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Issue: 2229

Dated: 27 Nov 2010

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There’s always billions of pounds for bankers and bosses and war.

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Unity with workers is vital to beating Tories

Millions of people who live in fear of what the Tory spending cuts will do to their families and communities cheered Wednesday’s protests.

It’s about class: Join the fight for socialism

Tory education minister Michael Gove claims that the Socialist Workers Party was behind the protests.

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Get our four-page A4 special on Wednesday's protests or our A4 leaflet

Anti-fascists angry at police handling of racist protest

Anger is growing in Preston over the police’s handling of a planned march by the racist English Defence League (EDL) this Saturday. Preston Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and the Trades Council called a counter-protest and booked the Flag Market in the city centre as soon as the EDL announced their plans.

Southampton council workers protest against cuts

Over 400 Southampton City Council Unison union members met and demonstrated against cuts on Wednesday.

Leading trade unionist condemns police's Day X operation

A member of the PCS civil service workers’ union national executive has severely criticised the police’s actions on yesterday’s student demonstration in London. Zita Holbourne, who is also join chair of the Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts group, condemned the treatment of young people and other protesters while speaking to Socialist Worker today.

Student update: Occupations continue, new day of action next Tuesday

The student movement against the Tories’ attacks on education is intensifying after Day X’s magnificent protests, which involved tens of thousands of school, college and university students.

Video exposes police behaviour on student demo

One protester's video shows riot police pushing forward in Whitehall and a horse charge during the Day X protest against education cuts and increased fees in central London on Wednesday 24 November 2010

News from Manchester University occupation

Sent Friday evening

Leeds occupation to host all-Leeds general assembly

From the occupation

News from occupation at University of the West of England (UWE)

On Monday a group of about 50 students from the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, occupied a space at the centre of of the university's main campus, Frenchay.

Occupation at Leeds shows student strength

Students at the University of Leeds are now into their sixth day of occupation – and support for them is growing.

Photos of the anti-cuts protest in Lewisham

Anti-cuts protesters take to the streets

In a sign of the growing size of the anti-cuts movement, over 1,000 people joined a march against cuts in Nottingham organised by Notts Save Our Services last Saturday.

Movement blossoms in towns and cities across Britain

Protests, meetings and lobbies are taking place across Britain on an almost daily basis as trade unionists join with students and other activists to stop the cuts.

‘Voluntary’ cuts—why we defend every job

The Tories and the bosses are on the offensive. They want to slash jobs, pensions and services.

A groundswell of anger against war

Thousands of anti-war activists marched through London on Saturday in protest at the continuing occupation of Afghanistan.

Lisbon: leaders plan for more war

Over 40,000 people marched in Lisbon, Portugal, on Saturday in opposition to the Nato summit held in the city.

British government is complicit in torture

The British government has publicly admitted complicity in torture and abuse by making compensation payments to 16 Guantanamo detainees.

Have we ‘never had it so good’? Ask college student Tiffany

Tiffany lives in London with her 19 month old daughter Taliyah. She survives on measly benefits while she studies health and social care at London’s City and Islington College.

Preston councillor: 'Defy government's cuts"

Preston independent socialist councillor Michael Lavalette is calling for the council to defy the government and not implement the cuts.

Jerry Hicks: Massive vote for rank and file candidate in Unite

The election for the general secretary of the Unite union showed the desire of tens of thousands of workers for a more democratic and fighting union.

All aboard for the passport office strike

The fight to defend hundreds of jobs at the passport office in Newport, South Wales, and interview offices around Britain is intensifying this week.

Stop forced relocation of asylum seekers

Some 400 protesters gathered outside the UK Border Agency (UKBA) offices in Glasgow last Saturday to protest at plans to force asylum seekers to relocate away from their communities.

'Unison: don't sell our conditions for jobs'

With health bosses around Britain preparing to implement cuts it is vital that our unions prepare for serious resistance. But it seems that some in the leadership of Unison are ready to do the opposite.

Schools round-up

Teachers strike to defend student safety Teachers at St Aloysius comprehensive school in Islington, north London, were set to begin a two-day strike on Wednesday of this week.

