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‘The government is trying to deport my brother… even though he is a British citizen’
They came for my brother Saqib at 8am when he was still sleeping. My mother found two vans of police and immigration officers preparing to break our front door down.

Pensioners robbed of £52 a week
The government has stolen £52 a week from every pensioner in Britain – and now they expect us to be grateful when they give back £1.40 and also put up the pension age for every worker!

Blair clears way to attack Iran
Just how far Tony Blair is prepared to go was shown last week when he replaced foreign secretary Jack Straw – because Straw was seen as too soft on Iran. A man who just weeks ago paraded US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice around north west England is now no longer regarded by Blair as being sufficiently enthusiastic about waging war alongside George Bush.

Sweep away Blair’s regime
How much lower can this government sink? The stench of sleaze and hypocrisy lingers all the time – nowhere is it stronger than round the carcass of Charles Clarke.

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