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Issue: 2202

Dated: 22 May 2010

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Ruling against BA strike is a knife at every worker's throat

The outrageous decision to outlaw strikes at British Airways is directed against everyone who wants to see resistance to the Tory cuts.

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Privatisation, co-ops and nationalisation

The demise of the £30 billion "public-private partnership" (PPP) on London Underground is the latest in a series of high-profile collapses.

Defend the right to protest at Sussex

Students from Sussex University were facing a disciplinary panel as Socialist Worker went to press.

Support for justice for victimised students grows

Tom Wills Tom Wills is the president of Sussex University Student Union. It fully supports the campaign for justice for the Sussex Six. It is sending representatives to all of the hearings to see that the students are treated fairly

FBU national pay claim

The FBU union has put in its national pay claim for this year matching the Retail Price Index (RPI) for June 2010 – 4.4 percent.

Shift work can cause cancer

A report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revealed that nearly 2,000 women contract breast cancer every year in Britain because they work shifts.

New pay offer for NPL workers

The threat of action over pay at the National Physical Laboratory has seen management make a new offer.

BT profits at workers’ expense

BT fuelled anger last week among the 60,000 workers it employs by announcing profits of £32 per second.

Pensions change rejected at Capita

Unite union members at Capita Life and Pensions divisions have voted to reject plans to change their pension scheme.

Pressure at Dimplex

Workers are escalating industrial action at cooker maker Glen Dimplex in Prescot, Merseyside.

Big issues at Bectu conference

Media workers in the Bectu union held their annual conference last weekend. We discussed the impact of a Tory-led government.

LGBT Day School: fight for liberation

Socialist Workers Party LGBT members met last Saturday to discuss the fight for liberation and the political situation.

Bus workers: ‘Pay cuts? No way!’

East London Bus Group (ELBG) wants to launch an attack on drivers – but workers are determined to resist.

Anti-cuts campaign at Bristol university

The campaign against cuts erupted at Bristol university last week.

Lecturers’ victory at University College London

Workers at University College London (UCL) celebrated a victory last week as management backed down on plans to push through academic redundancies.

Johnston Press journalists angry as bosses turn to courts

Journalists working across the 22 publications owned by the Johnston Press Group are furious after bosses won a court injunction to stop their strike last week.

Israeli refusenik inspires Scots

Or Ben-David, a 19 year old member of the Shministim, spoke at two electrifying meetings in Scotland last week as part of a national tour organised by Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

Campaign against Climate Change vigil: up all night for the planet

Around 200 people attended a Campaign against Climate Change vigil in London on Saturday night.

Keep the Fife rail concessions

Campaigners are planning to protest at Fife council’s first major cut on Sunday of next week.

Reading protests at care changes

Homecare assistants in Reading are to demonstrate against the council’s failure to communicate. They say it has not listened to them over changes in the way services are delivered to elderly and vulnerable people.

Action in Bolton secures council jobs guarantee

Unison union members in the planning division in Bolton council have secured an agreement against compulsory job losses.

More strikes planned against attacks in Glasgow

Workers at Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG) are planning two more days of strike action over pay and job cuts.

Cuts ballot in Southampton libraries

Librarians across Southampton began a ballot for strike action on Monday over the Tory council’s plans to replace staff with volunteers.

Civil service workers in PCS plan resistance over cuts

PCS conference Delegates to the PCS civil service workers’ union conference this week in Brighton were to debate the need to resist the coming wave of public spending cuts.

Paul Holmes runs for the top job in Unison

Left wing candidate Paul Holmes is gathering support in the election for Unison union general secretary as ballot papers go out to its 1.2 million members.

Essex students protest against new government's cuts plan

The Essex Education Activist Network held a rally against education cuts at the University of Essex just 12 hours after David Cameron had been declared the new prime minister

Fightback grows as austerity measures imposed

A new age of austerity has come to Europe.

Lecturers’ walk-out is forcing college bosses back

Strikes at colleges and universities across Britain are getting results.

Right to Work conference plans fightback

The Right to Work conference in London this Saturday will bring together hundreds of activists to plan and mobilise against the government’s cuts programme.

London Underground pay strikes this weekend

Workers at the Tube Lines company on London Underground will strike this weekend, despite London mayor Boris Johnson bringing the firm back in-house.

Anti-union laws: A history of injunctions

This week’s injunction against BA cabin crew is the latest in a string of judgements against workers.

BP exposed: 17 times more oil leaked in disaster than company claims

There could be as 17 times more oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico than either BP or the US government admit.

Did push for profit cause rig accident?

BP workers described the well as "troublesome" in the weeks leading up to the explosion.

Protest for Palestine

Hundreds of protesters demanding justice for Palestine gathered outside Downing Street last Saturday – the first rally since David Cameron moved in.

Priced out of education

The heads the elite Russell Group of universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and University College London, are calling for a rise in tuition fees.

