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Issue: 2230

Dated: 04 Dec 2010

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When MPs vote on fees it's… A day to break the coalition

If everyone gets behind the student revolt then this government can be beaten over the rise in university tuition fees to £9,000 a year.

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New strike ballot at British Airways

The Unite union has announced a fresh strike ballot of cabin crew at British Airways.

Riot police attack protesters at Lewisham Town Hall

Around 400 people rallied outside Lewisham town hall this evening against plans by the Labour run council to make £60 million cuts.

Rolling coverage of student protests on Day X2

5.45pm Day X2 has seen tens of thousands of school, college and university students take to the streets to fight the government's plans to devastate education.

Pictures of student protests on Day X2

What kind of movement can end climate change?

Climate change is real—and its effects hit ordinary people hardest.

Struggle is spreading to stop council cuts

A massacre of jobs and services is sweeping Britain—but resistance is growing.

Coalition of Resistance: More than 1,000 meet to discuss movement against cuts

In a sign of the growing anti-cuts movement, more than 1,000 people attended the Coalition of Resistance conference in central London last Saturday.

Gove's new assault will hit schools

As police were clobbering students in Whitehall last week, education secretary Michael Gove released his government’s harsh vision for schools.

Tube picket lines defy bosses' plans

Pickets braved freezing conditions on Sunday and Monday to show their defiance at London Underground management’s plans to slash jobs and safety.

Vibrant anti-cuts meeting in Tottenham

Around 170 people packed into a vibrant anti‑cuts meeting in Tottenham, north London, on Wednesday of last week.

Debating the way forward for the left in Unite

Left wing activists in the Unite union are debating the best way to take the struggle forward following the victory of Len McCluskey in the recent general secretary election.

Preston protest defies EDL racists

Around 1,000 supporters of the racist English Defence League (EDL) gathered in Preston last Saturday.

Abortion Rights activists protest at Ann Widdecombe

Activists from Abortion Rights held a protest against Ann Widdecombe, the anti-choice Tory bigot, on Thursday of last week. She was speaking at a £50-a-head fundraiser for anti‑abortion group Right to Life

Jobcentre Plus vote to strike

Workers in seven Jobcentre Plus offices that are to be turned into call centres have voted to defend their terms and conditions.

Teachers strike at St Aloysius

Teachers at St Aloysius comprehensive school in Islington, north London, struck on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

Swansea march to save school

Teachers, students and parents marched through Swansea last Saturday against the closure of Daniel James Community School.

Hastings meeting against cuts

There was standing room only at a public meting in Hastings against the cuts on Thursday of last week.

‘No deal’ at climate talks

World leaders are meeting in Cancun, Mexico, this week for the COP 16 climate talks. But they don’t believe these will have any impact.

Occupations at Exeter and Nottingham universities

University of Exeter Cornwall campus occupation Thirty of us are currently occupying the Lower Stannary building against the education cuts. We are refusing to pay for the crisis of the bankers and greedy politicians who are ruthlessly putting profits before people.

Time to defend Abdul Omer

Abdul Omer, Unite convenor of Sovereign Buses in west London, remains sacked.

Spreading fees fight can win key victory against the government

The student revolt has broken the idea that there is a "cuts consensus" in Britain.

Chance for united strike action moves closer

A potential strike by huge numbers of public sector workers to defend pensions moved a step closer last week.

Ben Sprung and Neale Williams debate Socialist Worker's coverage of the fire dispute

Ben Sprung: Socialist Worker is outlandish and wrong In defence of the FBU:

Wave of occupations sweeps universities to defend education

Students have hit over 20 universities with occupations in the last two weeks, taking the fight against fees to the heart of their campuses.

Brian Coleman's real views on firefighters

Tory Brian Coleman made clear the fire bosses’ view of the FBU in a newspaper interview last week.

Voluntary sector protest in London

Staff and users of voluntary sector organisations in London protested on Thursday of last week against cuts outside a London councils’ meeting.

Round-up of anti-cuts activity

Ipswich Around 700 people braved the snow to demonstrate against the plans to slash jobs and services in Suffolk last Saturday.

Richmond College lecturers strike

Lecturers at Richmond College in Twickenham, south west London, struck on Thursday of last week against up to 80 job cuts.

Mounted cops charged school children

Many people were shocked at the police treatment of protesting students on Day X.

International student protests

Thousands of students across Italy marched and occupied against attacks on education last week.

Sit-in at power station site

Workers building a new power station staged a sit-in protest today in a row over working conditions.

Student protest runs police ragged in London

Tens of thousands of students defied the government and the police on the latest day of action against education cuts on Tuesday by walking out.

Where next for students?

Over 150 students from colleges, schools and universities across Britain attended a national coordination meeting, initiated by the Education Activist Network (EAN), last Sunday.

NUS president backs students

National Union of Students (NUS) president, Aaron Porter, made an important U-turn last Saturday and pledged NUS’s support for student occupations and direct action.

Big Reclaim the Night march in London

Some 1,500 women marched through London last Saturday on the Reclaim the Night demonstration to call for justice for victims of rape.

