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Issue: 2238

Dated: 12 Feb 2011

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Don't let the Tories play the race card

David Cameron has immersed himself in the politics of the sewer.

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University of West England lecturers to strike

Lecturers at the University of West England (UWE) were set to strike on Thursday of this week, the first strike in the university’s history.

Lecturers ballot for strikes at University of Leeds

UCU union members at the University of Leeds are balloting for strike action after management failed to honour their side of an agreement reached last year over jobs.

UCU union fights for jobs, pay and pensions

Ballot papers will go out this week for the most important dispute in the UCU lecturers’ union’s history. There will be two simultaneous ballots, one on the employers’ current offer on a range of issues including jobs and pay, and one on the USS pension scheme.

2,000 teachers in Tower Hamlets ballot for strikes

Teachers in Tower Hamlets are showing how to save jobs and services.

Teachers strike at Rawmarsh school - and plan three strikes next week

A strike hit Rotherham’s Rawmarsh Community School as teachers walked out again on Tuesday of this week. They plan to strike on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

Teachers set to strike at John Port school against academies

Teachers were set to strike at John Port School in Derbyshire, the biggest in the county, on Thursday of this week—and action could spread to 14 other schools.

Fight to reinstate suspended teacher Sue Caldwell

Teachers, students and trade unionists are fighting to reinstate suspended teacher Sue Caldwell.

Student strike shuts Villiers High School in protest at teacher Amerjit Virdee's sacking

Over 300 school students protested outside Villiers High School in Southall, west London, on Tuesday of this week and forced it to close.

Birmingham workers vow to strike to save jobs

More than 3,000 council workers voted unanimously for a strike ballot at four mass meetings in Birmingham on Tuesday of last week.

Thousands of Notts council workers ballot for strikes

Nottinghamshire County Council workers are being balloted for strikes against the council’s £89 million budget cuts and redundancies.

Does it make a difference if we are in recession?

The Tories are using the global economic crisis as an excuse to make savage cuts in Britain. They say that higher levels of unemployment, cuts to services, lower pay and worse pensions are unavoidable.

Protests in Luton that gave the EDL a bad day

Thousands of anti-fascists helped ruin the racist English Defence League’s (EDL) hopes of a victorious homecoming in Luton last Saturday.

People of Bury Park united to resist any attacks

The defiance shown by the people of Bury Park on Saturday was inspiring. The EDL has particularly targeted this multi-racial area.

Speech therapists: ‘We’re striking to speak up for the children who can’t’

Speech and language therapists don’t fit the media stereotype of trade union shock troops.

Activists take to the streets to defend their health service

Homerton Hospital Up to 300 people rallied outside Homerton Hospital in Hackney, east London, last Saturday.

DSA leaks show office closure plans

Fresh leaks from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) have revealed new layers of management plans to close offices and centres, and privatise driving tests.

Public meeting called against victimisation on London Underground

The RMT transport union has organised a public meeting against the victimisation of its activists on London Underground for Thursday of next week.

Two-day strike by Sheffield NUJ

Sheffield Newspapers NUJ union chapel workplace branch has called a 48-hour strike to begin on Wednesday of this week.

GMB moves to a ballot at Remploy

Disabled factory workers at Remploy sites across Britain are building towards strikes against redundancies.

Blindcraft workers refuse hours cut

Workers at bed workshop Blindcraft in Edinburgh have voted overwhelmingly to reject a proposal for a three-day week.

BT workers’ fight stops job losses

Workers at British Telecom’s (BT) Barrow-in-Furness call centre have stopped job cuts.

Hoof says unite to save our forests

Hands Off Our Forests (Hoof) has called a national planning day to discuss fighting government plans to privatise Britain’s forests.

Save our libraries: from read-ins to occupation

Thousands of people rallied round their libraries on Saturday as a national day of "read-ins" swept Britain.

Islington march strikes back over cuts

A noisy, colourful, 1,000-strong march wended its way along Holloway Road in north London last Saturday.

Bus routes will vanish

Hundreds of bus routes are set to disappear as councils announce a series of cuts to bus services.

Liverpool rallies against Tories

up to 2,000 people came to a rally against cuts in Liverpool last Saturday.

Day X4—cause chaos on campus

Students have returned to their campuses rejuvenated after successful demonstrations in London and Manchester last month.

Stop the War rallies in support of Julian Assange

Over 300 people packed into Conway Hall in London on Monday evening for a Stop the War Coalition meeting in support of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, who faced his first day in court fighting his extradition to Sweden.

Lobby to defend council housing

Tenants, trade unionists and councillors will come together next week to organise a campaign against Tory plans that will see working class people thrown out of their homes.

Levy is a figleaf for the bankers

Chancellor George Osborne announced this week that he is raising the government’s levy on the banks to £2.5 billion.

Fire boss scoffs at our expense

London firefighters’ Tory boss Brian Coleman has been splashing our cash on posh nosh—again.

VAT’s way to target bosses

Activists will take part in several protests this Saturday against corporate tax-dodging and the rise in VAT.

Revolt as Manchester wields big axe

Manchester council is closing five libraries, three leisure centres, two swimming pools and potentially dozens of youth centres and nurseries, it announced on Tuesday.

Save May Day holiday

The Tories want to abolish the one celebration of workers’ rights in the year—the May Day bank holiday.

Organising resistance at the People's Convention

The Blacklist Support Group is one of the many that will be hosting a workshop at the People’s Convention this Saturday 12 February in London.

Let's go all out to demonstrate against the cuts

Protests against cuts are now taking place somewhere every day. Thousands have marched, and thousands more will in the weeks to come.

