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Issue: 1914

Dated: 14 Aug 2004

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‘He was subjected to physical assault by police officers’

Babar Ahmad was arrested last December in one of home secretary David Blunkett’s "terror" raids. The 30 year old IT worker from Tooting, south London, was released without charge a week later.

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‘Do not allow them to destroy my son’s life’

‘I want you to know the truth about my son. Despite everything that has happened, all the lies and ridiculous allegations, I still believe justice will be done.

Coming together against police terror

Ashfaq Ahmad was speaking at a conference in Tooting, south London, last Sunday to protest against harassment of Muslims by police.

A history of injustices

"FOR OVER 16 years we have been used as political scapegoats. The police told us from the start they knew we hadn’t done it." Paddy Hill one of the Birmingham Six—a group wrongly convicted of terrorist bombing—on his release in March 1991

Defending refugees

Arshad Suhail Masih is one of the many refugee prisoners held at Dungavel prison near Glasgow.

Councillors who don’t know a flaming thing

Duncan Milligan (DM): I’m Duncan Milligan. I’m writing a story for Firefighter. I want to talk about Monday’s vote.

Strike ballot

SOME 50,000 firefighters and emergency control operators were to begin balloting this week for fresh strikes over their long-running pay campaign.


RESPECT ACTIVISTS in Hartlepool have begun their campaign for the forthcoming by-election. The election was sparked by the appointment of Peter Mandelson as a European Commissioner.


TEN WOMEN shop workers at Cadbury World in Birmingham have won their fight for pay parity with Cadbury factory shop staff.

Postal workers

ABOUT 100 York postal workers staged a lightning one-hour strike last week over unpaid bonuses.


MEMBERS OF the TGWU union at the Uniq company in Annan and Finnarts Bay have voted to strike against low pay by a huge majority.


THE NATIONAL Pensioners Convention held a successful meeting recently at the Priory Street Centre in York.

London Region calls for strike when Gordon Brown addresses September’s Labour Party conference

THE TWO-DAY strike of 98,000 workers in job centres and benefits offices at the end of last month was the best supported yet.

Everybody out to beat bosses on the glorious twelfth

WORKERS AT the Edrington whisky group in Glasgow were set to strike again on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Plenty of cash at the margins

SOME 4,500 members of the GPMU union in the paper industry have voted for industrial action over pay.

Victory for bus strike

WORKERS AT First Group buses in Sheffield and South Yorkshire have won a major victory after three weeks of indefinite strike action.

Dockers in revolt at poverty pay levels

DOCKERS AT 23 ports are to vote on their first national strike for 14 years.



Spirit of 1989 in Germany

IT ISN’T just Britain that is experiencing a crisis of New Labour style politics.

Who ate all the cakes?

A MYSTERY has been unfolding. It’s not so much a whodunnit as a howdunnit.


Supporting vital fight gets results

SOCIALIST WORKER sellers are reporting a good response from civil service workers who are facing a government attack.

Guantanamo Bay: inhuman and degrading

What is striking about last week’s dossier, released by three men from Tipton in the West Midlands, is the detail. It came out just as four French people were released. Two of them reportedly told their lawyers a similar story.

Bosses are united to squeeze us

WHO DEMANDED this week that workers should work longer hours, saying, "An obsession with the 35-hour week is now part of Europe’s economic problem, and not the solution"?

Broad trade union backing for ESF

THE CWU postal and telecom workers’ union is encouraging members to come along to the European Social Forum to be held in London from 14 to 17 October.

Games of the rich & powerful

THE OLYMPICS seem to be an innocent enough event. Who could object to people having some fun and watching sport? Won’t ordinary people benefit if the Olympics come to London and areas are regenerated?

Hidden history behind Olympic myth

USUALLY WHEN the Olympics are staged by one of the big countries there is an appeal to people to "rally round the flag", and highlighting the medals the home team could win.

Why New Labour can’t close the gender gap

NEW LABOUR may have given up on tackling the growing gulf between rich and poor, but it still pretends to be progressive on issues of inequality between men and women.

The bridge to revolution

IN BOLIVIA in October 2003 hundreds of thousands of workers and peasants surround the governmental palace in La Paz. They demanded the resignation of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozado, the country’s hated millionaire president. Within days, he was forced to resign and flee to Miami in disgrace.

Anti-Nazi fighters who were left to fight alone

The Second World War was even more barbaric than the First. If one country felt that barbarity more than any other, it was Poland.


SkinnyMan: a voice for tower block dreamers

SkinnyMan has been a stalwart of the underground British hip-hop scene for years, working with his crew Mud Family.

Rock Against Racism: a new fanzine for a new movement

In March Love Music Hate Racism organised a tremendously successful gig at London’s Astoria.

What We Think

War is the issue that won't go away

HUNDREDS OF Iraqis dead. US and British troops under heavy fire. Oil prices shooting up. That’s not a description of the height of the war on Iraq. It has occurred during the last week in the "peace" that we are told reigns.

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Ken Sprague 1927-2004: he made his art for the people

When Ken Sprague first met Martin Luther King, the US civil rights leader started telling him exactly how he wanted a poster for his campaign to look.


These new laws are aimed at all of us Whatever you think about animal rights, we should all be very worried about the new laws proposed to deal with "animal rights extremists".

And this is how they treat their friends

INDIAN TRUCK drivers who were offered lucrative contracts in Iraq have come away with a low opinion of US troops.

Who says?

"Sorry, we cannot put it back."

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