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Issue: 2213

Dated: 07 Aug 2010

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Bankers are greedy pigs

It’s boom time for the bankers again.

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Housing benefit cuts will make disabled people more vulnerable

The Tories’ planned changes to housing benefit could drive thousands of disabled people from their homes.

‘It’s like the Tories are ghettoising poor people’

Clare suffers from depression and mental health problems, and is unable to work. She lives in Leeds and relies on housing benefit. She spoke to Socialist Worker about the impact the Tory proposals will have on her life.

‘Without my benefit I’d be living on the streets’

Lesley Fitzsimmons is a single parent living in Luton, Bedfordshire. She spoke to Socialist Worker about surviving on benefits.

Government lies about housing benefit payouts

Tory cuts to housing benefit will affect around one million people.

Hospital campaigners lay down a marker

Activists from the Defend Whittington Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital campaigns in north London came together on Thursday of last week to hand in a petition at the department of health against plans for closures at London’s hospitals.

Ian Tomlinson commemoration

Activists hail Yunus Bakhsh’s victimisation victory

The victory of leading trade unionist Yunus Bakhsh over his former employers at an Employment Tribunal last month continues to send shockwaves through the movement.

Why is Yunus treated as Unison’s enemy within?

Unison members will find no mention of the fact that Yunus resoundingly won his Tribunal in the statement the union issued about his case last week.

Yunus’ fight for justice

August 2006: Yunus reveals that Trust bosses have given themselves whopping pay rises while planning cuts to patient mealsSeptember 2006: Yunus is illegally suspended from work after an anonymous letter of complaint against him. His NHS Trust mounts an "investigation"November 2006: Yunus is diagnosed as suffering from depression January 2007: Unison suspends Yunus from his elected positions on basis of the same "evidence" used by TrustJune 2008: Trust sacks Yunus despite him being declared as too sick to attend disciplinary hearings<

Defend Hastings PCS union rep

PCS union branch secretary Sam Buckley has become the fifth union officer to be sacked from the Child Support Agency in Hastings in two and a half years. He was sacked on charges of "incapability".

Tram workers stand up for union

Supertram workers in Sheffield have voted to strike over the derecognition of a union rep.

Solidarity lives at Tolpuddle

Tour guides at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum in Dorset are striking over pay.

Action gets pay results at Astrum

A strike by workers at Astrum engineering in Stanhope, County Durham, has won an improved pay offer.

Billingsgate porters protest

Prison lecturers to strike

Prison educators at more than 70 prisons and young offender institutions were set to strike on Wednesday of this week over attacks on their terms and conditions.

Jerry Hicks wins backing in Unite leadership contest

Activists in the Unite union are winning nominations for Jerry Hicks for the union’s general secretary election.

Rail safety still at risk, says Potters Bar coroner

The jury at the inquest into the 2002 Potters Bar rail crash inquest last week found that unsafe points outside the Hertfordshire station were to blame for the incident in which seven people died.

Tube battle hots up after bosses’ threats

Trade unions on London Underground have reacted with fury to bosses’ threats to rip up an agreement on job protection unless they call off their industrial action ballots.

Council cuts around the country

Darlington: £22.6 million cuts from its £107 million budgetBirmingham: cutting £75 million and planning to axe up to 2,000 jobs and shut care homesDudley: revised its cuts up from £30 million to £70 millionCroydon: pushing through £1.7 million cuts in staff costs. Planning to cut funding to ten projects for voluntary groups that support disabled and young peopleAndover: announced £30 million worth of cuts to children’s services, which will slash 185 jobsSheffield: announced an immediate £6.5 million cutsJersey:

Bus workers in Essex take action

Drivers and engineers at First Bus in Essex are set to strike on Monday of next week.

Celebrating LGBT pride in Norwich

Warwickshire firefighters plan action

The FBU firefighters’ union is to hold branch meetings across Warwickshire to discuss action against bosses’ plans to close three fire stations.

Fire bosses back off in London

London fire bosses backed off from a threat to start the process of sacking the city’s firefighters last Saturday.

Parents to protest over Salford maternity threat

Salford parents are set to march again in September in an effort to save their local hospital’s maternity unit.

BBC workers begin ballot over pensions

Trade unionists at the BBC were to begin their ballots for strike action this week over attacks on their pensions.

Council workers fighting back

Lancashire Up to 10,000 workers at Lancashire council began industrial action from Tuesday over changes to conditions and pay cuts.

Kurd kills himself over asylum case

An Iraqi Kurd jumped to his death in Nottingham after hearing that he had been denied legal aid to fight his asylum case.

Campaign stops deportation of NUJ's Charles Atangana

Campaigners in Glasgow were relieved on Monday after Charles Atangana won a temporary halt to his forced deportation.

Unions will put the case for a co-ordinated fightback to cuts at TUC conference

A number of trade unions are calling on the TUC to organise a co-ordinated fightback against the wave of attacks workers face.

Get to Birmingham on 3 October

Everyone who wants to be part of the battle against the cuts needs to be in Birmingham at 12 noon on Sunday 3 October for the demonstration at the Tory Party conference.

