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Issue: 2206

Dated: 19 Jun 2010

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Fight to stop the Tories’ savage cuts

The Tories are coming for every single one of us.

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G20 protests: jury rejects police case against activist

A jury cleared a G20 demonstrator of violent disorder on Friday of last week. The right wing media had painted Harvie Brown as the "ringleader" of anti-police violence.

Azelle Rodney: fight for justice goes on as inquiry is announced

After a five-year campaign, justice secretary Kenneth Clarke last week announced a judicial inquiry into the police killing of Azelle Rodney, an unarmed 24-year old black Londoner in 2005. But there is concern that at least part of the proceedings will be in secret.

Swedish dockers boycott Israeli goods

The Swedish Port Workers Union (Svenska Hamnarbetarförbundet) is to blockade all Israeli ships and cargo following its massacre of peace activists on a humanitarian mission to Gaza.

Pressure ratchets up on BP over oil disaster

The Tory press leapt to the defence of BP last week after US president Barack Obama denounced the firm’s handling of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Is BP's relief well safe?

BP plans to dig a relief well 18,000 feet below the surface and then drill sideways into the blown-out well and plug it with cement.

US and Nato humiliated as Afghan offensive postponed

Fears of an insurgent attack meant that David Cameron had to call off a planned appearance at a military base on his first trip to Afghanistan last week.

Not flying the flag for England in the World Cup

Many ordinary people have bedecked their houses, cars and bodies in the flag of St George to show their support for England in the World Cup.

Colleges strike back

Lecturers at Westminster College were set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday of this week in protest at compulsory redundancies.

Middlesex university philosophy department to move to Kingston university

The philosophy department at Middlesex university is moving to Kingston university in response to Middlesex bosses’ attempts to shut it down.

St Aloysius teachers set to strike on 22 June

Teachers at St Aloysius school in Islington, north London, have voted overwhelmingly to strike.

Preparing for battle as East London bus group goes up for sale

One of London’s biggest bus companies is up for sale, raising fears for thousands of bus workers’ jobs, pay and working conditions.

We need more strikes at British Airways

Cabin crew at British Airways ended their latest five-day strike on Wednesday of last week.

BT workers set to start national ballot

BT workers were starting an industrial action ballot this week and are on the verge of their first national strike for 23 years.

Shut down the tube for Tube Lines strike

Maintenance workers at the Tube Lines company on London Underground plan to strike for 48 hours from Wednesday of next week over jobs, pay and working conditions.

Manchester protest for Gaza

Two survivors of the Mavi Marmara aid ship to Gaza led a demonstration of over 500 in Manchester last Sunday.

Strike threat at the Morning Star

Journalists at the left wing daily newspaper the Morning Star were set to strike this Sunday over pay.

Warning after tragedy at Corus

Corus steel worker Thomas Standerline was crushed and killed by an overhead crane, the Unite union has revealed.

Anger boils over delay to pay rises in Aberdeen

Workers were set to protest outside an Aberdeen council meeting this week over delays to pay rises owed to over 6,500 workers.

Derby car payment fight accelerates

Derby council workers left their cars at home last week to show the impact that not using their own cars for work would have.

Culture and Sport Glasgow strike to hit swimming gala

Strikes by workers at Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG) will hit a major swimming event in the city this weekend.

Job losses at the Mirror

Bosses at the Mirror, Sunday Mirror and the People have announced over 200 job losses.

PCS awaits result of challenge over redundancy scheme

Judgement is expected soon in the PCS union’s legal challenge against the government. It is about changes to civil service workers’ redundancy scheme.

Labour leadership debate: More united them than divided them

Some 400 people packed into Stratford town hall in east London last week for the first Labour-organised leaderships hustings—the youth hustings.

EIS conference

Scotland’s largest teachers’ union, the EIS, voted to ballot its members for strikes at its conference last week.

Pensioners’ parliament

There was an extremely militant mood at this year’s Pensioners’ Parliament, held in Blackpool and organised by the National Pensioners Convention (NPC).

Bakers' union conference

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) held its annual conference this week.

Unison local government: Missed opportunity in fight against the cuts

The fight against cuts hung in the background to all the debates at the Unison union local government conference this week.

Activists plan a day of revolt on 22 June

Resistance to attacks on our jobs and services has begun.

SW anti-cuts spread now downloadable as poster

Socialist Worker’s pre‑election pull out has proved a big hit. It puts forward alternative ways of raising money other than cutting jobs and services.

Bloody Sunday: Murder by British state

The Saville report released on Tuesday stripped away key lies that the British establishment had told for 38 years about the murder of 14 civilians in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1972.

Eamonn McCann and Bloody Sunday families on the Saville Report

Eamonn McCann on the Saville Report Eamonn McCann, who was present at Bloody Sunday and wrote Socialist Worker’s front page after the massacre, said on Tuesday:

British state wanted to crush people’s revolt

Bloody Sunday was a British atrocity, and the biggest single killing by state forces in the course of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Tory cuts hit school dinners, housing and childcare

The Tories’ attacks have already begun—and they are taking aim at the most vulnerable people in society.

Top brass decided that it was time to ‘shoot selected ringleaders’

The Bloody Sunday operation was devised at a very high level to stage an unprecedented confrontation.

Budget day: chancellor will reveal his plan for pain

The emergency budget on Tuesdsay of next week will be a blueprint for misery for working class people in Britain.

