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Issue: 2221

Dated: 02 Oct 2010

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Revolt against the Tories

The Tories are coming for our jobs, our pensions, our services, our schools and our hospitals.

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Can there be a general strike here in Britain?

Socialist Worker last week argued that we need a general strike to fight the Tory cuts.

Seven-day strikes hit firm that wants to break union

Workers at Tyneside Safety Glass staged a very successful week-long strike at the firm’s two factories in the Team Valley trading estate in Gateshead last week.

Escalate to beat Coke bosses

Coca-Cola workers in Edmonton, north London, struck again on Wednesday and Thursday of last week in their fight for a decent pay rise.

Solidarity with migrant workers

Solidarity with migrant workers

Stagecoach Merseyside drivers reject offer and call more action

Bus workers at Stagecoach Merseyside in Liverpool were set to strike on Friday of this week after rejecting a new pay offer that was worse than the previous deal.

Big push for higher education ballot

UCU union members are angry at a recent decision by the union’s Higher Education Committee (HEC) to postpone a ballot on jobs and pay.

Industrial action ballot at Richmond College

Lecturers at Richmond College in West London are set to ballot for industrial action over job cuts.

Campaign to keep name of Hackney's CLR James library

The CLR James Library in east London, named after the late, great Trinidadian Marxist historian CLR James, is under threat.

Defend Lewisham libraries

Around 100 people joined a protest in Lewisham, south London, on Friday of last week against plans to close libraries in Lewisham.

Campaign against deportation of Flora Oyinloye

Campaigners are pleased that a threatened deportation in Swinton, Salford, did not go ahead.

Royal Mail try to silence opposition to privatisation

Government plans to give employees shares in a privatised Royal Mail are an attempt to mute opposition to the sell-off and undermine workers’ solidarity.

People meet to stop the rich robbing the poor

From Bath to Doncaster trade unionists, anti-cuts campaigners and community activists have begun organising united resistance to cuts as the summer comes to an end.

Tunnock’s strikers don’t want crumbs

Workers at the Tunnock’s biscuit factory in Uddingston, South Lanakshire, staged two 24-hour walkouts over pay on Thursday of last week and Tuesday of this week.

Friday is strike day at Mothersill Engineering

GMB union members at Mothersill Engineering in Cumbria walked out for the second Friday in a row last week as part of their fight for better pay.

Anti-cuts protest round-up

Bath More than 100 young people took to the streets of Bath on Monday of last week against Bath and North East Somerset council’s plan to close almost all of the youth centres in the area.

Essex firefighters take industrial action

Essex fire chiefs are splashing out £20 million on a new headquarters for themselves—as the county’s firefighters take industrial action over job cuts.

Astra Zeneca strikes again

GMB union members at Astra Zeneca in Macclesfield, Cheshire, struck on Thursday of last week over attacks on their pensions.

Bradford opposing Islamophobia

The We Are Bradford group planned a meeting on Thursday of this week to discuss resisting Islamophobia.

Anti-war group’s relaunch success

Around 40 school and college students met in central London last Sunday for the relaunch of School Students Against War (SSAW).

Jerry Hicks is on the campaign trail

Campaigners for Jerry Hicks, the rank and file candidate for Unite union general secretary, are out raising his profile in the run-up to the election.

Debating left’s role in the crisis

Around 150 people attended a conference hosted by the International Socialism journal in Glasgow on Saturday.

Labour right mourns after Ed Miliband's victory

The Labour Party’s arch-Blairites rallied at Manchester’s Comedy Store last Sunday—but there were more tears than laughter after David Miliband’s defeat in the Labour leadership election.

Socialist Worker Appeal hits £72k

Socialist Worker has no rich backers and is funded purely by members, subscribers and supporters.

How can we win the battle against the Tories?

Steve Hedley, RMT London regional organiser "Coordinated industrial action will be key to what happens. Demonstrations are good, but hitting the bosses and the government in the pocket is what matters.

Spending review cuts will spark a week of trade union protests

Trade unions across Britain are organising protests against the cuts over the next few weeks.

After 3 October - where next for Right to Work?

Axes are poised over our heads. In two weeks time, on Wednesday 20 October, chancellor George Osborne will stand up in parliament and announce the biggest attack on public services and living standards for generations.

NHS bosses’ plans to slash thousands of jobs

Health bosses across Britain are threatening thousands of job cuts and a new wave of hospital closures—and that’s before the government’s spending review in October.

Who are the real ‘squeezed middle’?

Labour’s new leader Ed Miliband says he will be "on the side of the squeezed middle in our country".

If tube workers win, we all win

Tube workers are gearing up for a second 24-hour strike from Sunday evening in their battle for jobs and safety on London Underground.