Exclusive: Tories secret plans to deport children

The Tories have a secret plan to make it easier to deport children.

Local resistance rocks councils

Campaigners in Portsmouth last week showed how to stand up to the councils that are driving through cuts that will devastate working class people’s lives.

Join protest at court to demand justice for Martin Smith

Veteran anti-fascist campaigner Martin Smith is to appear in court on Tuesday 7 September.

Lord Hutton is wrong–we can afford decent pensions

The TUC’s evidence to Lord Hutton’s pensions review smashes the lie that public sector pensions are a drain on the state.

Harassment starts in run up to Notting Hill Carnival

Police have begun using their annual excuse to harass and arrest black people.

British Airways: what the hell is the Unite union doing?

Cabin crew at British Airways are still waiting for their Unite union to call a fresh strike ballot—despite rejecting a "final offer" from BA over two weeks ago.

Self-harm rife in Britain's prisons

There were 24,114 incidents of self-harm in prisons in England and Wales last year.

Benefits cut a day after brain surgery

The savagery of the government clampdown on benefits was highlighted in one case last week.

Weapons of mass destruction: Why would bosses blow up the planet?

At 8.15am on 6 August 1945, in the last days of the Second World War, the US dropped a nuclear bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later it dropped another on Nagasaki.

Unite Against Fascism: Why it is right to peacefully oppose the EDL in Bradford

A statement from Unite Against Fascism

Paul Mackney joins debate on the EDL in Bradford

Put faith in the state at your own peril I write with a heavy heart. I never thought I'd live to see a successor to Maurice Ludmer at Searchlight saying that we should, essentially, put our faith in the state, the police and the government to stop fascist elements terrorising our communities (M Star August 2). If that is all that is needed, then the very reason for Searchlight's existence has gone.

TUC analysis: More than 900,000 families set to lose £12 a week in housing benefit

Analysis by the Trades Union Congress of June's Emergency Budget published today (Thursday) reveals that 936,960 households across the UK will each lose around £12 a week (£624 a year) as a result of changes to housing benefit (HB) announced in the Budget.

Video of tremendous Belfast Pride

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Afghanistan: how Nato forces gunned down peaceful protesters

The release by WikiLeaks of over 90,000 secret documents has underlined the vicious nature of the occupation of Afghanistan.


Greek truckers’ strike ends but anger remains

A potent strike by Greece’s truck drivers last week marked a new stage in the fight against austerity measures being imposed on the country’s people.

Haneen Zoabi's message to Israel: I’ll be back on the flotilla

Haneen Zoabi, the Palestinian member of Israel’s parliament who went on the flotilla to Gaza, vowed that she will do it again at a meeting in London last Wednesday.

Garment workers strike back in Cambodia

Some 3,000 garment workers in Cambodia struck last week in defence of a suspended union rep.

Solidarity appeal from Lebanese sit-in

Open Sit-In Since 12 July 2010, workers of the FuturePipe Factory in North Lebanon have been holding an open sit-in protesting against the closure of the factory. The management of the factory had stated that the reason behind closure is due to significant losses.


Love Parade tragedy: how profits replaced peace

The Love Parade was a disaster waiting to happen. It seems that almost everyone involved in the event knew that but, in the end, profits mattered more than human life.

Sarkozy's racist scapegoating

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is using vicious scapegoating to try to distract attention from a government expenses scandal and a revolt against his pensions attacks.

The banks evade justice - for now

THREE YEARS ago this week the global financial crisis began. Back then it was called the "credit crunch" and seemed a bit quaint and obscure.


Can capitalism live without the welfare state?

The benefits system is on the verge of collapse—or at least that’s what Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith claimed as he launched the latest attack on the welfare state last week.

Which way now in Latin America?

The film director Oliver Stone’s latest documentary, South of the Border, sets out to counter the lies and myths about the revolutions in Latin America over the last decade.

Dreaming of a better world isn’t utopian

The possibility of removing capitalism is back on the agenda.


Light Shining in Buckinghamshire competition results

Congratulations to David Thorpe and Despina Mavrou who won the tickets to see Caryl Churchill’s Light Shining in Buckinghamshire at the Arcola Theatre in London.

The Beat Hotel - the photography of Harold Chapman

Described as "one of the best photographers of his generation", Chapman meticulously chronicled residents of the aptly nick named Beat Hotel in Paris’ Latin Quarter in the middle of the 20th century.

Singerella: A Ghetto Fairy Tale - Gary Bartz Ntu Troop

By 1972 the black power movement had its very own musical outlet in the form of avant-garde jazz.

The A-Team - CIA in dock, even when a plan doesn’t come together

It’s the turn of everyone’s favourite former US soldiers to get a makeover.

What We Think

Pakistan: the West exported the terror

IN Pakistan, where millions of the world’s poorest people are desperately battling to survive the aftermath of torrential rain, the words of David Cameron ring hollow.

It is right to march against the racist EDL

Racist and fascist thugs are planning to descend on Bradford over the August bank holiday weekend.

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