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Issue: 1771

Dated: 20 Oct 2001

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Stop the bombing now

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US bombs kill whole families

BUSH AND Blair don't want to admit their war has slaughtered ordinary men, women and children in Afghanistan. We have only seen a glimpse of the horror of war in some pictures in newspapers and on the television.

Voice of the movement

THE demonstrations in London and Glasgow last Saturday showed more than just the size of the opposition to the war. They also showed how that opposition is benefiting from the impact of the anti-capitalist movement from Seattle to Genoa.

Outrage in Oldham

OLDHAM COUNCIL, led by the Liberals, has given racists a boost by withdrawing permission for the anti-racist Respect Festival, which was planned for the town this Saturday. It had been organised by a broad coalition, including Oldham United Against Racism, North West Region TUC and the Anti Nazi League. The festival was expected to bring together 10,000 black and white people, most of them young.

Close Faslane

PROTESTERS will blockade the Faslane Trident nuclear base on the Clyde near Glasgow on Monday. The demonstration will have a special urgency because it will also be against the bombing of Afghanistan.

Whisking the bosses

WORKERS AT whisky makers Chivas Regal took part in a third day of strike action on Wednesday of last week. The workers, members of the GMB, AEEU and MSF unions, voted to strike by an overwhelming four to one in an attempt to win a pay rise.

Drivers confused about tube deal

THE planned strike by train drivers in the ASLEF and RMT unions on London Underground was called off by union leaders on Thursday of last week just hours before action was due to start.

In brief

THE SOCIAL services branch of the UNISON union in Waltham Forest has passed a motion calling for one-day strike action against £2.5 million of council cuts. Workers and the local community were set to lobby the council on Thursday of this week.

Postal workers

SUPPORT IS growing for Mark Dolan, the post worker and union activist in north London who faces the sack. Management have accelerated the normal disciplinary code. They have already said Mark is guilty of harassment and gross misconduct. They will now have formal interviews and hearings!

Tanker drivers

TANKER DRIVERS working for P&O Trans European called off last weekend's strikes after P&O bosses came up with a new offer in the pay dispute. The drivers, members of the TGWU union, have held national strikes for 24 hours and at weekends for the last month.

Bus workers

BUS WORKERS employed by the giant Stagecoach company in the north east of England have voted for a series of one-day strikes over pay, due to start on Friday of this week. Multi-millionaire Brian Souter runs Stagecoach.


ROSSINGTON Miners are back on all-out strike. They returned to work for one day last week to overcome legal complications. The decision to return to work for 24 hours was taken after NUM members voted to strike in a second ballot.

Going all out to end low pay

HUNDREDS OF low paid women workers in hospitals across Glasgow are preparing for an all-out strike to force hospital bosses to give them better pay and conditions. They are 300 medical secretaries who have a vital role to play in healthcare provision in hospitals.

Strike spreads

THE NEW Labour government could face a strike by tens of thousands of workers in job centres across Britain if the current strike is escalated to national action.

Keep pressure on

SOME 1,700 workers have thrown down the gauntlet to a leading multinational after voting overwhelmingly for strike action. Workers at Scottish Power and Manweb were set to hold their first two-day strike next week.

Sell off trashed

BIN WORKERS in Brighton have scored another success against privatisation after the council turned down the Serviceteam firm last week. It is their second blow to the New Labour council's efforts to privatise the service.

Merchants of greed squeal for more

SOME OF the world's richest and greediest people have launched a squealing campaign to get money from us so they can become even richer. The government has given in to them, and has donated over £700 million to this wealthy gang.


Bush and Blair fear mass revolt

GEORGE BUSH and Tony Blair are terrified that the US and Britain's pummelling of Afghanistan will lead to upheaval across the Middle East. That is what is behind all their talk of "losing the media war".


