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Issue: 2204

Dated: 05 Jun 2010

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After the massacre: rise up against Israel

Israel’s slaughter of people on an aid convoy to Gaza was its latest act of terror against the Palestinian people and their supporters.

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Does it matter who leads Labour?

Socialist Worker has consistently argued that the best way forward for socialists lies in organising outside the Labour Party.

Act to stop Tory plan to wreck our schools

The Tories’ plans for a mass expansion of "academy" schools would mean the end of the state education system as we know it.

Incapacity benefit plans will take things back to the 1980s

People who claim benefits face a vicious attack. The Tories want to move them on to ever-cheaper allowances, "job creation schemes" and into low paid work.

Acas races to halt Olympics strikes

Peter Harwood – the chief conciliator at the dispute conciliation service Acas – has announced plans to prevent strike action during the Olympics.

Back left wing Unison candidate

The ballot in the election for Unison general secretary closes on Friday 11 June.

Bus drivers ready to take action

Hundreds of drivers from the East London Bus Group (ELBG) met last week and agreed to support their Unite union’s call for a strike ballot if pay cuts are tabled.

Underground battle continues

The result of the ballot of RMT union members at the Tube Lines company on the London Underground was due as Socialist Worker went to press.

Welsh TUC conference demands fight against cuts

The Wales TUC conference agreed a robust response to the economic crisis and public sector cuts last week.

TSSA conference

The atmosphere at the conference of the rail workers’ TSSA conference last week was very good. Delegates regularly overturned the executive.

Culture and Sport Glasgow: ‘We need to strike - it’s the only way to stop the cuts’

The 1,600 members of the Unite, Unison, Bectu and GMB trade unions working for Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG) struck successfully for the third time last weekend.

CWU conference: Bitter mood as workers prepare for battle at BT

Workers at British Telecom (BT) were to vote on strike action unless bosses raised their paltry 2 percent pay offer by Friday of this week.

Anger surfaces over privatisation plans and pay at CWU conference

The government’s policy of part-privatising the post formed the backdrop to many of the debates at the CWU union’s conference last week.

Unite conference backs mass protests over cuts and debates anti-union laws

resistance to cuts and attacks on jobs and services ran through the Unite policy conference in Manchester this week.

Delegates at UCU conference call for unity and action

Lecturers in the UCU union sent out a clear call for a united fightback against cuts.

Labour activists back budget day demos

Tuesday 22 June will be a key focus for all those who want to resist the government’s programme of cuts.

Mood of resistance sweeps continent

The British protests against cuts on 22 June will be part of a cross‑European fightback. There are moves towards a day of coordinated strikes and demonstrations across the continent.

Step up the fight to beat the British Airways bosses

Striking BA cabin crew remain defiant—despite their boss Willie Walsh’s bullying and intimidation. They face attacks on their jobs, pay and their union.

Protesters outnumber the racist English Defence League in Newcastle

More than 1,000 people joined a highly successful Unite Against Fascism (UAF) protest in Newcastle against the racist English Defence League (EDL) last Saturday.

Oil still gushing into deep water in Gulf of Mexico

THE latest attempts to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico have failed.

Jerry Hicks sets pace in Unite general secretary election campaign

How can the union resist the government and employers’ offensive?

New government’s axeman is chopped

The front man for the government’s attacks on public services resigned last week after his expenses fiddles were exposed.

A government of the lobbyists for the lobbyists

David Cameron and Nick Clegg claim their government will tackle lobbying. However, the Tory under secretary for defence is Gerald Howarth MP.

Resilient mood at BA strikers' family fun days

Near Heathrow airport, down a leafy lane, is the Bedfont football ground—the BA strikers’ base of operations.

Unite conference fringe meeting to support British Airways cabin crew

Hundreds of Unite members packed into a solidarity meeting for British Airways cabin crew at the Unite conference on Monday lunchtime.

Strike halts Honda plants in China

A strike by around 2,000 Honda car workers forced the closure of all the multinational’s plants in China. On Monday bosses offered a 24 percent pay rise in a bid to halt it

Striking to defend jobs at Clifton School

Teachers at Clifton primary school in Southall, west London, struck on Wednesday of last week against the sacking of three NUT union members.

Education action round up

Striking back at the LCC

Behind Israel’s lies: how it murdered aid activists

Israel was determined to do anything to stop activists breaking its siege of Gaza.

Protests break out over Israel’s terror

As the news broke that Israel had attacked an aid convoy, activists took to the streets across Britain.

Gaza living under siege

Israel has held the Gaza Strip under siege since the Hamas Islamic resistance movement won the Palestinian authority’s elections in 2006.

Unite conference backs Palestine

Delegates at the Unite trade union conference passed a motion in solidarity with Palestine and calling for a boycott of Israel on Tuesday.

