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Issue: 2208

Dated: 03 Jul 2010

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Tory scum

Not a day passes without the Tories coming up with new plans to batter workers and the poor.

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Is Britain more racist than it used to be?

The police are seven times more likely to stop and search you if you’re black than if you’re white, a government report revealed last week.

The truth about the Tories’ cuts budget - the poorest lose the most

The budget is even worse than many analysts suggest! Landman Economics and the Fabian Society, have produced a model for the TUC and Unison over the last few months which shows how public spending affects different households and income groups.

Jail after web comments

A young man who had initially been accused of encouraging the murder of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair was jailed for five years last week.

Another attack on immigrants

Home secretary Theresa May has brought in an immediate cap on the number of workers able to enter Britain – and suggested that in future employers might have to get private health insurance for migrant workers.

Tories keep 28 days terror law

The Tory-Lib Dem coalition has renewed New Labour’s policy of 28 days’ detention without charge for terror suspects. It shows its claim of being in favour of greater liberties is a sham.

EDL and BNP - 'Tommy Robinson' link

"Tommy Robinson" – spokesperson for the English Defence League (EDL) and a founder member of the group – is a Nazi.

Nazis are jailed for inciting race hate

Two Nazis – Michael Heaton from Wigan, Greater Manchester, and Trevor Hannington, from Cardiff in South Wales – have been sentenced to a total of

Pensions: ‘We don’t want to die on our feet at work’

Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith is lying in order to attack pensions.

Busting Tory lies over workers’ life expectancy

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show

Remembering Paps two years on

Family and friends of Habib "Paps" Ullah are to hold a vigil on the second anniversary of his death in police custody in High Wycombe.

Pilkington tile workers hold protest over cuts

Workers at Pilkington Ceramic Tiles in Swinton, Salford, protested at their factory on Monday over job cuts. The company went into administration last week.

Action threat brings gain at GKN

More than 500 workers at vehicle parts maker GKN Sankey in Telford, Shropshire, have called off a planned strike after winning concessions over pay.

Transfer is a threat to car jobs

Workers at Jaguar Land Rover in Coventry are to ballot for industrial action over the factory’s sale to new owners.

Lancashire pay cut boss resigns

A council boss who pushed through a pay review that left thousands of workers worse off has resigned.

Mid Yorks NHS Trust workers vote to resist attacks

Unison union stewards at the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust last week voted unanimously to resist managment’s attacks.

Healthcare threatened across Shropshire

NHS services across Shropshire are under attack.

Strike closes Glasgow exhibition

Striking workers shut down a major exhibition in Glasgow last weekend.

Cleaners in Kensington and Chelsea fight for better pay

Migrant workers in one of London’s wealthiest boroughs are organising to fight for better pay.

Tube Lines is a fight for job security

The solid strike last week by Tube Lines maintenance workers on London Underground rocked management.

Firefighters' vuvuzelas blare out against fire danger

Up to 500 London firefighters held a noisy vuvuzela trumpet protest outside a fire authority bosses’ meeting on Thursday of last week.

Workers' anger at meeting of G20 leaders in Canada

"Corporate greed is terrorism." That was the message that striking Vale Inco miners took to a 25,000-strong march against the G20 in Toronto, Canada, last Saturday.

G20 World leaders draw up plans for more savage attacks on workers

The G8 and G20 summits in Toronto had to cover up splits between governments over economic policy.

BA cabin crew must demand union acts

British Airways is recruiting a new workforce so it can get rid of existing cabin crew.

London Underground management hit hard by Tube Lines strikers

The 48 hour strike by maintenance workers on the London Underground (LU) last week was fantastic. Staff working for Tube Lines carrying out maintenance work on the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Northern lines were striking over jobs, working conditions, pay and parity with Metronet LU workers.

BP’s Gulf oil cleanup harms workers

BP took Allen "Rookie" Kruse’s livelihood. In response he took his own life. His suicide last week is just one tragic example of the devastation that BP continues to cause.

Manchester lecturers go into battle against bullying bosses

Lecturers at Manchester College were set to strike on Wednesday of this week. They are battling bosses who want to rip up their terms and conditions and have already derecognised their UCU union.

Cadbury College strike

Workers at Cadbury College, Birmingham, struck on Tuesday this week and on Thursday last week over restructuring plans. Workers in the NUT, ATL and NASUWT unions took united action.

UCU plans national ballots

The lecturers’ UCU union is set to hold national strike ballots of members over jobs and pay.

Teachers take action over job cuts

Teachers at Lister Community school, east London, began a three-day strike this week. They also struck on Wednesday and Thursday of last week over plans to sack three teachers and increase the workload.

Campaign Teacher meeting

The left within the NUT union met at a Campaign Teacher conference last Saturday.

Sandwell bin deal stinks

Refuse workers in Sandwell, West Midlands, have begun an unofficial work-to-rule. They are set to lose up to £8,000 a year under a "single status" pay deal.

National Shop Stewards Network conference

Around 250 trade unionists and other activists met for the annual conference of the National Shop Stewards Network on Saturday.