University of the streets

IF YOU were a president trying to run a war, what would most scare you? Because Afghanistan is desperately poor, let's leave aside here the possibility that your enemy has bigger weapons than you. Mind you, some of the briefings and reports would have us believe that £1 billion jets flying at supersonic speed over Kabul are facing terrible risks. Apart from a pilot choking on his chewing gum, it's difficult to see any danger awaiting the US air force.


Urgent Appeal to all readers

SOCIALIST WORKER is proud of the role we are playing in helping to build opposition to Bush and Blair's war. We have thrown all our resources into ensuring posters, placards and stickers carrying the anti-war message are out across Britain. We hope our readers share our pride in Socialist Worker's role in carrying the facts and arguments to challenge the warmongers' lies, and in arming people with the arguments, reports and analysis to build the movement.

Two centuries of imperialism

"MR BLAIR made the extraordinary admission that the West was in danger of losing the propaganda war. A senior aide conceded that Osama Bin Laden's broadcast had found a receptive audience in the Middle East." That was the Guardian reporting on Tony Blair's tour of the Middle East last week.

How they carved up the Middle East

WESTERN powers have intervened in the Middle East for over 200 years. Here are just some of the key events in this bloody history of imperialist intervention in the region:

Devastation on the jobs front

"MY MUM used to tell us about life under Thatcher in the 1980s, when hundreds of jobs went every day and half of industry went to the wall. I could only imagine what that was like-until now."

The economic counterpart to Bush's war

THE LEADERS of the world's richest countries are just over two weeks away from a meeting aimed at pumping more money out of the poorest people across the globe. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is due to meet in Qatar, a despotic regime in the Middle East, in the second week of November.

Labour, the left & a century of war

ANYONE WHO listened to the debate in parliament on 8 October about the war in Afghanistan would have been struck immediately by one fact-nobody spoke clearly for an immediate end to the attacks by the US and Britain. A handful of MPs raised serious questions about the war aims, details of the attacks and what should happen next. But nobody said the war was wrong in principle.


Brothers in arms?

IT PERHAPS seems strange to be watching a TV series about war as the US and Britain set off on another bombing crusade-but Band of Brothers, a Second World War drama with a budget of £80 million, hit our screens last week.

Intifada-hope for a people

TO UNDERSTAND why thousands of Palestinians have risked their lives to challenge the might of the Israeli state in the last 12 months, read The New Intifada: Resisting Israel's Apartheid. The book, edited by US journalist Roane Carey, "arose out of disgust at the mainstream media's constant misinterpretation of the basic facts of this uprising". It brings together many of the best writers who oppose Israel's brutal repression of the Palestinian people.

What We Think

Fight this barbarity

US AND British forces had bombed Afghanistan for a week and a half as Socialist Worker went to press. Their "war on terrorism" means killing innocent Afghans in revenge for the attacks on the World Trade Centre-attacks which didn't involve a single Afghan. Yet, despite the carnage Bush and Blair are raining down on Afghanistan, the US and Britain are worried the war is not going their way.

Other Categories

German Green war machine

THE ONCE-pacifist German Green Party held a conference two weeks ago where the leadership announced its support for Bush's war against Afghanistan. Green Party leader and foreign minister Joschka Fischer's speech echoed the war hysteria and propaganda of Bush, Blair, and German chancellor Gerhard Schröder of the Social Democratic Party.

Imperialism is the fundamental enemy

BUSH AND Blair are trying to cloak their war in Afghanistan behind the claim that it is about opposing the threat of "Islamic fundamentalism". The hypocrisy stinks. The US and its allies trained, armed and funded the Taliban forces in Afghanistan. The US has also nurtured the Islamic state of Saudi Arabia.

Milan tragedy: Airport didn't install radar

ONE TRAGEDY that didn't get the amount of coverage it deserved recently was the plane disaster at Milan airport that killed 118 people. A passenger plane smashed into a smaller private jet in foggy conditions because the airport's ground radar had not been working for years.

Police attack demo against privatisation

POLICE ATTACKED over 300 protesters outside the Public-Private Partnership second annual global summit, hosted by the Irish government in Dublin on Wednesday of last week.

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