We're paid beans say Heinz workers

Around 1,200 workers at Heinz’s Kitt Green site, in Wigan, Lancashire, are voting on strikes over pay.

Scottish refs put bosses in corner

Referees in Scotland have voted to go on strike this weekend after reaching breaking point over the barrage of criticism they have faced this season.

Save East London mail centre

Around 350 postal workers packed into a union mass meeting on Sunday of last week to oppose the closure of the East London mail centre.

Cornish rail workers to strike

Rail workers at a First Great Western depot in Cornwall were to strike on Wednesday against the unfair dismissal of colleague Kane Jones.

Talks break down at Astra Zeneca

Some 250 workers at the Astra Zeneca pharmaceutical firm in Macclesfield, Cheshire, are set to continue with strikes after talks between bosses and the GMB union broke down.

Marxist David Harvey packs out college

A talk by the Marxist geographer and political economist David Harvey at London’s Queen Mary University last week highlighted the growing audience for left-wing ideas.

Successful Cambridge anti-cuts meeting

Around 60 activists met last Saturday in Cambridge to discuss building the anti-cuts movement.

FBU rep challenges Socialist Worker's coverage of fire strikes

In defence of the FBU Your coverage of the London firefighters’ dispute has angered FBU activists.

Extend the tube strikes to win

A fourth 24-hour strike by tube workers fighting for jobs and safety is set to bring London Underground to a halt from 6.30pm on Sunday.

Students inspire the battle against Tories

Students across Britain are in revolt—and the government should be worried.

Protest at racist EDL in Preston

Anti-fascists in Preston will hold a counter-protest when the racist English Defence League (EDL) plans to march in the city this Saturday.

Newsquest: strikers’ quest is to stop cuts

Journalists at the Brighton Argus struck on Thursday and Friday of last week against management’s plans to move the paper’s sub-editing operation to Southampton.

Vote no to these new fire offers

London’s firefighters face a false choice of two "offers" after arbitration to end their dispute this week. They should vote to reject both.

Crucial battle in Kirklees

Labour-run Kirklees council in West Yorkshire issued another 1,500 HR 1 redundancy notices to its workers last week.

Wolverhampton mobilise against the English Defence League

The racist English Defence League (EDL) turned up in Wolverhampton last Saturday morning hoping to pedal their garbage to shoppers in the town.

UCU and Unison to fight 'savage' cuts at London Metropolitan University

Management at London Metropolitan University are planning savage job cuts that will hit the most vulnerable students.

Swansea school protest

Teachers, students and parents are to march through Swansea this Saturday against the closure of Daniel James Community School.

Drivers disputes over pay and transfers

A planned strike by bus drivers at London United in south west London, was called off after workers narrowly voted to accept a new pay offer.

Barnet students get shirty over big rise in tuition fees

School, college and university students across Britain are joining the resistance against education cuts.

Universities occupied as revolt grows

Students at three universities went into occupation over cuts this week.

Defend the Millbank protesters

The police crackdown on students involved in the Millbank protests is continuing—63 people have been arrested so far, and many face serious charges.

New attack on council housing tenancies

Housing minister Grant Shapps has announced that councils and housing associations will be able to scrap lifetime tenancies and replace them with fixed-term agreements of two years.

Bradford council issues workers with redundancy notices

Bradford Council has written to all 9,500 of its workers warning them that they may lose their jobs.

Strictly protest against Ann Widdecombe over abortion

The Abortion Rights group has called a protest against Ann Widdecombe, anti-choice Tory bigot, on Thursday of this week.

Protest for climate action

Trade unionists, students and climate activists will converge on London on Saturday 4 December as part of a global day of action against climate change. Protesters will call on the government to take action to create a zero carbon Britain. Demonstrators will meet in Hyde Park at 12 noon for a march to parliament.

Women at risk because of cuts

Despite government spin that unemployment is down, figures released this week show that unemployment among women is rising. More than a million are now unemployed.

Union shows scale of local authority job losses

The scale of the job losses taking place across local government has been revealed by the GMB union.

