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Issue: 2205

Dated: 12 Jun 2010

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Cameron wants 'decades of pain': Make the rich feel the pain

Prime minister David Cameron says there will be "decades of pain" as the Tories unleash savage spending cuts.

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Ballot at Coca Cola as GMB delegates gather for their conference

More than 2,000 workers at Coca Cola plants across Britain were set to ballot from this Friday for strikes over attacks on their pay and pensions.

GMB condemns government's academy schools plans

Some 1,000 school heads and governors have "expressed an interest" in privatising their schools, the GMB union says.

GMB conference: pleural plaques sufferers demand justice over asbestos

Arthur Woodhead has been waiting seven years for compensation after exposure to asbestos left him ill.

Lecturers prepare national fight for education

The UCU union’s annual congress sent a clear message to the government last week—we are preparing a national fight against your cuts.

FE lecturers fight bosses' attacks

The battle against attacks on workers marked the UCU’s further education (FE) sector conference.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla eyewitnesses speak out

Osama Qashoo told a packed meeting how he carried an injured man, "By the time I got to the corner of the room, there was a hot material in my hand – I didn’t realise it was the man’s brain." He hadn't realised the man was dead.

Delegates gather for Prospect conference

Some 500 delegates from the Prospect union met in Liverpool for the union’s conference last week.

Keep up the battle to beat British Airways bosses

Workers at British Airways (BA) were coming to the end of their latest round of strikes as Socialist Worker went to press.

Trade unionists hold solidarity meeting for BA strikers

"Our fight matters because if this can happen to us, with the strength our union has, it can happen to any worker."

Israel: a vicious child of imperialist powers

Israel’s assault on the Freedom Flotilla last week was not an aberration. The state of Israel was born in violence—and continues to exist because of its perpetual use of violence.

Stop the racist EDL in Tower Hamlets on 20 June

The English Defence League (EDL) plans to whip up racism against one of Britain’s largest Muslim communities. It has announced plans to gather in Tower Hamlets, east London, on Sunday 20 June.

Anti-fascists drive racists out of Wales

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) activists in Swansea and Cardiff far outnumbered Welsh Defence League (WDL) thugs and forced them to retreat onto trains and coaches last Saturday.

BP: blowouts, bribery and bullshit

BP claims that its latest effort to stem the massive oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico is capturing about 10,000 barrels of oil a day. That is less than half of what BP estimates is leaking – and theirs is still one of the lower estimates.

Four day strike at DHL

Drivers at DHL Runcorn were set to strike for four days from Friday this week.

Borders drivers walk out

Drivers at FirstBus, in the Borders area of Scotland, took 24 hours strike action last Monday.

Tube Lines bust up

Workers on London Underground are set to announce strike dates having just returned a massive 94 percent yes vote for action.

Battle to save Stow College, Glasgow

Staff and students at Stow College, Glasgow, held a protest on 2 June to protest at a Scottish Funding Council (SFC) decision to withdraw 40 percent of courses.

Meridian Music Centre: The show must go on

Workers and students are fighting to save the Meridian Music Centre, part of Greenwich Community College, south east London, from closure.

Pay backlash at BT

More than 50,000 British Telecom (BT) workers were continuing to prepare for a strike vote on Tuesday despite bosses making a small increase to their below‑inflation pay offer.

Royal Mail reorganisation means job cuts

Thousands of postal workers across northern England face the axe after Royal Mail announced a major "reorganisation" of its mail centres.

Protest against Tory cuts on Budget day

In every borough, town and city across Britain, people are waking up to the reality of the widespread cuts that will destroy public services, jobs—and people’s lives.

Canada's cuts were not painless

There is much talk about the "caring cuts" imposed on Canadians in a deficit-busting effort from 1992 to 1996.

No democracy in Tory academy plans

Tory plans will mean schools can be turned into academies solely on the say-so of the headteacher and school governors.

Baha Mousa: Minister ‘forgot’ torture memo

A former Labour minister "failed to recollect" a memo confirming that British soldiers tortured Iraqi hotel worker Baha Mousa.

Tories plans reduce defendants' rights

New Tory plans will increase pressure on people arrested by police to plead guilty long before they even reach court.

Whats led to Darfur asylum seeker's prisoner suicide?

A jury inquest found that "serious failings" at HMP Chelmsford prison in part led to the suicide of prisoner Abdullah Hagar Idris in 2007.

Tories will send kids to Kabul

The Tories are planning to deport hundreds of unaccompanied Afghan children to Kabul.

Labour leadership contest: left voices MPs want to keep silent

The clear winner of the first Labour leadership candidates’ debate, held at the GMB congress in Southport last Monday, was also the one who seemed least likely to get on the ballot paper.