Maple Leaf dispute

Workers at Maple Leaf bakery in Walsall were to announce the result of their ballot as Socialist Worker went to press.

Fujitsu fat cat rewards

IT giant Fujitsu has sent more than 50 top bosses on an all-expenses paid holiday to Bermuda—while the firm’s 14,000 workers face a pay freeze.

Shock new report says Osborne’s cuts will kill

The cuts planned by the Tories will cause up to 38,000 extra deaths in Britain over the next ten years due to their impact on poor people’s health and stress levels.

Attacks on incapacity benefit hit most vulnerable

Sick and disabled people face a new round of punitive testing and assessment—and many will be forced to look for work that is not suitable for them.

Academies: resistance grows to Tory plans

The Anti Academies Alliance held a 250-strong meeting in London Last week.

NHS facing staff shortages—and hospital sell-off

Doctors’ leaders warned this week that the NHS is facing a wave of cuts—even before the government starts slashing its budget.

Wealthiest get richer

The rich aren’t suffering from the ongoing economic crisis—instead they continue to get richer.

School meals plan ‘makes life harder’

There is growing anger at the Tories’ decision to scrap the extension of free school meals to 500,000 children from the poorest families.

‘Get out of your home’ and work

The Tories want the unemployed to give up their council homes and move in search of work.

Man driven to suicide after losing job

The economic crisis is plunging workers into terrible poverty, stress and despair.

New government’s torture cover-up

Human Rights Watch published a report this week that says Britain has "pursued a series of counter-terrorism policies that undermine the absolute prohibition on torture".

Manchester College lecturers strike for their union

"Manchester College hear us say – our union is here to stay!" That was the chant taken up by college teachers on their march round Manchester city centre today.

Marxism festival opens with packed rally

Over 1,100 people crammed into Friends House in central London for a packed opening rally of the Marxism 2010 festival tonight, Thursday.


Mining bosses provoke fall of Australian Labour prime minister

The Australian Labour prime minister, Kevin Rudd, has been ousted from office after a storm of opposition from powerful mining bosses to a planned tax on their profits.

Austerity provokes a summer of resistance across Europe

A general strike brought Greece to a halt on Tuesday.

Garment workers rebellion in Bangladesh

For the last few weeks Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, and its outskirts have witnessed a rebellion by 100,000 garment workers.

Poorest to pay for millionaires’ debt in Japan

Japan’s Prime Minister has announced plans to make the poorest in society pay for a debt which currently amounts to almost 230 percent of their GDP, the highest of any industrialised country.


False logic linking race and crime

An article written in the Sunday Telegraph newspaper last weekend pushed the idea that ethnicity and crime are linked.

McChrystal sacking won’t solve US war crisis

In April 1951 US president Harry Truman sacked general of the army Douglas MacArthur, commander of the United Nations (UN) forces in Korea.


The Red in the Rainbow: still fighting for LGBT rights

The Red in the Rainbow, Hannah Dee’s new book on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) struggle, comes at an important time.

British Muslim: ‘Did Britain set me up to be tortured?’

Adil has faced state racism in Britain from an early age. "The police harassment started when I was a kid.", he said. "In 1996 me and my brother went to martial arts classes at an Islamic Centre.

How unrest built the 'new unions'

Some argue that attacks on workers’ rights and trade unions mean that workers are less able to fight—let alone make a revolution. Others cite the relative low level of strikes as proof that class struggle is dead.


National Theatre Welcome to Thebes competition winner

Congratulations to Siobhan Brown, the lucky winner of our competition!

Francis Alys

Alys explores political conflict using film, postcards, painting and drawing.

Barefoot Hope/Mr Mandela - Trenton and Free Radical

Fronted by South African vocalist Trenton Birch, this collective of musicians from different African nations blend hip-hop, electro and global influences to create good time music perfect for summer. They also put out a political message of unity.

Good Hair

The comedian Chris Rock journeys through the US talking to African American women about their striving for "good hair". Hair is a multi-billion dollar business – from hugely expensive real hair weaves to the chemical straightener many black women use.

Dole not Coal - Fresh material unearthed for new miners’ strike film

This new documentary tells the inspiring but sad tale of the 1984–5 Miners’ Strike.

Detroit Disassembled: America’s decaying yet determined industrial heart

For generations, millions of Americans looked upon Detroit as the epitome of the capitalist American Dream.

What We Think

As TUC invites Cameron to speak, we need a fightback not paralysis at top

In a remarkable outburst of appeasement, the TUC general council has invited Tory prime minister David Cameron to address its congress in September.

Workers' revolt in China and Bangladesh challenges myths of globalisation

The new era of globalised production was meant to avoid two things—economic crises and workers’ resistance.

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Colin Gill 1937 - 2010

In his own words, Colin Gill was an "experienced time traveller and rebel".

Tim: Get on your bike

Tim: Thatcherism's smirking face


Lib Dems betrayed us Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Sheffield city centre on Tuesday of last week to protest at the Con-Dem government’s emergency budget and its attacks on working class people.

In their own words

‘A commentator in El Pais, a Spanish paper, claims that England’s loss to Germany reflects Thatcherism’s demoralising effects on the English proletariat.’

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