Axe falls on NHS in Glasgow

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde managers have announced plans to slash 1,252 jobs by 2011 including 670 nurses and midwives.

Wages fall as inflation rises

Price rises are running at over 5 percent a year, according to new figures released on Tuesday. This means workers living standards are already slipping. At the same time as inflation continues to rise, Income Data Services (IDS) reports that the average wage rise is just 1.9 percent.

Bosses spew more hot ash as flights grounded

Airline bosses have changed government policy for the second time in a month.

Racist EDL take back to the streets

The racist English Defence League (EDL) is taking to the streets again in a bid to terrorise the Muslim community.

Camden housing victory

Tenants and activists in Camden are celebrating after the newly elected Labour council announced an end to the sell-off of Camden’s council housing.

Tory-Lib Dem cabinet of the rich for the rich

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be in the Tory-Lib Dem cabinet—but it helps.

Expose this coalition of lies, sell-out and cuts

Tory Chancellor George Osborne will announce the coalition government’s first £6 billion of cuts, on Monday – and much more will follow.

Justice for Julian Webster - protest this Friday, 21 May

The family and friends of Julian Webster from Birmingham want to know the truth about his death. Julian was a 24 year old, much loved and respected young black man.

Success for Sussex Six campaign

Management at Sussex University yesterday backed down from most of the serious allegations they had made against student protesters.

Tory cabinet minister Caroline Spelman lobbied her own department

The new Tory government has promised to clean up lobbying of politicians.

Following up the anti-fascist success in Barking

Where does the fight against the BNP go next in Barking and Dagenham, following the total wipeout of all 12 of the Nazis’ councillors?

BA strike back on as judges back off

Cabin crew working for British Airways will strike from next Monday. The strikes are back on after the Appeal Court overturned a ban on industrial action.

Tory defence minister Gerald Howarth’s links to arms companies

Another day another Tory minister turns out to have strong links to the companies his department makes decisions over.

Right to Work conference shows opposition to BA boss Willie Walsh

More than 600 trade unionists and other activists attended an emergency Right to Work conference in central London today. After an opening rally it divided into workshops which debated how to fight the cuts and attacks on workers' conditions.

BA cabin crew begin five-day strike

Cabin crew at British Airways began a five-day strike today against bullying boss Willie Walsh.


Spanish workers ready to fight ‘savage cuts’

Spanish workers could be the next group marching onto Europe’s battleground as public sector unions plan to strike against austerity measures on 8 June.

Thailand: Is military using British arms in crackdown?

The British government is supplying the military that has murdered protesters in Thailand.


After the election - can the Labour left get change?

Some on the left of the Labour Party hope that they can mobilise working class anti-Tory sentiment to transform the party.

Is the party over for New Labour?

The Labour Party is in flux. Following its defeat in last week’s general election, arguments are raging within the party about why it lost—and what it needs to do to win again.

Brown was an architect and inheritor of Blairism

Gordon Brown reaped what New Labour sowed.

Cameron's Conservatives - not so progressive

David Cameron comes to us with olive branch in hand—yet promises nothing but war.

After BA judgement – time to break laws

British Airways’ court victory against cabin crew beggars belief. It comes in the same week as another legal ruling stopped a strike by journalists at Johnston Press.


Korea: the forgotten war

When Japan surrendered on 14 August 1945, five days after the United States had dropped the atom bomb on Nagasaki, Korea posed a problem.

Greek myths and realities: Economic crisis and resistance

Greek workers are at the forefront of resistance to the world’s rulers’ plans to make ordinary people suffer for capitalism’s crisis. The country’s government is pushing through vicious austerity measures at the behest of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

The Tories' ability to adapt brought dominance

Who are the Tories? The simple answer is that they are the political party of the British ruling class.


Kraken: China Miéville interview

Would you say Kraken is a return to some of your earlier work?

The Killer Inside Me: A disturbing portrayal of the abuse of women

Based on a 1952 pulp noir novel of the same title, The Killer Inside Me is set in small town Texas. Men take their hats off when they go indoors, call women "ma’am" and smoke cigars.

Museum of London: Galleries of Modern London

The Museum of London has spent three years and £20 million on five new galleries that tell the history of Britain’s capital.

Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art

This major exhibition features many maps which have never been shown before.

Precious DVD

Based on the best-selling novel, Precious is an overweight, illiterate African-American teenager who her mother and father abuse.

What We Think

The weak and nasty Tories can be beaten

The pretence is over. All the main parties spent the election campaign carefully avoiding any talk of their plans for massive cuts to public spending.

If we fight the anti-union laws we can win

The British working class has repeatedly faced attempts to smother effective trade union action—and we seeing another now.

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I can’t stay Lib Dem after deal with Tories I’ve been forced to cancel my membership of the Liberal Democrats after almost five years because I cannot support a coalition with the Tories.

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"British jobs for British workers is a dog whistle to the far right"Jon Cruddas, Labour MP, on Brown’s speech in 2007

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