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Issue: 2207

Dated: 26 Jun 2010

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Tories rob the poor to pay the rich

Chancellor George Osborne’s slash and burn budget was a vicious class assault on working people.

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Protests at budget axe across Britain

Thousands of trade unionists, anti-cuts campaigners, students and pensioners protested across Britain on Tuesday against the Tories’ budget cuts.

'We're ready to fight back'

More than 100 people joined the budget day protest in Leeds, with banners and flags from the PCS, Unison, NUT, CWU and UCU unions as well as the trades council, Stop the War and the Labour Representation Committee.

Photos of budget day protests, 22 June 2010

Tube workers strike for jobs and safety

Over the next 48 hours, London Underground will grind to a halt as a key set of workers strike.

London Underground managers put safety at risk as emergency workers strike

"Tube drivers and passengers need to know that their life is at risk – right now. Bosses are playing with people's lives.'"

Over 50 on the picket line at Cambridge teachers' strike

Teachers at Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridgeshire struck for half a day today in a protest over workload.

Packed London meeting pledges to fight academies

It was standing room only at the Anti Academies Alliance public meeting in central London on Thursday night.

Right to Work Supporter Faces Deportation - Act Now

Charles Atangana has been detained and currently being held at Pennine House, Manchester Airport awaiting deportation tomorrow. Charles is a well known asylum seeker activist, member of the NUJ journalists' union and long-term volunteer at the Parkhead Citizens Advice Bureau in Glasgow.

Protests on budget day

Sheffield Many of the speakers at the Sheffield rally of more than 400 people were bitter about the loss of the £80 million loan for Sheffield Forgemasters and directed their anger towards city MP and deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg as well as the city’s Lib Dem council.

Britain sowed violence and division in Ireland

The conflict in Northern Ireland did not begin with Bloody Sunday in 1972. It didn’t even begin with the partition of Ireland into north and south fifty years earlier.

Tube strike on after bosses' legal bid fails

Tube Line bosses have failed to get a judge to grant an injunction against a strike by RMT union members on London Underground. This means that the maintenance workers’ strike over jobs, pay and working conditions will go ahead for 48-hours from 7pm tonight.

Aberdeen votes for pay cut

The finance committee at Aberdeen City Council has voted to block an automatic pay rise for workers.

Lancashire staff ballot for equality

Thousands of Lancashire council council workers in the Unison union are to ballot for industrial action.

No strike at the Morning Star

Journalists at the left wing Morning Star newspaper called off a strike planned for last Sunday after accepting a new pay deal.

Johnston Press strike delayed

The prospect of widespread strike action at the Johnston Press newspaper group has receded for the moment. But a group of chapels (workplace branches) in Yorkshire and the North West of England are still looking at coordinated action.

Striking to stop library closures in Southampton

Over 200 Southampton library workers, trade unionists and their supporters held a demonstration during their strike on Monday.

Unison conference round-up

Time for an end to the witch-hunt The mood for unity at the conference fed into opposition to the witch-hunt against left wing activists inside the union.

Call for resistance at Unison’s conference

The annual conference of Britain’s biggest public sector union, Unison, met last week.

East End's defiant protest against the racist EDL

A massive display of resistance met the threat by the racist English Defence League (EDL) to march through the heart of east London’s Muslim community last Sunday.

Minister caves in to Islamophobia

A dangerous precedent of climbing down in the face of pressure from the EDL was set last week.

Bolton MP speaks out over protest

Bolton’s newly elected Labour MP, Yasmin Qureshi, has added her support to the campaign to defend activists charged during the Unite Against Fascism protest in Bolton in March.

Afghanistan is a bloody, costly war without end

The death of the 300th British soldier in Afghanistan this week marks yet another milestone in a bloody pointless war that has killed thousands of Afghan civilians.

Walsall bakers threaten strike

Bakers at Maple Leaf in Walsall are balloting over threats to sack workers who refuse to agree to new pay rates.

Steel workers at Corus reject offer

Corus steel workers in Scunthorpe rejected an improved pay offer on Wednesday of last week.

Tube Lines’ workers battling over job security, pay and conditions

Workers at the Tube Lines maintenance company on London Underground (LU) were set to strike for 48-hours from 7pm on Wednesday over jobs, pay and working conditions.

Splash wins extension for Leeds sport centre

Months of campaigning by SPLASH, a users’ group who want South Leeds sports centre to stay open, has won a four-month extension.

Strike planned at Delphi Diesel Systems

Up to 800 workers at car parts maker Delphi Diesel Systems in Sudbury, Suffolk, are set to strike over pay. Workers in the Unite union are planning to strike for one day a week starting next Monday.

Three-day strike at Tollcross leisure centre

Workers at Tollcross leisure centre, run by Culture and Sport Glasgow, struck for three days against a pay freeze last week.

