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Issue: 2224

Dated: 23 Oct 2010

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The Tories declare class war - fight back now

George Osborne’s spending cuts are a declaration of brutal class war.

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Workers take rolling strikes for union rep

Workers at Plymouth bed manufacturer Vi-Spring are continuing their industrial action for another three weeks.

Transport workers: ‘We want 48-hour strikes’

More RMT transport union branches are backing the call to extend the strikes on London Underground in the battle for jobs and safety.

Unofficial action at Arriva Trains Wales

Workers at Arriva Trains Wales are taking unofficial action over an "unacceptable" pay offer and conditions.

Managers ‘desperate’ at CT Plus bus dispute

Bus drivers at CT Plus’s Ash Grove garage in Hackney, east London, struck on Friday of last week in their battle for decent pay.

Power strikers stop traffic

Maintenance workers employed by Babcock Nuclear Services struck on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week in a row over pay.

Ratchet up the campaign for Jerry Hicks

The election for general secretary of Britain’s biggest union begins next Monday when Unite sends out ballot papers to its 1.5 million members.

Save South Manchester Law Centre

Deportations to Zimbabwe resumed

The government is planning to resume forced deportations of "failed asylum seekers" to Zimbabwe.

OUP battle for fair pay

Warehouse staff at Oxford University Press (OUP) struck on Tuesday of last week and plan two days of strikes this week.

Secret new offer at BA

A new offer may be on the cards at British Airways (BA)—but cabin crew have no details of it.

Tyneside Safety Glass

The Unite union will ballot workers at Tyneside Safety Glass on a new pay offer.

BBC workers vote on new offer

Workers at the BBC are voting on a new offer proposed by management.

Protest in Chesterfield

UCU to hold special HE conference

The UCU lecturers’ union will hold a special sector conference in Manchester on 25 November.

Socialist Worker Appeal workplace collections

Our workplace collection week has proved a success, with a wide range of Socialist Worker readers raising money for the appeal.

Campaign to save Shepherd’s Bush Market

Up to 150 people came to a council "drop-in" session on Friday of last week to oppose the demolition of Shepherd’s Bush Market.

Teachers misled at St Aloysius College

Have teachers, parents, governors, the headteacher and the local MP all been lied to about St Aloysius College in Islington?

Tunnock's strike settled

Strikes at Tunnock’s bakery in Lanarkshire have ended after the union came to a new pay deal.

Climate jobs can work

Around 50 people came to the launch of the updated ‘One Million Climate Jobs’ pamphlet in the House of Commons on Thursday 14 October.

Bucks NHS staff vote for a ballot

More than 200 hospital workers in Buckinghamshire have voted to ballot for strikes.

Croydon builds fight to stop cuts

Croydon council, the Home Office and other public bodies are pushing through thousands of job cuts in the south London borough.

Protest at police custody deaths

Families and friends of people who have died in police custody will march thorough central London on Saturday 30 October.

Manchester taxi drivers may strike

Taxi drivers in Manchester have threatened "a winter of strikes" in protest at council plans to introduce a new penalty points scheme.

Back post protest in Stevenage

Postal workers in Stevenage are preparing to march to defend their mail centre, which Royal Mail is threatening to close.

Do we need to pay off the budget deficit?

The Tories are using Britain’s budget deficit to justify an assault on the working class. The deficit—the gap between government spending and tax revenues—is currently around £155 billion. They say this is so high that they have no choice but to cut spending to reduce it.

Students warm up for big cuts battle

Students are facing a pincer movement of attacks as the government and its business allies prepare to slash higher education (HE) spending and push up fees.

Incapacity benefit cut is a sick attack on vulnerable

In their desperate drive to slash spending, the Tories are targeting the most vulnerable.

Firefighters are striking for us all

London’s firefighters were set to strike this Saturday, in the first big walkout since the Tories launched their cuts onslaught.

Support grows across Britain for anti-racist protest on 6 November

Coaches are booked from over 30 towns and cities across Britain to the national demonstration and carnival against racism, fascism and Islamophobia on 6 November in central London.

March, strike, occupy in the weeks ahead

There are urgent steps to take—and vital arguments to be won—to create a movement powerful enough to defeat the Tories’ cuts onslaught.

Union activists lobby for ballot bill

Thousands take to the streets against austerity

Thousands of trade unionists protested in central London on Tuesday to oppose Tory plans to make massive public spending cuts in Wednesday’s comprehensive spending review.

1,000 protest against cuts in Nottingham

On Monday night more than 1,000 teaching assistants, teachers and workers protested in Nottingham Market Square against Tory cuts.

Housing: Who are the real ‘under-occupiers’?

The Tories want to force council tenants who earn anything more than poverty wages out of their homes.

Health and safety attacks put lives at risk

Tory peer Lord Young launched a determined attack on workers when he advised the government to weaken existing health and safety legislation on Friday of last week.

Newport comes out to stop passport job massacre

Newport in South Wales is a city already facing up to the bleak consequences of Tory cuts. Two weeks ago, the government announced the closure of the Passport Office there with the loss of 300 jobs.

Tower Hamlets mayor election hots up

Tower Hamlets in east London was the scene of a hotly contested election for mayor this week.

Man dies during forced deportation

Jimmy Mubenga died after he was manhandled onto a British Airways flight to Angola during an attempted forced deportation.

Shocking rise in stop and search figures

Black people are 27 times more likely to face stop and search by the police than whites. Asians are six times more likely to be stopped.

Pensioners: ‘We aren’t giving up our day centre without a fight’

Sotheby Mews Day Centre, Islington, north London, is typical of the thousands of crucial services the Tory cuts will destroy.

