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New Labour repeats racists' lies...and it's the far right who gain
NEW LABOUR ministers are repeating the lies of the racists and the far right. They say there are too many refugees and immigrants in Britain. But the numbers applying for asylum last year amounted to a minuscule 0.12 percent of the population.

How many more must die?
SEVEN MORE victims of rail privatisation. They died last week at Potters Bar, just five miles from Hatfield where another crash killed four people 18 months ago. A rail worker warned his managers of loose bolts and unstable track at Potters Bar just three weeks ago.

Blair says make the poor poorer
TONY BLAIR is preparing to rob child benefit and housing benefit from the poorest families in Britain because their children have been branded "tearaways". He is pressing ahead with the plan despite opposition from even right wing papers that exploit people's fear of crime. Far from cutting crime, Blair's scheme will make it worse. The single biggest cause of crime is poverty.

Organise now to break Nazi threat
THE NAZI British National Party has conned its way into the council chamber for the first time in nine years.

This is how to stop the Nazis

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