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Issue: 2216

Dated: 28 Aug 2010

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Racist thugs out of Bradford

The racist English Defence League (EDL) is not welcome in Bradford. That’s the message from anti-racist and anti-fascist activists in the city.

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‘The cuts mean my care has been cut by a third’

Terry Wells is blind, diabetic, and needs dialysis three times a week. His life was already hard—but now the Tories have cut his care by a third.

Protest 3 October: Activists unite to take resistance to the heart of government

Trade union backing for the Right to Work protest at the Tory Party conference is growing.

Plymouth launch anti-cuts action plan

Some 65 people attended Plymouth TUC’s Fight the Cuts meeting on Thursday of last week.

Met use Notting Hill Carnival as excuse to harass black people

The traditional harassment of black people by the police in the run-up to the Notting Hill Carnival has begun.

Vigil for Sean Rigg: anger at deaths in police custody

A powerful and emotional vigil to commemorate the second anniversary of the death of Sean Rigg in Brixton police station took place last Saturday.

Miners demand justice after solicitor failings

Miners who suffered long term injury at work are taking a test case in the courts to recover money that is rightfully theirs.

Which way forward for the climate movement?

Environmental activists descended on the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in Edinburgh on Thursday of last week.

Health petition launch

Health activists have launched a petition opposing the Tories’ vicious privatisation threat to the NHS.

Sparks of resistance to fly across London

London firefighters were set to start a ballot for industrial action this Friday, and could soon be voting on full strike action.

Defend the PCS union in Hastings

A demonstration has been called in support of Sam Buckley, the sacked PCS civil service union branch secretary at the Child Support Agency (CSA) in Hastings.

Join lobby to demand a TUC demo against cuts

Support is growing for a lobby of the TUC conference next month called by the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN).

Industrial news in brief

Bitter pill for Astra Zeneca

Stop the War hold BBC protest

Campaigners from Manchester Stop the War protested at the BBC last Sunday after its biased Panorama programme about the Israeli attack on the Gaza aid flotilla. The programme presented Israeli commandos, who killed nine aid activists, as the victims.

Means testing benefits traps millions in poverty

The government is preparing to means test key benefits such as child benefit and the pensioners’ winter fuel payment.

Tories court millionaires-if they can get away with it

The Tories have been trying to appoint multi-millionaire tax exile David Rowland as Conservative Party treasurer.

Government lies to hide health cuts

Up to 1,750 NHS workers in the North East of England will lose their jobs in the next few years, according to a report.

News in brief

Cuts can’t be progressive

Backing grows for Bradford protest

Support for the We Are Bradford event has been growing in the city and nationally.

TUC backing demo on 6 November

The TUC has given its backing to the national demonstration against racism, fascism and Islamophobia on Saturday 6 November in London.

Movement on trial on 7 September

Anti-fascist activists will gather outside a London court to show their support for Unite Against Fascism (UAF) national officer Martin Smith as he stands trial next month.

‘Flush job losses down the Tube’, say workers as they prepare strike

London’s Tube workers are set to strike next month against plans for 800 job cuts.

Ian Tomlinson: Pathologist’s changes let the police off the hook

The pathologist who carried out the first examination of Ian Tomlinson changed key wording from his original postmortem—which made it harder to prosecute anyone for his death.

Huge firefighters rally launches London ballot

Over 800 firefighters packed into an electric FBU union rally in London last night (Tuesday) on the eve of the start of their ballot for industrial action.

As Pakistan capitulates

With deprivation-driven brutal class warfare imminent in Pakistan, decision makers in Washington face the all too real prospect of their puppets no longer being able to exercise the influence desperately needed to safeguard the imperialist project from collapsing in south Asia.

Jerry Hicks' campaign for Unite general secretary going strong

The campaign by Jerry Hicks, the rank and file candidate for the general secretary of the Unite union is going from strength to strength.

Six Bradford councillors back ‘We are Bradford’ event against English Defence League

Six Bradford councillors have announced that they are backing the We are Bradford event to oppose the racist English Defence League this Saturday 28 August.