Students return to face savage Tory education cuts

Hundreds of thousands of students returned to universities across Britain this week to be greeted by savage cuts.

Protest planned over Birmingham sack threat

Management through terror. That’s the Tory council’s strategy in Birmingham, where the Conservative conference begins this weekend.

BBC workers to strike against pension robbery - and Tories

Workers at the BBC are set to strike against plans to make workers pay more for their pensions.

Standing up to racist EDL thugs in Leicester

More than 200 anti‑racists packed into a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) meeting to oppose plans by the racist English Defence League (EDL) to march in Leicester on Saturday 9 October.

Tommy Sheridan fights Murdoch

Tommy Sheridan and Gail Sheridan face trial for perjury on Monday. This is a disgraceful attempt to smear socialists and underline the power of the media to smash those they oppose and fear.

London ambulance workers demonstrate against privatisation

More than 60 London ambulance workers in the GMB union protested this morning outside a meeting of the South London Healthcare NHS Trust. They are fighting to stop privatisation and have voted by over 95 percent to take strike action.

Great Brussels march on European TUC Day of Action against austerity

A hundred thousand workers from across Europe surged through Brussels as part of the European TUC day of action against austerity.

Photos of the European day of action against austerity, 29 September

Right to Work protest at the Tory Party conference as it happens

Socialist Worker will be providing news and pictures of the protest at the Tory Party conference in Birmingham today (see below). Please check regularly for the latest from our team of reporters and photographers.

Pictures of Right to Work protest at the Tory Party conference

More pictures of the Right to Work march on the Tory Party


Cuts drive Ireland into a new recession

A clear lesson is coming from Ireland—cuts and austerity do not end recession, and they can make it worse.

Battle against austerity hots up across Europe

A new round of general strikes is taking place in Europe against attempts to make workers’ pay for the economic crisis.

Venezuela: election results are a warning

Venezuela’s National Assembly looks very different today. The majority that backs President Hugo Chavez- elected in 2005 when the right did not present candidates – has been reduced from 147 to 99 seats.

Video of Spanish Workers closing shops at start of general strike

Workers in Madrid start their general strike by closing shops on 29 September 2010. They are chanting "Close!" and "Strike!"


Blairism rejected in Labour leadership vote

The right wing press and the hard Blairites have reacted with fury to the victory of Ed Miliband as Labour leader.

Huge support for Palestine convoy

Our impressive 35-vehicle convoy arrived in Paris early on Sunday morning two weeks ago—and we slept in a sports hall.


Black and white are stronger together

We can be certain that when we resist cuts and austerity our rulers will try to divide us with racism. If they succeed, the price will be a weakening of the working class movement that will threaten defeat for all—irrespective of background.

Firefighter speaks out: ‘It’s about our lives and your safety’

Bosses want to bring in 12-hour shifts. How would they change the way you work?

The Communist Manifesto: speaking to modern times

‘A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of communism." So begins the most important political pamphlet ever written—The Communist Manifesto.

Diary 2 - Companions on the Viva Palestina convoy and arriving in Istanbul

Wednesday: Yusef Patel from Batley is a HGV truck driver and a man of the mosque. That is where he organised his collection from an estimated 18,000 people in West Yorkshire.


The Road to Kabul: British Armies in Afghanistan, 1838-1919

I was looking forward to this exhibition. It promised in its publicity to "examine the history and legacies of the First, Second and Third Afghan Wars (1838-1919)".

Winter’s Bone: Uncovering places and people in the US we rarely see

Ree is 17 years old, and is the glue that holds her family together in rural Missouri.

Jilted Generation: How Britain has Bankrupted its Youth

This book speaks of a generation abandoned by governments, feeling the brunt of low wages and high prices—and getting into debt if they manage to get to university.

Touched - Tate Liverpool

This exhibition seeks to do several things at once—with interesting results.

Love Music Hate Racism EP

This release showcases new British indie, rock and punk bands, with a political edge.

What We Think

Organise to wage war on the Tories

How do we turn the tide on this bosses’ government? Every part of our public services is under assault. Simply put, the Tories have declared war on ordinary people, and we need to defeat them.

India’s Commonwealth Games are a poisoned chalice

Hosting the Commonwealth Games was supposed to be a badge of honour for India’s ruling elite—a chance for the new superpower to shake off unhelpful images of "slumdogs" and replace them with "world class" stadiums.

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Tim: nasty medicine

Tim's view


‘My message is—fight’ We have won a fantastic victory in Blackburn against the shutting of our local leisure centre and have helped changed the balance of power on Blackburn and Darwen council.

The Labour election, the rich

‘David. What have I done to David?’Ed Miliband after winning the Labour leadership contest

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