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Issue: 2209

Dated: 10 Jul 2010

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The Tories want Blood: We need a fightback

The Tories have declared war on the working class—and it is the biggest struggle we have faced since the mid-1980s, when the miners took on Margaret Thatcher.

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Numbers swell at Marxism 2010 festival of resistance

More than 3,900 people booked up in advance for the annual Marxism festival in central London last weekend—and hundreds more bought tickets during the event.

Greeks bring inspiration to Marxism 2010

The spirit of international resistance ran through the meetings, with much discussion of the turmoil and fightback in Greece.

Jury: It’s right to destroy weapons

A jury at Hove Crown Court last week acquitted seven activists who last year broke into an arms manufacturer and damaged equipment.

London Pride festival shows anger at Tories, despite business takeover

Over a million lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and their supporters took part in the annual London Pride march last Saturday.

The savage cuts have started in your council

Local councils across Britain have unleashed vicious cuts packages that could destroy workers’ pay and conditions—and vital public services—if they are not opposed.

Glasgow council workers strike again

Strikes by Glasgow Life (previously Glasgow Culture and Sport) workers last Saturday and Sunday shut down the People’s Palace, and led to the closure of an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (pictured).

Unofficial walkout over safety at construction site

Some 100 ConocoPhillips workers on the Lindsey oil refinery site walked out over safety on Wednesday of last week after a man was killed in an explosion.

Resistance stalled at British Airways as Unite union delays

BA has launched an all-out war on cabin crew. It wants to cut jobs, attack pay and conditions and undermine them with a new "mixed fleet"—workers that will be employed on less pay and with worse conditions.

We need to fight mail centre closures

Royal Mail is threatening thousands of jobs by unleashing a raft of mail centre closures across Britain.

Jobs threat at Accenture

IT services provider Accenture is threatening to cut up to 200 jobs.

Industrial action threat at Corus

Workers at the Corus steel plant in Scunthorpe have told bosses they will be balloting for industrial action unless two of their colleagues are reinstated.

Campaign marches on for Shrewsbury pickets

Hundreds of people from around the country joined a march through Shrewsbury last Saturday.

Is it only organised workers who have power?

Marxists believe that the core strength of the working class lies in the way it is concentrated in the workplace. Workers have the most power at the point of production.

Former Visteon workers set to sue Ford

Former Ford workers are set to sue Visteon for "robbing" their pensions.

Housing activists discuss attacks

Defend Council Housing is holding a national meeting in Sheffield this Saturday.

Work makes you sick, say doctors

Work is making people ill. GPs have found that 41 percent of depressed patients were aged between 30 and 39—and just

Flying into more volcanic danger

The government is set to make it easier for airlines to fly planes through dangerous volcanic ash.

Ealing holds cuts meeting

More than 60 people attended a public meeting on Thursday of last week in Ealing, west London, to express their vehement opposition to the government’s cuts to public services.

Winchester demo over libraries

Activists are preparing for a demonstration to defend library services in Winchester, Hampshire, this Saturday.

Don’t believe Tories’ ‘official’ lies on cuts

Over 1.3 million people will lose their jobs because of the cuts, the government’s own figures showed last week.

Are we heading for a double dip recession?

As governments try to slash public spending, they risk pushing the world back into recession—the dreaded "double dip".

Kohler Mira bath workers strike

More than 800 workers at bathroom company Kohler Mira struck over pay on Wednesday of last week.

Support grows for next week’s protest to stop the EDL in Dudley

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is organising counter-protests against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Dudley on Saturday 17 July and in Bradford on 28 August.

Colin Gill funeral

Colin Gill’s family would like to invite friends and comrades to his funeral at 2pm, Monday 12 July at Lambeth Crematorium, Blackshaw Road, London SW27. Followed by food and drinks from 3pm, Corner Pin Pub, 10 Summerstown, corner of Riverside Road, Tooting.

Unions challenge BBC cuts threats

The NUJ, Bectu and Unite unions have warned that they could launch a strike ballot at the BBC over attacks on pay and pensions.

Tube bosses want to put safety at risk

London underground (LU) bosses are waging war on their employees’ safety rights.

Manchester College on strike

Manchester College lecturers struck and marched round the city centre on Wednesday of last week over the derecognition of the workers’ UCU union.