Rape charge woman freed

A woman jailed for "falsely retracting a claim of rape" was freed last week on appeal.

G20 Ian Tomlinson PC faces ‘gross misconduct’

PC Simon Harwood—who struck Ian Tomlinson minutes before his death on last year’s G20 protest—could face dismissal for gross misconduct.

Tuition fees vote will be on Thursday 9 December

The vote on raising tuition fees to £9,000 will take place next Thursday, 9 December, it was announced tonight.

Video of student protest on Day X2

The student demonstration in central London as part of Day X2, Tuesday 30 November 2010

Student occupation updates: Nottingham, Newcastle and Leeds

Leeds University occupation goes into second week Some 100 students have been occupying Leeds University since Day X, Wednesday 24 November. They went in following the march by 3,000 people in the city against education cuts.

Pictures from Leeds Day X2

Anti-cuts campaigners plan more action in Islington

Parents, teachers and support staff from Moorland and St Aloysius schools took part in a 100-strong lobby of Islington council executive in north London on Thursday of last week.

Camden protest rattles council

Some 500 people rallied outside Camden Town Hall in central London for three hours last night in the bitter cold as the Labour run cabinet met to discuss making cuts that will decimate services and jobs in the borough.

Anti-cuts battle hots up in Waltham Forest

Around 75 people packed into a Right To Work public meeting in Walthamstow on Tuesday evening, despite heavy snow.

LSE students occupy and Greek students show solidarity

Students at the London School of Economics (LSE) in central London have gone into occupation against a planned rise in tuition fees and cuts to education.

Islington students plan to picket college on day of fees vote

Some 80 students and teachers packed in to an exciting meeting at Islington Sixth Form College today (Thursday) to discuss how to win the battle to defend EMA and stop government plans to increase tuition fees.

A call to action on Thursday 9 December

Thursday 9 December is the date when MPs will vote on whether to raise the cap on tuition fees to £9,000. This is the day to make a decisive stand—when workers and students need to walkout of classes, colleges, offices and factories to march on parliament.

Occupations flourish in lead up to vote

Monday has seen new occupations bloom across the country as students gear up for the biggest fight yet.


Ireland's rage at the bankers

The Irish bailout is a scam to give money to Ireland’s government so that it can pass it on to Irish and international banks. The bailout even includes the government throwing £15 billion more of its taxpayers’ money into the pot to further help the bankers.

Portuguese workers say they will not accept austerity cuts

A huge general strike against austerity rocked Portugal on Wednesday of last week. Millions of workers took part in the action, which was organised by the CGTP-IN and UGT union federations.

Ireland rises up against EU cuts

Faced with the prospect of bankers, bosses and bureaucrats looting their country, the working class of Ireland is as bitter as the weather.

Excitement at new left challenge in Ireland

The new United Left Alliance—made up of the People Before Profit Alliance, the Socialist Party, the Tipperary Workers and Unemployed Action Group, and others—marched together. They attracted a huge number around them.

Irish marchers demand union action

The anger on the march was not just directed at the banks and the government, but also at the inaction of the unions.


Why parliamentary democracy always fails

Democracy is one of the most abused words in the English language.

Korea exposes tensions in the system

The recent artillery exchanges, and deaths, in North and South Korea raised the chilling prospect of a war involving nuclear weapons.

Wikileaks reveals brutal US diplomacy

The release of some 250,000 US diplomatic emails stirred the world’s ruling elites into a bit of a froth.


Students: The birth of a movement

Thousands of students poured out of schools, colleges and universities on Wednesday of last week—the biggest student walkouts since those against war in Iraq in 2003.

The students' Day X across Britain

The anger felt by students and young people across Britain has become a movement.


High Society: History of drugs reveals hypocrisy and wealth

High Society, at the Wellcome Institute in central London, charts the history of drug use—from 16th century books discussing the medicinal properties of marijuana plants to the era of prohibition in the US and the production of cocaine today.

Working with Pinter: insight into a revolutionary dramatist

Harold Pinter revolutionised British drama at the end of the 1950s.

Imagine: Bruce Springsteen—Darkness Revisited

Darkness On The Edge Of Town was Springsteen’s

John Lennon—The New York Years

This show recalls the background to John and Yoko Ono’s most radical album, Sometime In New York City.

Red Stuff Shop

The Red Stuff shop has an exciting range of new goodies, including the Ding, Dong, Thatcher’s Gone party pack and everything from socialist mugs to T-shirts and jewellery and a Lenin kitchen apron.

What We Think

Fan the flames of revolt against the Tories

You can feel the anger breaking in Britain. It’s most obvious on the student protests and in the occupations of universities.

Corporations are having a good recession

Big business is awash with money despite the recession. One study estimates the total profits for major companies in the advanced industrial world stand at $3,000 billion this year.

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We need a fightback—and we need socialism The revolutionary socialist James Connolly died fighting for Irish independence—but throughout his life he taught that Ireland could not be free under capitalism.

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‘We’re going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding because it’s jolly expensive, but for those on benefit there is every incentive. Well that’s not very sensible’ Tory peer Lord Flight explains the government’s welfare reform

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