South London rises against council cuts

Levenshulme pool protesters: 'We won’t take this'

Hundreds of furious protesters came out at just a few hours’ notice yesterday (Tuesday) as Manchester council announced plans to close Levenshulme Leisure Centre.

Sign the statement defending multiculturalism

We the undersigned believe David Cameron’s statement that multiculturalism has failed was a dangerous declaration of intent.

Victimised teacher, Sue Caldwell, formally charged with gross misconduct

Sue Caldwell, a suspended teacher in north London, has been formally charged with gross misconduct by her employer. There will be a hearing in March and the outcome could result in her losing her job.

Students locked out of Villiers High School for supporting teacher

School students at Villiers High School in Southall, west London, were locked out of their school today, Wednesday.

Workers protest outside parliament at axe of public bodies

Workers gathered outside parliament yesterday, Wednesday, to protest at the government’s Public Bodies Bill.

Egypt: Disbelief and fury on the streets

The Egyptian revolution is entering a new phase today (Friday).

Teachers to strike against "Chestnut Gove" academy

Teachers at Chestnut Grove school in Wandsworth, south London, are set to strike on Wednesday of next week against plans to transform the school into an academy.



‘Red scare’ distracts from real enemy

This week, the UCU union is about to launch the first of five ballots in defence of pensions, jobs, conditions and pay in higher and further education.


Egypt: revolution in motion

The battles that took place on the streets of Cairo last week may have looked like something from a bygone age. The barricades, people fighting street by street, people breaking stones and making catapults to beat back dictator’s thugs—this could have been the battle for the Paris Commune in 1871 or a European revolution of 1848.

The answer to Palestine's liberation lies in Cairo

What an extraordinary coincidence that the leaked Palestine Papers came out at the moment when Egyptians took to the streets against Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship.

The West's 'moderate' tyrants are failing

Last week the "liberal" Israeli daily Haaretz carried a piece by one of its best-known columnists, Ari Shavit.

'The regime's ruling party is in disarray. But the state is not yet broken'

It is two weeks into Egypt’s revolution. The protests that have shaken the Mubarak regime since 25 January have awakened millions and drawn hundreds of thousands into a struggle for change.

Egypt: unity is forged in battle

Tahrir Square has become the centre of the revolution—a space won at a terrible cost.

The Muslim Brotherhood: caught between resistance and compromise

The Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt’s largest opposition organisation—more a movement than a political party. It has millions of supporters. Many are involved in the uprisings.

Muslim Brotherhood: Timeline

1928 Muslim Brotherhood formed. Divisions develop between the increasingly conservative leadership and younger members eager for change

Tunisian revolt re-ignites

Fighting between the revolutionary movement and the state erupted again in Tunisia last weekend. Police attacked protesters, killing at least three.

The battle for Egypt continues

The past week has been one of turmoil in Egypt. Plain clothes police, security forces and paid thugs brutally attacked protesters in Tahrir Square in central Cairo on Wednesday of last week.

‘The revolution is on a knife edge’

"If Mubarak goes and the people are still in the streets, it will open the doors to a great revolution. But if the popular mobilisation slows and the streets are quiet, then we face a terrible reaction.

Forced to kiss Mubarak’s portrait

"I was running away from Mubarak’s thugs. I went to army officials and showed them my British passport and Egyptian ID.

‘The bullets killing us are made in the US’

"We want trade union solidarity, not solidarity from international governments.

Egypt: international solidarity spreads

ACROSS THE world people have shown support for the Egyptian revolution.

Statement from the Revolutionary Socialists Egypt

Glory to the martyrs! Victory to the revolution! What is happening today is the largest popular revolution in the history of our country and of the entire Arab world. The sacrifice of our martyrs has built our revolution and we have broken through all the barriers of fear. We will not back down until the criminal ‘leaders’ and their criminal system is destroyed.

Egypt's strike wave spreads

A strike wave involving thousands of workers is sweeping across Egypt today (Wednesday). An Egyptian activist in Cairo told Socialist Worker that their phone is ringing every ten minutes with new reports of walkouts.

Packed London meeting pledges solidarity with Egyptian revolution

More than 300 people packed into a Socialist Workers Party meeting in solidarity with the Egyptian revolution in central London last night.


The Promise: the unravelling of a dream

The Promise came about after writer and director Peter Kosminsky received a letter from a former British soldier, who had been stationed in Palestine in the late 1940s.

Iness Mezel interview: singing puts ‘my stone on the path’ as a Berber

Iness Mezel is a Berber Algerian singer and songwriter. Her songs are inspired by relationships and the struggles in the world around her.

If He Hollers Let Him Go

American novelist Chester Himes was one of the first black novelists to gain success for thrillers such as The Real Cool Killlers and Cotton Comes to Harlem.

Josef Herman - Centenary exhibition

Josef Herman made his name painting Welsh miners in the 1940s and 1950s.

What We Think

Racism: part of a long Tory tradition

That David Cameron chose last Saturday to make a speech attacking Muslims is despicable.

Real scandal in Megrahi case is the corruption of the West

The row over the release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, who was convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, exposes a real scandal.

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Yusef Abdullahi 1961-2011

Comrades and activists in South Wales will be saddened to hear of the death of Yusef Abdullahi, one of three men wrongly convicted of the murder of a Cardiff woman.

Ray Challinor 1929-2011

Ray Challinor, who died last week, was one of the people at the founding meeting of the Socialist Review Group—the forerunner of the SWP—in October 1950.

Tim: Downing Street EDL

Tim's view


Selling our woods? Let’s fight for the forests The movement against the government’s plans to privatise the Forest Commission and sell off our woodlands is growing.

Who says?

‘I think there is a great deal in what the prime minister said. Yes, we need to tackle extremism. Integration is a two‑way street’

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