Anti-union laws used to cut off BT strike

A strike ballot by workers at British Telecom (BT) was cancelled this week after bosses threatened the CWU union with a legal challenge.

St Aloysius teachers build action from the foundations

Teachers in the NUT union at St Aloysius College, in Islington, north London, took their second day of strike action on Thursday of last week.

Exclusive: the story of the British soldier jailed for turning against the Iraq war

"I think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are wrong. These wars are illegal and we shouldn’t be out there," says Ross.

Veteran's story - 'We come home and are thrown on the scrapheap'

"When I was in Colchester at military prison I shared a cell with Joe Glenton," says Ross. "Joe was jailed for refusing to fight in Afghanistan."

Government knew the Iraq war was illegal

Former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith warned Tony Blair three months before the Iraq war that an invasion would be illegal, secret memos showed last week.

Tories dragging their heels on Afghan withdrawal

The Tory government says it has set a timetable for withdrawal from Afghanistan—but then said it hadn’t.

Landmark appeal for activists imprisoned over Gaza solidarity protests

Tuesday 13 July will see a landmark appeal in the Royal Courts of Justice.

40 percent cuts must not go unchallenged

The Tories are threatening to cut 40 percent of the public sector as they slash and burn their way through our services.

British soldier speaks out against the war

The British army uses up and spits out young working class men in pursuit of their bloody, illegal wars.

Billions to be cut from public services

The reality of the cuts is starting to hit home.

Low paid workers wages too low to live on

Low paid workers are increasingly struggling to get by because of soaring inflation, research suggests.

Stop the privatisation of Royal Mail

The government last week ramped up threats to privatise Royal Mail, but suggested that any sell-off would be accompanied by a share offer aimed at postal workers.

Tory cuts plans exposed in Barnet

Eric Pickles, the Tory communities ministers, has launched an attack on "non-jobs" created by councils.

Crisis? No crisis for the rich

Tory toffs keep rich friends close The government has appointed Sebastian James to review how money is spent on schools.

BNP fail in attempt to get back onto Barking council

The BNP’s Richard Barnbrook was defeated in a council by-election in Goresbrook ward in Barking and Dagenham, East London, yesterday.


Sixth full general strike to hit Greece

The sixth full one-day general strike this year was to rock Greece on Thursday of this week.

Transport workers hit the Madrid metro in strike over pay cuts

Transport workers on the Madrid metro struck for four days last week over pay cuts, shutting down all 12 lines and bringing the city to a standstill.


Prison doesn't work - but don't trust Ken Clarke

The tory justice secretary Kenneth Clarke last week sent right wing politicians into fits of rage with his plans to reduce the prison population.

From Russia with ineptitude

The British media took the opportunity to take us back to the Cold War era when the US arrested 11 Russian spies last week.


Tariq Ali: Islamophobia exposed

‘We live in dangerous and unpredictable times. If anyone had suggested 30 or 40 years ago that one of the central issues we would be discussing was Islam or religion, we would have laughed.

The union leaders and revolution

The outbreak of war in 1914 dampened class struggle in Britain—but not for long.

Hinchingbrooke hospital: being handed over to fat cats

For the first time ever health bosses plan to hand over the management of an entire NHS district hospital to a private company.


Wales Mediatheque

Wrexham Library is home to the first Mediatheque in Wales.

Fantasies, Follies and Disasters: The Prints of Francisco de Goya

Goya was court painter to the Spanish royals in the 1790s.

Disco Discharge: Pink Pounders

This new compilation is a 21-track tribute to "Gay Disco and Hi-NRG classics".

Alan Plater: attacking the rich with hate and humour

That television and plays can be popular, funny and political is generally seen as impossible.

Kanaval: Vodou, Politics and Revolution on the Streets of Haiti

This impressive collection of black and white photographs brings together the visual spectacle of the Haitian carnival with the politics behind the drive to reclaim Haiti’s past.

What We Think

Make 3 October a day of rage at Tory cuts

The Tories’ war on the working class has begun in earnest. The severity of attacks on jobs, services, pensions and rights at work is becoming clearer by the day.

Capitalism turns up the temperature

New research shows that the temperature of the planet will rise by up to 4 degrees Celsius by 2100—even if world leaders meet their targets to cut carbon emissions.

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Ken Coates 1930–2010

Ken Coates, a leading figure on the British left, has died aged 79.

Tim: equal sacrifice

Tim: Broken Britain



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