Protests flare across world

People across the globe poured onto the streets on Monday in protest at Israeli terror.

Raided by IDF's death squad

The elite of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) carried out the raid on the flotilla on Sunday night.

18 months jail for protester

Martin Askew, a protester arrested after demonstrations for Gaza in 2009, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Friday of last week.

Pictures of Monday's flotilla protests from around Britain

Unite conference discusses organising unions

Delegates at Unite conference this week took part in an extended debate on how to organise the union.

Unite conference: Afghanistan, pensions and global organising

Afghanistan Delegates at the Unite union conference have called on the British government to withdraw British troops from Afghanistan.

Unite conference: blacklisting, Shrewsbury campaign, working hours

Blacklisting Delegates passed a composite of motions condemning the blacklisting of union members and calling on Unite to give its full support to victimised workers.

Unite conference: Visteon pensions, agency and migrant workers


Unite conference: Trident

Delegates took part in a heated debate on the Trident nuclear weapons system on Wednesday afternoon. Delegates called on the government to scrap its plans to replace Trident.

Eyewitness from Gaza Flotilla relives horror of Israeli attack

The first person from the Freedom Flotilla to arrive back in Britain has said that she believes more than nine people died in the Israeli attack on the humanitarian convoy on Monday.

Taxi drivers to strike against the Welsh Defence League in Cardiff

Hundreds of Cardiff taxi drivers are set to strike this Saturday – one of the city’s busiest days this year – in protest at a racist anti Muslim rally being held by the Welsh Defence League’s (WDL).

Unite delegates defeat their executive on Labour leadership

Delegates at the Unite union conference overturned the executive council today and passed an emergency motion on the Labour Party leadership.

Eyewitness Kevin Ovenden from the Freedom Flotilla: 'I saw people shot'

"We knew the Israelis were going to attack, or intercept us in some way. At 11pm we had the first contact. A visual warning was that two Israeli warships were approaching us, followed by a third.

Rolling coverage of protests at killing of Gaza Freedom Flotilla members

17.25 London: George Galloway announced at the rally that a further convoy of aid to Gaza will be launched saying, "On the day after Ramadan expected to begin on 11 August two mighty convoys one by land and one by sea will begin. We will enter together for the mightiest breach of the siege there has ever been. We will end the siege that day. This wall is now tottering we have to break it down ourselves."

Welsh Defence League forced to retreat in Swansea and Cardiff

At 4pm on Saturday Unite Against Fascism (UAF) activists were dispersing having successfully seen the Welsh Defence League (WDL) bundled off the streets of Cardiff.

Henning Mankell, Wallander author and Gaza Flotilla witness, speaks out

Henning Mankell, the renowned Swedish crime writer and author of the Wallander series, was on board the Sophia, which formed part of the Gaza Flotilla, when Israeli commandos raided the ship.

Pictures from protests in solidarity with Gaza



Imperial tensions push Korea to brink

On the night of 26 March, the South Korean navy ship Cheonan split in half and sank while patrolling not far from the North Korean coast. Forty six sailors died.

What's behind the Bradford killings?

The murder of three women working as prostitutes in Bradford has shone a light on what is, for much of the establishment, an uncomfortable subject.


Why revolution? Our reply to the Financial Times

A ridiculous portrayal of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) appeared in the Financial Times newspaper last week.

Deepwater Horizon disaster: Our seas sacrificed for their profits

It’s hard to grasp the awesome scale of the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. It is definitely the US’s biggest ever environmental disaster – and by some estimates may be the worst in world history.

How the 'Iron Lady' rallied the ruling class

The economic boom that followed the Second World War created agreement among mainstream politicians that capitalism could be regulated by state intervention.


African arts on the radio

The World Cup is nearly upon us – and, if Africa excites you, but the prospect of weeks of football bores you, then BBC radio might be just the place to seek refuge

The Time That Remains

It is 16 July 1948 and Zionist forces have bullied the Palestinian mayor of Nazareth into signing over control of the city to the new state of Israel.

Exposed: photographs of the watchers and the watched

Britain is the most watched country in the Western world. A 2006 study by the Surveillance Studies Network said that there were around 4.2 million CCTV cameras in the country – roughly one for every 14 people.

What We Think

Israel remains vital watchdog for the US

The Israeli state carefully planned its latest butchery—then produced a predictable, if farcical, level of lies to justify its murderous assault on the Freedom Flotilla. The brutality is not surprising.

Exploit weaknesses in Tory coalition

The Tory/Lib Dem coalition is trying to push through massive cuts, but has a weak political base.

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No such thing as a weekend racist It is disgraceful that the Nazi BNP teacher, Adam Walker, will still be able to teach children following his hearing at the General Teaching Council (GTC) in Birmingham last week.

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