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Issue: 2237

Dated: 05 Feb 2011

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Victory to the Egyptian revolution

It seemed like the whole of Egypt was on the streets.

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Biggest demo in Havant since 1980s

More than 200 people joined a demonstration and lobby of universities minister David Willetts in Havant, near Portsmouth, on Friday of last week.

Hundreds march in Barnet against cuts

Some 1,000 people marched in Finchley, north London, against Barnet council’s cuts and privatisation.

800 march against Liverpool council

Some 800 people marched in Liverpool on Saturday against the council’s plan to cut 1,500 jobs.

The Fightback is on in Brent

About 150 people braved the bitter cold for an evening protest organised by Brent Fightback last Friday.

Anti-cuts round up

Up to 1,500 people protested in Grizedale Forest in the Lake District on Sunday against government plans to sell off the forests.

Strikes aren't a last resort

The government briefly delayed its attack on public sector pensions last week, saying it will wait until the summer to change them.

We must target common enemy, not 'enemy within'

Thousands of students and trade unionists marched through London and Manchester last Saturday.

Protest against post privatisation

Over 450 postal workers and their supporters took to the streets of Birmingham last Saturday.

Why no strike dates at British Airways?

The Unite union has still named no new strike dates for cabin crew at British Airways—despite workers voting for strikes nearly two weeks ago.

Oldham teachers strike to save jobs

Teachers in Oldham struck on Thursday of last week over the council’s plan to decimate services to some of the town’s most vulnerable children.

Teachers in Rotherham step up the fight

Teachers in Rotherham stepped up their campaign against compulsory redundancies last week by striking for three days—and leading a 500-strong march in Sheffield against Tory cuts.

Reinstate suspended teacher Sue Caldwell

Friern Barnet secondary school in Barnet, north London, suspended teacher and NUT union branch president, Sue Caldwell, on Monday 17 January.

2,000 Tower Hamlets teachers to be balloted for strikes

The biggest teachers meeting in Tower Hamlets for more than 35 years last week unanimously voted to ballot all NUT union members in the east London borough for strikes against cuts.

Remploy workers: don't sell your jobs

Remploy workers have reacted with fury to bosses’ demands for voluntary redundancies.

Slam the brakes on DSA closures

Members of the PCS civil service workers’ union want to strike against job cuts and office closures in the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

Jail sentence is a vindictive attack on Tommy Sheridan

An alliance of Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World and the police means that Scottish socialist Tommy Sheridan was sentenced to three years in jail last week.

Statement on the crisis in the NSSN

The working class movement in Britain faces its biggest challenge for decades. If successful the assault launched by the Con-Dem Coalition will devastate the lives of millions of people.

Enraged students rally in two cities against cuts

Thousands of students and workers marched through London and Manchester on Saturday to protest against student fees, education cuts and the scrapping of Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

Re-ignite the student movement - and deepen unity

Last weekend’s protests have put the student movement back on the streets.

Can we win the army over to our side?

Can the army be on the side of the people in a revolutionary situation? That’s a question posed sharply by events in Egypt.

Unite to stop the racists in Luton

Anti-racists are determined to stage a united and defiant show of strength against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Luton this Saturday 5 February.

People's Convention will help organise the resistance

The People’s Convention in central London next Saturday 12 February will bring together campaigners to discuss stepping up the fight against Tory cuts. Everyone should aim to take part in this vital conference.

Council workers gear up to save their jobs and services

Thousands of Birmingham council workers were holding mass meetings as Socialist Worker went to press—and looked likely to vote for an industrial action ballot.

Speech therapists to strike against NHS cuts

The Tory pledge to keep the NHS safe from cuts is revealed as a lie this week as speech therapists in Southwark, south London, prepare to strike.

Arriva trains strike called off by RMT

Drivers on Arriva Trains Wales have had their strike set for Friday of this week called off.

First Great Western cleaners set to strike

Cleaners on First Great Western trains at Cardiff and Swansea depots are to strike for 24 hours from 6am on Friday.

Underground worker battles against sacking

London Underground worker Arwyn Thomas won a second interim relief Employment Tribunal last week over his sacking.

Southampton NHS cleaners strike over cuts to sick pay

Cleaners in Southampton NHS trust struck on Monday of this week against plans to cut their sick pay. This is the third strike in six weeks at Southampton General Hospital.

Police use CS gas on anti-cuts protesters

Police hospitalised three anti-cuts protesters and injured several more in central London last Sunday.

Employment tribunal reforms are 'weak and nasty'

After several weeks of drip-feeding announcements to the press, the Con Dem government has finally revealed its plans for Employment Tribunals.

Birmingham council workers' mass meetings demand strikes

More than 3,000 council workers voted unanimously for a strike ballot at four mass meetings in Birmingham yesterday (Tuesday).

Birmingham protest ruins cabinet minister's job centre visit

Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith’s visit to a job centre in Birmingham today didn’t go as he’d planned it. He arrived at the Sparkhill job centre in Sparkbrook to find some 30 protesters blocking the road.

Protest against racist EDL in Luton - rolling update

5pm: Defiant protests by up to 5,000 anti-fascists in a number of locations blocked the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Luton today.

Eyewitness report from Cairo - Saturday afternoon

5pm, Saturday 5 Feb: There’s graffiti on the burnt-out hulk of the ruling NDP party’s headquarters: a cross and crescent. "We are all against the regime," it says.

London protest shows solidarity with Egyptian revolution

Up to 1,000 people protested at the Egyptian embassy in London today (Saturday) in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution.

Occupation at London's New Cross library

New Cross library in south east London is under occupation tonight (Saturday) by campaigners against its closure.