Activists' diary

Saturday 23 October

List of protests over cuts this Saturday

Tens of thousands of people were set to protest, march and rally this Saturday, 23 October, against the Tories’ brutal cuts.

Tube workers’ union: don’t work on London fire strike days if it’s not safe

RMT members working on London’s tube are being advised not to work during the firefighters’ strike in the capital this Saturday if their safety can’t be guaranteed.

Reports from demonstrations against the spending cuts, 20 October 2010

London Around 3,000 people gathered at the entrance to Downing Street tonight to protest against George Osborne’s cuts package.

Pictures of protests against spending review cuts, 20 October 2010

Details of the Comprehensive Spending Review: Fight these vicious Tory cuts

<a href="graphics/2010/keep/spendingreview.pdf">Download this article as a leaflet</a>

Victory for anti-fascist movement as Bolton court case dropped

In a victory for the anti-fascist movement, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has dropped its case against 63-year-old Alan Clough from Radcliff, Bury.

Spending Review cuts hit the poor and help the rich

Multi-millionaire George Osborne’s class war spending cuts will leave millions of ordinary people without vital services and drive up poverty and inequality.

Anti-cuts protests spread

Thousands of people took to the streets across Britain as the details of the cuts became clear.

Download SW analysis of spending cuts as a leaflet

Download Socialist Worker's four page analysis of the vicious Comprehensive Spending Review cuts as four single A4 pages:

Tory cuts will wreck lives


Follow France to build the resistance

protests have started against the cuts. It’s a very positive sign that thousands of people took to the streets immediately, and many more will march this Saturday.

How we can stop the cuts

The spending review is a declaration of war on the working class. Let’s start the fightback.

Help London firefighters beat the scabs

London's firefighters need every trade unionist and activist in the city to join them during their strike this Saturday as they launch mass pickets against scabs.

Pictures from firefighters' picket lines

Saturday protests against the government’s spending review cuts, 23 October 2010

Scotland Over 25,000 trade unionists, campaigners, pensioners, students and disabled and unemployed people took to the streets in Edinburgh today against the cuts.

Photos of Saturday protests against spending review cuts, 23 October 2010

Fire strikers' mass pickets stop the scabs

Striking London firefighters scored a huge victory against management's scabbing operation today (Saturday). Militant mass pickets all but destroyed bosses' operation to break the strike.

Firefighters battle the scabs until the bitter end

The London firefighters’ strike ended at 6pm today (Saturday) – but the mass picketing didn’t. As the scabs tried to get the fire engines back into the bosses’ base, the firefighters hounded every last one of them, late into the night.

Video of firefighters' mass picket

The mass picket outside London fire brigade's Southwark Training Centre,

London firefighters to strike for two days - starting on Bonfire Night

London's firefighters have launched a massive escalation of their strikes by calling a 47-hour walkout – starting at 10am on 5 November.


France in revolt shows our power

The fightback in France against attacks on pensions has shown magnificent resistance.

Acropolis occupied in Greek protests over cuts

Protests rocked Athens on Thursday of last week, as Greek workers and students continued their fight against cuts.

Italian workers demand ‘Strike, strike, strike’

Up to one million workers marched in Rome on Saturday against finance minister Giulio Tremonti’s deficit reduction plans. He is forcing through a £22 billion cuts package—but is facing huge resistance.

Video of French strikers

An NPA video showing French workers striking and protesting around the country

France: a key moment as unions meet to consider next move

French workers and students continued their inspiring strikes in Thursday, as the movement comes to a critical point.


Reject the lie that we are all selfish

Two news stories this week give the lie to the myth that people are naturally selfish.

Anti-fascism: do we confront or comply?

Since its launch, the racist English Defence League (EDL) and its sister organisations have organised 31 demonstrations across Britain.


Diary 6 - Gaza convoy: blocked but defiant

The fifth Viva Palestina convoy from Britain is nearing Gaza. Human rights lawyer and socialist Jim Nichol reports from the convoy:

African independence: A dream of freedom derailed

During 1960 a total of 17 African countries gained independence from their colonial masters. This was the highest in any single year and, as British prime minister Harold Macmillan said, it signalled that a "wind of change" was blowing across the continent.

Exposing the myth of ‘ordinary bloke’ David Cameron and his ‘Mr Average’ friends

In the 1950s the establishment joked that a sign should hang outside the elite Eton private school reading, "Cabinet makers to Her Majesty the Queen". Depressingly the same thing could be said again in the early 21st century.

Diary 7 - Viva Palestina convoy reaches Gaza!

The fifth Viva Palestina convoy from Britain has reached Gaza. Socialist Worker sends its sincere congratulations to all who have taken part.


Lip Service: A realistic and positive portrayal of lesbian life

The new BBC Three drama series Lip Service, billed as dealing with the "real lives of lesbians", grabbed my attention immediately.

How Many Roads: Black America Sings Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s impact on popular songwriting was immediate and enduring, and this is particularly true of at least one black American singer-songwriter.

The Arbor

The Arbor is the powerful true story of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar (best known for Rita, Sue and Bob Too) and her daughter Lorraine.

Walid Raad: Miraculous Beginnings

Walid Raad says his work "was in some ways made possible by the wars in Lebanon". He playfully considers the effects of conflict not only on body and mind, but also on art itself. Miraculous Beginnings is the first survey of his work from the past twenty years.

By4 exhibition

This is an exhibition by four contemporary artists—Sally Carson, Marion Tasker, Angela Stapleford and Andy Ridley (the last two have both contributed to Socialist Worker).

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