South Africa: Million-strong strike is gathering pace

Tens of thousands of South African public sector workers marched throughout the country yesterday as part of an all-out strike over pay and conditions.

Bradford against the EDL - coverage as it happens

Socialist Worker will be providing news and pictures of the protests against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Bradford today (see below). Please check regularly for the latest from our team of reporters and photographers.


Stop the persecution of Roma people, stop deportations from France

Some 200 Roma people have been deported from France as part of President Sarkozy’s racist scapegoating. Within weeks 700 Roma will be expelled. So far police have broken up over 50 Roma camps, and Sarkozy has vowed to hit 300.

Pakistan: rage grows as flood rescue fails

Despair is turning to anger in Pakistan as the flooding spreads and the government response continues to fail.

Australia: Protest vote rocks Labour in elections

The Labour party has crashed in a disastrous result in the Australian election. It is the only government since 1931 to face losing power after one term in office.

A million strike in South Africa

The African National Con­gress (ANC) government in South Africa has used the army, police and the courts to try and break a 1.3 million strong public sector workers’ strike. The action involves teachers, civil service workers and health workers.

Pakistan flood: US rains down death as villagers starve

The flooding crisis in Pakistan continues to grow as thousands flee the historic city of Thatta in Sind after the Indus River broke a levee and flooded new areas.

Stikes hit universities in Pakistan

Thousands of lecturers and other education workers at Sindh and Karachi universities in Pakistan are on strike after management refused to increase salaries and pay bonuses.


Slaughter in Iraq is no US victory

A very revealing exchange took place on Radio 4’s Today programme on Thursday of last week.

No to information highway robbery

Search giant Google, together with US telecoms firms Verizon, have almost convinced their country’s communications regulator, the FCC, to let them decide who gets the fastest internet access speeds.


70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain: ‘Our’ finest hour?

The media is saturated with celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the "Spitfire summer" of 1940.

The Politics of aid

Few events expose the moral bankruptcy of capitalism more starkly than the response of our leaders to "natural disasters". This summer the people of Pakistan have suffered floods that have destroyed whole villages and towns, leaving millions of the world’s poorest prey to hunger and disease.

New Orleans: five years after the flood

They call it "the storm" here, like there never was any other storm—but also like you don’t say the other word, just in case.


An industrial revolution in more ways than one

In 1853, 20,000 workers were out on strike in Preston. The city was at the heart of a major battle for a 10 percent pay increase across the cotton industry.

The Girl Who Played With Fire: A compulsive portrait of conspiracy and corruption

This is the second film made from Stieg Larsson’s bestselling Millennium trilogy.

The Leopard - now on re-release

The Leopard is a classic film that tells the story of momentous historical events through the lives of individuals.

Invitation to a Sacrifice: poetry by Dave Lordan

This poetry collection tackles the dominant rhetoric of sacrifice in an Ireland facing recession.

Camille Silvy: Photographer of Modern Life 1834-1910

Camille Silvy was a pioneering but little-known photographer.

What We Think

How can we break the cuts coalition?

THE DEPUTY prime minister and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was extolling the virtues of social mobility last week. He chose to do so while making pizzas at a children’s centre in Shepherd’s Bush in West London.

Unity can overcome racist scapegoating

In the last week we have seen those with power scapegoating those without it—over the proposed mosque in New York, the Notting Hill Carnival, the Roma expulsion in France and attacks on the welfare state in Britain.

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Dennis Martin 1927-2010

Comrades will be sad to hear of the death of Dennis Martin, who died in hospital aged 83. Dennis was a great seller of Socialist Worker, believing that it was a must read for all working people.

Leon's view


Do union leaders matter? The problem with Ian King’s argument that we shouldn’t criticise Derek Simpson (Letters, 21 August) is that it assumes our Unite union is a perfect member-run democracy.

How do we stop the English Defence League?

The racist English Defence League (EDL), which demonstrates in Bradford this Saturday is part of a wider network of racists and fascists.

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