set to sweep Britain

Lecturers in 11 colleges and three universities were set to strike on Wednesday of this week—and those at other institutions are preparing to join the battle to save jobs and education.

Why do some workers vote for the Tories?

Millions of people will vote Conservative in this week’s general election.

Middlesex students occupy against cuts

The latest battle against cuts in higher education kicked off last week when management at Middlesex University in north London announced plans to shut down the university's philosophy department.

Johnston Press journalists take action

Over 500 journalists, across 22 centres, have voted for strikes over job losses and worsening conditions.

Workers march and rally against cuts

Thousands of trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners joined May Day rallies and demonstrations across the country last Saturday.

Willie Walsh’s rotten British Airways deal

Cabin crew at British Airways (BA) are balloting on a new offer from boss Willie Walsh. They should throw it out.

Reinstate Abdul Omer

Support is growing for sacked bus worker and union convenor Abdul Omer Mohsin.

Drive for profit lies at heart of oil disaster

Dale Burkeen operated a crane to lower his workmates to safety from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April.

Solid lecturers' strikes challenge cuts

Today's one day strikes at ten colleges and three universities against education cuts are very solid.

Workers want action in Wigan

Council Workers in supported living services in Wigan, Lancashire, are preparing for industrial action.

Biofuel protesters won’t be palmed-off

Around 300 people marched against a planned biofuel power generation plant in Weymouth, Dorset, on Saturday of last week.

Shameful record of safety failure

Blowouts and oil spills from offshore oil rigs, including those in the Gulf of Mexico, are all too common.

Court ruling due for civil service

The PCS civil service workers’ union was still awaiting the result of its judicial review into the government’s attacks on redundancy payments.

Crisis-hit Tube Lines faces strike

RMT union members at the Tube Lines company on London Underground began balloting for strike action over jobs last week.

Train managers won’t go on alone

RMT transport union members at Eurostar trains have voted by more than nine to one for industrial action.

Headteachers’ Sats boycott begins

Headteachers in primary schools across Britain have begun a boycott of the hated Sats tests.

Right to Work conference - a key date for all after 6 May

We have been warned what awaits us after the election.

Verdict due in critical Yunus Bakhsh tribunal

Sacked nurse and union activist Yunus Bakhsh’s employment tribunal has completed its hearings and the panel is now considering a verdict. A decision is expected in about three weeks.

Poor deal accepted in the post

Postal workers have accepted a deal to end their long running dispute with Royal Mail.

Socialists put the case for election alternative

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) activists used every last minute to campaign for this week’s general election.

Glasgow strikers are in ‘vanguard’ of fight

Workers in Glasgow who face pay cuts of up to £1,500 a year shut down leisure facilities across the city on Friday of last week.

United protest humiliates the racist EDL in Dudley

Anti-racists and local Asian people humiliated supporters of the English Defence League (EDL) as they ran them out of Dudley on Monday.

The battle continues against the Nazi BNP

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) activists across the country were campaigning right up until polling stations closed on Thursday night to stop the fascist British National Party (BNP) from making a breakthrough.

David Cameron challenged by Right to Work protest

Watch the BBC video of Right to Work campaigners protesting against a visit by Tory leader David Cameron to East Renfrewshire this morning.

Picture of Greek solidarity protest in London

Socialist Worker election coverage

Socialist Worker will be running an instant election results and analysis service on Thursday night/Friday morning! This website is the place to go for all TUSC and other left results plus election summaries. Feel free to send in your reports and pictures to <a href=""></a> all through the night.

Hundreds march for jobs and education in London

"You say you have no money, you say that times are tough.

BA sacks leading union rep in latest attack on cabin crew

British Airways has escalated its war against cabin crew.

BA workers announce 20 days of strikes

The Unite union has announced fresh strike dates for cabin crew at British Airways.

Workers' Memorial Day: ‘Remember the dead – Fight for the living”

Hundreds of construction workers from the Olympic site joined a Workers' Memorial Day lunchtime rally in Stratford, east London today. It was one of a series of protests around the country.

European radical left statement on the crisis

Statement on the European crisis The global economic crisis continues. Massive amounts of money have been injected into the financial system – $14 trillion in bailouts in the United States, Britain, and the eurozone, $1.4 trillion new bank loans in China last year – in an effort to restabilize the world economy. But it remains an open question whether or not these efforts will be enough to produce a sustainable recovery. Growth remains very sluggish in the advanced economies, while unemployment continues to rise. There are fears that a new financial bubble centred this time on China is developing. The protracted character of the crisis – which is the most severe since the

Face of Labour in Southwark refuses to be seen with Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown took Labour’s campaign to the streets of south London on Sunday – but prominent local Labour supporters refused to be seen with him.

Karen Reissmann’s TUSC campaign in Manchester

Karen Reissmann, a local nurse who is standing against Labour MP Gerald Kauffman, said, "People in Gorton are looking for change. There is a deep sense of betrayal at Labour's failure to represent ordinary people. It cuts through every conversation, even with Labour loyalists."

Angela McCormick’s TUSC campaign in Glasgow

TUSC’s Glasgow North candidate Angela McCormick spoke to Socialist Worker about the last few days in her campaign.

Barnsley LMHR carnival: ‘We’re the future - not the fascist BNP’

"We’re here to say—as long as we’ve got an ounce of blood in our veins, we won’t stop fighting racism."

BNP insider tells of the vile racism at heart of the party

British National Party leader Nick Griffin claims that the party is not racist or fascist. He is a liar.


A crucial point for Thai democracy

The struggle for democracy and social justice in Thailand came to a crucial turning point this week.