Firefighters' London protest over shifts

London firefighters were set to protest on Thursday of this week over plans to force them to change their shifts.

BT workers vote over pay strike

BT workers across Britain in the CWU union are voting on strikes over pay.

Court victory for the PCS

Civil service workers were celebrating last week after a High Court judge made a final ruling against the government’s attempt to reduce their redundancy rights.

Cabin crew prepare for new BA ballot

The Unite union is to ballot cabin crew at British Airways for a third round of strikes.

Day of action: workers and students united for education

Workers and students at more than 100 universities and colleges held protests on Monday as part of the United for Education day of action against education cuts.

Asylum seekers’ charity RMJ closed by legal aid delays

A charity that provides legal representation to thousands of asylum seekers and refugees is being forced to close.

Cuts are class war, not ‘economic need’

George Osborne’s budget threatens to produce an economic slump.

Housing benefit cap hits poorest

A squeeze on housing benefit will force many of the poorest into smaller and more crowed accommodation.

‘Bank levy’ lets the bankers off

The Tories are finally "making the bankers pay" – but it’s a derisory amount.

Income tax changes help the rich

New parents lost up to £1,235 in the budget as they were hit with attack after attack by the Tory toffs.

Millions face a pay freeze

Millions of public sector workers will see their pay frozen. Around 4.3 million public sector workers earning over £21,000 face an effective pay cut.

Budget: poor face pain while rich get handouts

Tory chancellor George Osborne jacked up VAT from 17.5 percent to 20 percent in his budget of pain.


Europe’s workers reject being made to carry the burden

Italy—are strikes the way to win? Millions of public and private sector workers were to strike across Italy on Friday of this week.

Ethnic violence sees Uzbeks flee pogroms in Kyrgyzstan

Some 400,000 people have fled violent pogroms in southern Kyrgyzstan, according to the United Nations. Entire Uzbek neighbourhoods were reduced to ruins as almost half of the region’s roughly 800,000 ethnic Uzbeks tried to escape the violence.

China strikes inspire more action

Strikes in China’s car industry are spreading.

Gaza blockade must be ended

Pressure from activists has forced Israel to ease its blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Sunday’s election in Belgium follows three years of crisis

Last Sunday, people in Belgium went to bed in a country that seemed to be more divided than ever. In Flanders – the Flemish speaking north of the country, where the majority of the population lives – the NVA (New Flemish Alliance) was elected with 30 percent of the Flemish votes.


Health and safety rules save lives

Multinational oil companies have recently been found responsible for an entirely preventable disaster. But this wasn’t BP polluting the Mexican Gulf, it was the Buncefield oil depot explosion on the outskirts of London in 2005.

Eamonn McCann: David Cameron's stomach-churning hypocrisy

If David Cameron seriously believed that slaughtering unarmed civilians is wrong, he would cancel the imminent deployment of the Parachute Regiment to Afghanistan, where in the past year, around 2,000 civilians have been killed by US and British troops.

Hard on BP, not on the causes of BP

Remember all that stuff about how, in the era of globalisation, footloose capital can go where it likes and do what it likes? Apparently governments would elbow each other aside in their eagerness to do its will. Somehow I don’t think this is how it feels to Tony Hayward, chief executive of BP.


Remembering Bloody Sunday after Saville

The pain and injustice of generations lifted when Lord Saville released his report into Bloody Sunday last week.

The government's lies about public sector pensions

David Cameron and Nick Clegg are saying that "gold-plated" public sector pensions are "unaffordable" and "unfair". The right wing media is pumping out propaganda day after day claiming that the cost of the pensions is soaring.

When Captain Swing threatened our rulers

Some think that British history is one of peaceful, gradual reform. This feeds the myth that we have benevolent rulers who act in our interests—or who can be pressured into acting in our interests.


Cultural events at the Marxism 2010 festival

Here are some of the cultural highlights from the festival next week.

The Lacuna - Barbara Kingsolver

Many of Socialist Worker’s readers will have read and enjoyed Barbara Kingsolver’s novel The Poisonwood Bible about the way individual lives were shaped by colonialism in the Congo.

Socialist comics interviewed: exposing the emperor’s nakedness

Steve Parry is a comedian, actor and writer. He is a stand up comedian and writes for the Frank Skinner Show.

What We Think

Stop them dismantling state education

Attention has rightly focused on the budget this week. But in the background the Tories are steadily dismantling state education.

Strike back against Tory budget misery

Tory prime minister David Cameron says the government’s austerity budget will "change our way of life". It won’t change the life of a millionaire like him in the slightest, of course, but for millions of workers it means a swathe of attacks.

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Leon Kuhn: 'Here's Georgie!'

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Tim: 'All in it together'



In their own words

‘The champagne corks will be popping in the City tonight as the bankers and speculators realise they have got away with the biggest financial heist in history.’ Bob Crow, leader of the RMT union, on the budget

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