Homes attacked in Luton after racist EDL march

Two homes in Luton were attacked late last night – their windows smashed and the word EDL painted on the front door – just hours after the English Defence League’s (EDL) racist protest through Luton town centre.



Eamonn McCann: Britain and the US's hypocritical condemnations of the Egyptian dictatorship

US president Barack Obama said on Friday, "The people of Egypt have rights that are universal. That includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free speech, and the ability to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. And the United States will stand up for them everywhere."

Two TV pundits sent off after foul sexism

The sacking of Andy Gray and subsequent resignation of Richard Keys from Sky Sports has opened up a much needed debate about sexism in football.

Egypt: Christian and Muslim unity rooted in revolutionary traditions

The UK media is full of horrific stories about the violence of the Egyptian revolution. Over the past few days this has been focused on violence against foreigners, particularly journalists.


Egypt in revolt - Judith Orr's Cairo diary

2.40pm, Wednesday 2 Feb:

Liberation and the Middle East

Imperialist domination of the Middle East, and resistance to it, have shaped Egypt for more than 100 years. The 30-year

Brutality made in the USA

One US-backed dictator has fled to a safe haven in Saudi Arabia and an even more ruthless one will probably join him any day now.

The working class can drive the revolution on

Egypt’s workers have the potential to play a decisive role in the revolution.

The hold of Nasser and nationalism remains a strong force

The figure of Gamal Addul Nasser towers over modern Egyptian history. As president between 1956 and 1970 he stood firm against imperialism and transformed Egypt (see page 10).

Revolt spreads across the Middle East

The battle for the future of the Tunisian revolution is continuing.

Luton: the myth of a town divided

Luton gets a lot of bad press. And it will get even more this week when the English Defence League (EDL) descends on the town in an attempt to provoke a racist riot. Since the 7/7 bombings in 2005, the Bedfordshire town has been branded a "hotbed of Muslim extremism" and racist tension—all because the bombers took the train from Luton to London.

Dilemma that baffles US government

The rising in Egypt is an event of world-historic proportions. It has put the largest and most important country in the Arab world on the verge of revolution.

The seven days that shook a dictatorship

The people of Egypt, inspired by the Tunisian uprising, have taken to the streets determined to oust the dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Muslim Brotherhood: a contradictory force

Imperialism and its allies are decidedly nervous about the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in a post-Mubarak Egypt.

Local committees: 'The people are making us safe'

Much has been made in the media of the young men on barricades with sticks and crowbars—apparently a sign of chaos and violence. But the truth is different.

‘Don’t steal our revolution’ ElBaradei

For many affluent Egyptians and Western governments one figure has emerged as the "face" of the secular opposition—Mohamed ElBaradei.

Are the people and the army as one in Egypt?

The army’s actions in the coming days will be vital. The majority of people see the army as a friend—"The Egyptian people and the Egyptian army are one hand" is a popular slogan.

Egyptian revolutionary: ‘We are changed forever’

"I was in Alexandria meeting some comrades on Monday of last week. I was followed by plain-clothes police who questioned the café owners about me, saying I was not from there.

‘People have lost their fear. Now they won’t be satisfied by anything but victory’

It was like arriving in a warzone when I entered Cairo on Sunday.

A revolt that threatens the US and Israel

The Egyptian revolution is Israel’s and the US’s worst nightmare. The US wants a "smooth" transition to another government that will do its bidding.

Protesters defend revolution in Egypt from Mubarak thugs

The Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak is attempting to turn back the revolution in Egypt today.

Determined resistance to Mubarak's thugs

Today there were determined efforts to crush the Egyptian revolution.

Eyewitness from the defence of Tahrir Square - Thursday morning

A eye witness in Tahrir Square reports,"Walking into the square, rubble everywhere. Most people wearing head bandages, limping, wrapped in blankets. Some being treated by exhausted doctors. There is a woman speaking on a loud speaker. People smiling wearily with the victory after 11 hours of intense street fighting, with at least 1500 injured and unknown numbers killed.

Millions demonstrate in Egypt on 'departure day' for Mubarak

Vast numbers of protesters have again filled the streets across Egypt to demand an end to Hosni Mubarak and his regime. By the middle of the day, Al-Jazeera was reporting that around one million were crammed into Tahrir Square in Cairo and the surrounding area.


True Grit: A gritty vision of Biblical revenge in the West

The train reaches the buffers that mark the end of the line—we’re in the Wild West. Our hero has come to collect their murdered father’s body and is outraged that no one seems too bothered about catching his murderer.

Excellent sculpture shows art's not set in stone

This exhibition of British sculpture in the 20th century presents a dizzying array of artworks.

Celebrating Reggae Britannia

This 90-minute documentary celebrates the impact of reggae on British music and culture from the 1960s through to the 1980s.

The dreamlike Monsieur Pain

In Paris in 1938 Pierre Pain ekes out a meagre living as a hypnotist and an acupuncturist.

What We Think

Revolution can change everything

The Egyptian revolution is in progress. It is a momentous event. The protests have the potential not just to bring down a dictator, but to transform the balance of power between the rich and poor across the globe.

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Ray Challinor 1929-2011

Ray Challinor died on Sunday in Wallsend after a long illness. Ray became a revolutionary as a teenager in the Potteries during the Second World War.

Leon Kuhn: Castles made of sand

Tim: Wrong kind of regime change

Tim on Blair and Egypt


Profit drive is behind crisis wracking NHS Newspapers last week were eager to report the tragic death of Laura Martin, who died shortly after being sent home from Queen’s hospital in Romford, east London.

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