Who really pays capital gains tax?

David cameron is under huge pressure to make concessions over capital gains tax (CGT) . And there is every sign he will give in to the demands from the wealthy.

Tories threaten health and safety laws

The Tories’ new "review" of health and safety legislation threatens to put workers’ lives at risk.

The rich get richer - again

Global wealth became even more concentrated at the top of society last year.

Cuts may lead to three million jobless

Unemployment could soar to close to three million by 2012, says the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

The Widgery Report: Lord master of deception

Lord Widgery was given the brief for the first cover up of the massacre in 1972.

Army chief Michael Jackson’s false report on Bloody Sunday

Former head of the British Army, Sir Michael Jackson, was second in command in Derry on Bloody Sunday.

Join the march against racism in east London on Sunday

Thousands of people will march against racism and fascism this Sunday in east London.

Activists organise against a planned English Defence League rampage in Wembley

Activists in Brent and Harrow in north west London have sprung into action after hearing that the English Defence League (EDL) is planning to come to their borough.

Birmingham drive out racist English Defence League after attack

Fifteen members of the racist English Defence League (EDL) were forced to leave central Birmingham after attacking a Palestine Solidarity Campaign peace vigil last Saturday.

Unison conference pledges to defend jobs and services

Dave Prentis, Unison’s general secretary, told the union’s national conference that the new government has no mandate for cuts. He said, "If this government picks a fight we will be fierce defenders of our members and the services they deliver. We will organise public meetings and street demonstrations."

Strikes, protests - and vuvuzelas. Join your local protest on 21 June

College lecturers in the UCU union are holding protests across Britain on Monday 21 June because education is under attack.

Workers' protests in South Africa during the World Cup

Security guards and stewards fired from World Cup stadium jobs

East London prepares to stand united against the EDL this Sunday

Around 350 young Asian residents came together in Altab Ali Park, east London, tonight to discuss Sunday’s unity demonstration against the racist English Defence League (EDL).

The heavy price of Gove's free schools

The ConDem government’s desire to extend Labour’s Academy school scheme to cover all existing primary, secondary and special schools comes with a twist.

Thousands march against racism in London's East End

Some 5,000 people protested in Tower Hamlets east London today, Sunday, against racism and fascism.


Workers in China unite against capital

A sleeping giant is stirring in China—the working class. High-profile strikes have spread through China’s Honda car plants over the past few weeks.

Disillusion and despair feed far right in Dutch election

Results of the Dutch election reveal a fragmented political landscape—and a victory for the right.

Spanish unions call general strike for 29 September

Spain’s two main trade union federations were set to call a general strike as Socialist Worker went to press.


The fight against Israeli apartheid

Israel’s attack on the Gaza aid flotilla – an atrocity which saw nine unarmed aid workers killed – occurred during the lecturers’ UCU annual conference.

Class rule hiding behind austerity

We live, we are constantly told, in a liberal pluralist society. Unlike the totalitarian states of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, information and ideas aren’t monolithically controlled from above in these societies.


The left and the Labour Party leadership

It is a disgrace that left wing MP John McDonnell was kept off the ballot paper for the election of Labour Party leader.

John McDonnell: 'Labour is disconnected'

‘What this has demonstrated is the disconnection of the parliamentary Labour Party—not just with the Labour and trade union movement—but with the wider working class community.

London's radical East End

Thousands of people will march through the East End of London this weekend against racism and fascism. The racist English Defence League have been trying to terrorise the Muslim community across Britain, but united marches against them have shown that they are in the minority.


'We are all the children of migrants' Competition winner

Tom Brook correctly answered that the US is one of the countries which denied Leon Trotsky access. His "We are all the children of migrants" T‑shirt is on its way.

Coal, Frankincense and Myrrh: Yemen and British Yemenis

Britain’s Yemenis comprise the country’s oldest established Muslim community.

Shed Your Tears and Walk Away

Jez Lewis returns to his hometown of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, to film the tragic underbelly of a town considered a bohemian idyll.

Women, Power and Politics

The Tricycle has a well earned reputation for presenting culturally diverse work and responding to contemporary issues. Women, Power and Politics is no exception.

Women Without Men - a picture of Iranian society in turmoil

Set in 1953 Iran, against the tumultuous backdrop of a CIA-backed coup, this film traces the stories of four women struggling to cope with their place in society in Tehran.

What We Think

Is there anyone left in Labour to vote for?

Labour MPs, bullied and intimidated by the bureaucracy, have succeeded in keeping John McDonnell off the ballot paper for the Labour leadership contest.

Bloody Sunday: Violence flows from nature of the state

Bloody Sunday exposes the brutality at the heart of the British state. And if also shows that if anything critical of the state emerges, our rulers will try to convince us that it was an aberration.

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Maryanne Riley 1956-2010

In memory of our comrade Maryanne who has sadly died.

Tim's view

Tim's view: the Tories on pensions


Bhopal – bosses have got away with murder The conviction this month of seven former employees of Union Carbide is no victory for the hundreds of thousands of people who were affected by the 1984 disaster at the company’s plant in the city of Bhopal, India.

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‘Sir—Our neighbours have the lamentable habit of feeding foxes. When they are away, their vulpine dependants wait at our back door expecting to be given lunch. We think they are socialists.’ A letter to the Daily Telegraph

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