Day X live coverage of student protests across Britain

7.19pm The occupation at Leeds University is growing. A local cafe is donating 100 portions of rice and dahl for the students.

Mass meeting in Barnsley tells government to 'Get Stuffed!'

The biggest union meeting in Barnsley that anyone can remember delivered an uncompromising message to Barnsley council and the Con-Dem coalition on Tuesday.

Day X: student protests in pictures (1)

Day X: student protests in pictures (2)

Day X: student protest in pictures (3)

Portuguese workers join general strike

Portugal’s first general strike in 22 years has shutdown much of the country. Workers are protesting at the government’s austerity measures. The CGTP union federation says that ports, railways, and the post office are among the hardest hit.

Students in Rome storm Senate

Hundreds of students marched through the streets of the Italian capital Rome today to protest against government proposals to cut education.

Irish government unveils new attack on workers

The Irish government today launched its latest attack on workers.

Day X: Pictures from Leeds student protest

Day X: young people show how to fight back

Wednesday was a day of revolt—and it was right to revolt. Across Britain, from Dundee to Bournemouth, young people rose up against the attacks on education.

Students say: ‘Make the bankers pay’


Occupations: ‘Fight, fight, fight’

The picture postcard view of Oxford University’s Radcliffe Camera was shattered on Wednesday as 300 students occupied it.


Irish workers must not pay bankers’ bills

A political and economic crisis is sweeping across Ireland—and it threatens to engulf several other countries.


Unity is essential in the battle against cuts

A peace process is slowly under way on the left. United by a common enemy—the Tories and the Lib Dems—a comradely spirit is breaking out.

Debates in the movement against cuts: National Shop Stewards Network

The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN), which has recently got involved in anti-cuts activity, has organised a national anti-cuts conference on 22 January.

Decision Points: George W Bush was an evil genuis - no really!

George W Bush is not an idiot. He was more dangerous than that.


A crisis that is far from over

The global economic and financial crisis is now well into its fourth year. The desperate plight of the Irish economy, and the strains in the eurozone that it has exposed, show that the crisis has still got a long way left to run.

Left-Wing Communism: Why revolutionaries need to be flexible

How should we relate to supporters of the idea that gradual change, reforms to benefit workers, and eventually socialism, comes through parliament?

William and Kate: the question engaging the nation

The nation was entranced last week and all bad news buried. After an eight-year courtship, a blissfully happy Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor—second in line to the British throne and Britain’s future king—and his university sweetheart Kate Middleton, were finally able to share the joy of their engagement.


Fela Kuti musical celebrates Africa’s radical history

The hit Broadway musical about Nigerian musical legend and political radical Fela Kuti has just opened in London.

Accused: A gripping drama exposes the rot in society

Jimmy McGovern is one of the few TV writers around today who brings the lives of ordinary people into our living room.

How I Became An Asylum Seeker

This unique play is the powerful true story of Lydia Besong.

National Theatre Live

The National Theatre is releasing a new programme of performances—filmed live in high definition and broadcast via satellite to the cinema.

Don Giovanni at the ENO

Don Giovanni, first produced in 1787, tells the story of the incorrigible womaniser whose restless philandering lands him in hell. He is the aristocratic bully whose licentiousness is an expression of his male, feudal authority.

What We Think

Socialists have an alternative to the banks

As Ireland descends deeper into economic crisis, the global ruling class has united to provide a bailout for the banks. This will mean further massive cuts to the jobs and living standards of the Irish working class.

Control orders strip us of all of our liberty

You’re a so-called "terror suspect"—but the government doesn’t want to put you on trial, because there isn’t enough evidence against you.

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Sue Davis

Sue Davis, who has died at the age of 83, was a stalwart of the peace and anti-racist movements in east London.

Tim's view

Tim: Celtic Tiger

Leon Kuhn: Occupy!


SNP shows its true colours over the cuts The Scottish National Party (SNP) has enjoyed several years of posing as a left wing alternative to New Labour. But now the mask is starting to slip.

A week in quotes

‘Ireland’s budget will start to lay the basis for a return to solid growth’Hamish McRae writing in the Independent, December 2009, on Ireland’s supposed fiscal success

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