Anger on streets at Israeli flotilla attack

Up to 20,000 people poured onto the streets of London last Saturday to condemn Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla on 31 May. In Edinburgh, over 5,000 marched to the US embassy against the Israeli attack.

Next steps in Gaza campaign

Protest! Manchester Gaza Flotilla demonstration, 2pm Sunday 13 June, All Saints, Oxford Rd, Manchester Two new convoys of aid will travel to Gaza in September, one by land and the other by sea, announced George Galloway. Galloway also called on the Egyptian government to open the borders and let the aid throughGet your union to donate to Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP)—go to <a href="">»</a> Pass a motion in your trade union branch condemning the attacks and send union aid on the new convoys or to MAP

List of budget day protests, 22 June

North London 12 noon outside Whittington Hospital Hackney 6pm, Hackney town hall Lewisham 6pm, at the clock tower Lambeth 6pm, Lambeth town hall Southwark 5.30pm, Elephant & Castle tube station Manchester 6pm, Piccadilly Gardens Newcastle 5pm, the Monument Leeds 6pm, Victoria Gardens Birmingham 5pm, Government House Sheffield 5pm, town hall Bolton 12 noon-2pm, town hall Southampton 5.30pm, town hall Glasgow 3pm onwards, George Sq Edinburgh 1pm rally, 5pm protest, City Square Wales 4.30-6.30pm, Cardiff Senedd

World cup: Playing football on stolen land

WHEN THE England football team play their first game at the World Cup in South Africa on Saturday, it will be on land brutally stolen from the poor.

Israel's propaganda cannot cover up Gaza flotilla slaughter

Israel’s propaganda machine has been working overtime to justify last week’s raid on the Freedom Flotilla humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza, in which at least nine people died.

Eyewitness accounts uncover horror of Gaza convoy assault

The testimonies of people on the flotilla have blown apart Israel’s lies about what happened.

Rachel Corrie aid ship raided by Israel

Fresh from its assault on the Freedom Flotilla, Israel targeted another aid ship last week.

Gaza aid activists were shot clinically

The autopsies of the nine dead Turkish activists reveal that they were actively targeted, not hit by chaotic gunfire as Israel alleges.

New killings of Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli forces are continuing their assault on Gaza. Israeli navy commandos killed at least four Palestinians on Monday of this week when they opened fire on a boat near the coast of Gaza.

US’s contact with Israel before flotilla attack

Reports of repeated contact between the US and Israel in the run-up to Israel’s assault on the Freedom Flotilla give an insight into the sheer audacity of the attack.

British Airways strikers lobby parliament

A coachload of British Airways cabin crew lobbied parliament today as part of their ongoing dispute with bully boss Willie Walsh.

GMB conference: Delegates demand answers on Corus steel closure

One GMB delegate asked the Labour candidates how they would defend the Redcar Corus steel workers’ jobs.

Anger breaks out at Unite's conference

Delegates at the Unite union conference last week defied their executive to back many left wing policies.


Why did Japan's prime minister resign?

The forced resignation of Japan’s Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama shows the continuing resentment felt by the Japanese people towards the hold that US foreign policy still has over their country.


Honda strike: new turn for workers in China

A strike in China has shown a new level of confidence among workers.


The deep divisions that remain unresolved in the Tory Party

Margaret Thatcher failed to stem Britain’s global decline, despite her vicious assault on the working class. That had a number of consequences.

Workers' movements across the Middle East can free Palestine

Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla is having enormous political ramifications in the Middle East. The assault has exposed some of the social tensions in Egypt and Turkey, two key US allies.

Egypt's workers take to the streets against Mubarak and Israel

A domino effect is taking place. People are linking the causes of freedom for Palestine and freedom for Egyptian workers.

Mass protests against Israel in Turkey

In the recent past Turkey has been one of Israel’s closest allies in the Middle East. It is a major destination for Israeli tourists, and there have been a spate of bilateral agreements.

Eurozone: How can we solve the crisis?

Greece is in revolt over attempts to make the working class pay for the economic crisis with huge cuts to public spending.


Welcome to Thebes competition

Set in the present day, but inspired by an ancient myth, Moira Buffini’s Welcome to Thebes offers a passionate exploration of an encounter between the world’s richest and poorest countries in the aftermath of a brutal war.

What We Think

Our ‘share’ of cuts should be 0 percent

THE TORIES and the media peddle a great lie. Cuts are inevitable, they say. The only debate should be about precisely which services get slashed and how many hundreds of thousands of jobs go into the mincer.

Labour leadership election: right will gain from immigration myths

It’s a disgrace that so many of the Labour leadership candidates are lining up to attack immigrants.

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Tim's view: 'We're all in this together'

Tim's view: The slaughter of the innocents


Jews must not be bullied into backing Israeli state After returning from a protest against the outrageous Israeli attacks on the ships carrying supplies to Gaza, I went on Facebook to post my feelings.

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