Mass protests in US for migrants

Hundreds of thousands of people marched across the US on May Day against attacks on immigrants and a new legal assault in Arizona.

New wave of struggle in Egypt

Workers and campaigners protested in Cairo last Sunday demanding a rise in the minimum wage.

Greeks rise up against IMF cuts

Greece is aflame with strikes and mass struggle. All public sector workers struck on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Private sector workers joined them on Wednesday creating another general strike – the fourth this year.

Capitalist debt is crushing Greece

The Greek economy is caught in the vice of the capitalist system.

Greek workers aren't lazy: ‘We are stretched and stressed’

Europe’s press and politicians have attempted to portray ordinary Greeks as lazy and ill deserving of being bailed out.

Greek bank worker speaks out after Athens fire deaths

A Marfin bank worker has issued this statement following the death of three colleagues in a fire on Wednesday at the bank in Athens

Greek strike and protests rock the government

Wednesday’s general strike against austerity in Greece shut the country down and saw huge protests in every town and city. Panos Garganas, the editor of the Workers Solidarity newspaper in Greece, told Socialist Worker how the attempt to use the tragic deaths of three bank workers in a fire in Athens to quieten the movement has not succeeded


Strikes won single status equal pay battle

Last week, forty years after the Equal Pay Act was passed, some 4,500 women workers won a case at an employment tribunal against Birmingham council.

Noxious election campaign stirs up racist divisions

This general election has been the one most dominated by immigration since 1979. Consider the two most important incidents of the past week.


Jarvis workers: Sacked for profits

At the same time as Gordon Brown’s microphone slip created a media whirlwind, 300 sacked workers were protesting at the Network Rail company.

Bernadette Devlin: A megaphone for workers' struggle

In 1969 Bernadette Devlin made history when she became the youngest woman to be elected to parliament. She was 21.

May 2010 election results for TUSC and SW ELECTION SPECIAL

Results for TUSC and other socialist candidates in the general election held on 6 May 2010

US shares plummet over fears of European instability

While we are watching the election results, there’s a stark reminder of the fragility of the economic "recovery". US shares have plummeted amid fears that the turmoil in Greece could spread to other parts of Europe.

Voters refuse a mandate for cuts

After the general election no party has a mandate to impose cuts. And none of the major parties has been truthful about the scale of cuts they want to impose. Indeed it’s not clear they have a mandate to do anything.

Anti-fascists beat back the BNP in Barking

Anti-fascists are celebrating the humiliation of the British National Party (BNP) at the hands of voters in Barking, east London.

Nazis fail to make serious gains but threat remains

Barking and Stoke weren’t the only areas where the BNP were driven back. In most seats the BNP failed to achieve the gains they expected. And although the council results were still to be counted as this leaflet was produced, their votes looked likely to reflect their failure to make a breakthrough at the general election.

Jenny Sutton's campaign: a solid basis to fight the cuts

More than 1,000 people voted for Jenny Sutton, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate in Tottenham, north London.

TUSC tapping the anger against Labour

Maxine Bowler stood for TUSC in the Brightside and Burngreave constituency in Sheffield. She won 1.7 percent of the vote.

Eamonn McCann: Beyond the sectarian divide

Eamonn McCann, a veteran anti&#8209;imperialist campaigner and socialist, got a fantastic 7.7 percent vote in Foyle, Northern Ireland. He stood as part of the People Before Profit coalition taking nearly 3,000 votes.

The left and the election

An overview of TUSC’s campaign In some areas, TUSC activists tapped into the anger with mainstream politicians and ran good campaigns.

Greece shows how we can resist the cuts

turmoil was growing on the stock markets as a hung parliament became the most likely outcome of the general election in Britain.

Right to Work: We must unite to save jobs

Whichever party leader squeezes into Downing Street, they will attack workers’ living standards.

BNP wiped out in Barking - and deep losses elsewhere

In a tremendous victory for anti-fascists, the BNP has lost every single seat it held on Barking council in east London. This comes on top of the shattering defeat for BNP leader Nick Griffin in the parliamentary seat.

The ‘rich bandits’ who feed on crisis

Britain’s mainstream politicians have spent the election campaign talking about the need to preserve our "fragile economic recovery" – with cuts. Politicians regularly tell us that this "recovery" has begun.


Naturally - Letta Mbulu

South African singer Letta Mbulu, was born and raised in Soweto and travelled to the US in the mid 1960s as an exile from the apartheid regime.

Listen to the Voices - Sly Stone

Sly and the Family Stone pioneered funk in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The Secret of Belonging

Swansea-based theatre group Antic Corporation’s latest work is the poignant true story of Josef Herman.

Hair: anti-war voice from the 1960s still resonates today

A new production of the 1960s anti-war musical Hair has come to London after taking New York’s Broadway by storm.

Sus: a story of police racism all too relevant for today

It’s election night in 1979 and in an east London police station DS Karn and DC Wilby are eagerly awaiting the "new dawn" that will accompany Margaret Thatcher’s victory.

What We Think

Business is killing people and planet

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico shows how multinational corporations are threatening the environment and the lives of working class people.

Cutting through the election fraud

The general election campaign has been a fraud. The major contenders – all three of them – failed to talk honestly about the cuts, engage with the horror in Afghanistan, or admit how hard life is for the majority of people.

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‘She wanted me to know all my thinking was wrong and the so-called demons inside me were wrong. The session ended with her praying over me, calling out the demons. She believed homosexuality, transsexualism and addiction could be fixed by prayer.’Abi, a teenage girl who thought she was transsexual, on her "treatment" by Philippa Stroud, a Tory candidate and head of the think-tank the Centre for Social Justice

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