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Not one more penny, not one more soldier
New Labour spends £4.2 million a day on occupation

Troops out of Iraq, Blair out of office
THE US and British led occupation of Iraq is a disaster. It is a disaster for the Iraqis, scores of whom are dying every day at the hands of occupying troops or falling prey to hunger and disease. Every day there are more killings, more torture, more horror. The scale of the misery inflicted on Iraq has shocked even those who supported the invasion.

Torture, lies and murder
In 10 June elections vote Respect

Get the troops out
IRAQ 2004: Blair claimed that he would bring human rights to Iraq. This picture shows US troops torturing an Iraqi in Saddam Hussein's old torture chamber. On page five we prove that British troops are also involved in torture. The brutality and killing will continue until we...

Your vote can topple Blair
Join Respect campaign for 10 June

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